He told DailyMail.com: 'These restaurants really work on a whole experience so I always prefer to eat indoors. Alternatively, regions that have seen few COVID cases overall will satisfy this metric if the three-day rolling average of daily new hospital deaths has never exceeded 5. Gretchen Whitmer - who was almost kidnapped - to be 'locked up' as he begins intense three-day campaign, Home Improvement star Zachery Ty Bryan, 39, is arrested 'for strangling his girlfriend and taking her phone away as she called 911' - just two weeks after he separated from his wife of 14 years, Giant 10,000-person New York City wedding is banned, as Cuomo declares victory over the city's COVID hotspots and reopens movie theaters outside the Big Apple, Trumps berates Ben Sasse as being the 'least effective of our 53 GOP Senators' who has gone back to his 'stupid and obnoxious ways' after politician said the president 'kisses dictator's butts' in leaked audio, Joe Biden's campaign manager warns 'Donald Trump can still win' the election and cautions against complacency because numbers favoring the Democrat are 'inflated', Race, climate change and COVID: Topics are revealed for the final presidential debate as moderator's deep ties to the Democrats come under scrutiny, CNN reporter denies passing on information from Britain's former US ambassador and 'lover' Lord Darroch, Washington Football owner Daniel Snyder 'told cheerleading coach to "keep team skinny" or he would murder him', bombshell report reveals, Rhonda Fleming, the femme fatale from Hollywood's Golden Age who starred alongside Ronald Reagan in blockbusters 'Hong Kong' and 'The Last Outpost' dies at 97, Hilarious moment Michelle Kosinski is caught out pretending flooding is worse than it is in segment for Today show as it's claimed she had an affair with UK's former ambassador who was investigated for giving her White House secrets, Exodus of NYPD cops continues with patrol chief's sudden retirement as the department admits departures increased 87 percent on last year, Matthew McConaughey reveals his father correctly predicted he would die while making love: 'He had a heart attack when he climaxed', Women's Marches in DC and across the US draws tens of thousands protesting Judge Amy Coney Barrett - as smaller group of counter-demonstrators hold a rally outside the SCOTUS in support of Trump's pick, Eight MILLION Americans have slipped into poverty since May as pandemic wreaks havoc on livelihoods in the US with more than 55 million now earning less than $26,500 a year, GOP Senator David Perdue is labeled 'racist' for mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name just hours after Joe Biden did exactly the SAME thing, Bill Maher is criticized for saying that Democrats SHOULD make an issue of Amy Coney Barrett's Catholicism 'because being nuts is relevant', Supermodel Linda Evangelista backs her ex-husband's four rape accusers who say he sexually assaulted them while he was head of top model agency. ', French resident films shooting of man who beheaded teacher, Diners at Daniel on Wednesday: Chef Daniel Boulud, of the famous Daniel restaurant on the Upper East Side, told DailyMail.com he was excited to finally welcome diners back for dinner but that it was not without its challenges, For diners, many said they could not wait to get back to their favorite restaurants in the city; Gallaghers Steakhouse on Wednesday, Jon Harris, 35, of Manhattan, pictured, was out celebrating his birthday at Daniel. With the sudden announcement, they scrambled to organize their staffs and spaces. These criteria are designed to allow phased reopenings to begin in each region only if: The regional control room will monitor regional metrics during the reopening process. 'Secondly, if we invest into it and they revoke the roadway seating, then it'll all be in vain,' he said. Members are known, recognised and respected, and are comfortable to use the club for business meetings, lunches and events, and letting their hair down Restaurants can operate at a 25 percent capacity, Arrows on the floor in Keens to mark one-way walkways for customers and staff in a bid to reduce transmission of COVID-19, Don't squeal! On top of that, they need to source the gas they'd need to keep them functioning. If you’re thirsty, sister venue and natural wine bar Cave du Cochon, down the road, is just as classy. To get your fill of bite-sized Spanish treats. The restaurant had put much of its indoor furniture outside to accommodate outdoor dining. As the United States and Canada wrestle with the COVID-19 pandemic, some states and provinces have reopened restaurant dining rooms. Ron told DailyMail.com: 'We used to come to Gallaghers every Friday night. Six NY regions are … Nearly 30% of hospitalizations for COVID-19 ultimately require critical care. We are all socially distanced, we are all being safe. Even today the offices are not back, people are not riding the subways, buses.