Liu He, Chairman of the NDRC, and longtime veteran of the CCP and Politiburo. Xi Mingze sat alone in her room, the silence cut sharply by a sudden bout of tinnitus. She had established herself as a fierce, able diplomat who did not like compromise. The 2020s was the decade for Shenzhen. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Hu responds, noticeably calmer than his counterpart. Xi Mingze is a member of the following lists: Harvard University alumni, 1992 births and Children of national leaders.. Mingze scrolled through her various pages - one of the national news, one of her personal WeChat profile, and one article published by Spiegel Online, a German news source and one of the only Western news sources not blocked by China’s monolithic Great Firewall. [7] She graduated with A.B.

As the 2030 CCP elections approach, it is becoming more and more likely that China may see Xi Mingze as President. For example, Qi Qiaoqiao (Xi Jinping’s sister) originally used the Xi surname. Xi Jinping has reached 75 years of age, nearing 76. On 15-6-1953 Xi Jinping was born in Beijing, China. This all began in 2024, when President Xi announced his state visit to Algeria.

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As of 2015[update], she is living in Beijing. It is a direct sequel to this post, and this post will take place over the course of the past few in-game years.

Xi Mingze (simplified Chinese: 习明泽; traditional Chinese: 習明澤; pinyin: Xí Míngzé; [ɕǐ mǐŋ.tsɤ̌]; born 27 June 1992), nicknamed Xiao Muzi (小木子; 'Little Wood'),[1] is the only child of Chinese paramount leader (CPC General Secretary) Xi Jinping[2] and folk singer Peng Liyuan. Skeptical, Mingze runs it through her anti-virus before opening. In front of Mingze was an encrypted file from an unknown sender - someone named Wang Lei. Help us build our profile of Xi Mingze! [1] Xi enrolled at Harvard University, as a freshman in 2010, after a year of undergraduate study at Zhejiang University. Then, in February 2029, Xi Jinping announced that he had made a decision regarding the 2030 Party Elections. “This is blatant nepotism, and exactly the kind of corruption Xi has promised to eradicate. Xi went on to declare his full support behind his own daughter Xi Mingze, citing her as “the best hope for China.” The CCP almost immediately began a pro-Mingze campaign, with mention of her time studying abroad in America being banned from discussion. This may be a sign of changing tides in Chinese gender dynamics. Chongqing. When she does, she sees a book in PDF form, and she began reading. Contribute. Following the Shenzhen Affair, Xi Mingze was inducted into the Politiburo, as part of an increasingly common trend of women being admitted into the exclusive society. Perhaps not, but it is a fun idea.”. The incident, henceforth known as the Shenzhen Affair, decidedly marked Mingze’s establishment as a house name in international politics, wherein she spearheaded Belt and Road negotiations at the Shenzhen Forum. [3], As the only child of China's top leader, Xi keeps a low profile and not much of her personal information has been revealed to the public. Whilst a significant portion of China’s upper class have been resistant to Mingze’s introduction, President Xi has pressured party members against speaking against Mingze, and encourages them all to accept her as the new Presidential Candidate. Chongqing. However, with a knack for consolidating power, who really knows when Xi will decide to leave.”.

[8], Following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Xi volunteered as a disaster relief worker for one week in Hanwang, Mianzhu. degree in psychology and English. [m] tldr: Xi Jinping’s daughter is probably gonna get elected next year because shes been doing lots of cool stuff. We have no records of past relationships for Xi Mingze. From 2006 to 2008, she studied French at her high school, Hangzhou Foreign Language School. He made his 50 million dollar fortune with Communist Party of China, CMC Conference, and Chinese Dream. Keeping a low profile, Xi Mingze earned a B.A. Parallels will be drawn between Mingze and highly revered leaders from across Chinese history.

In a momentous and unprecedented occasion, Xi Jinping announced to the Chinese people that he himself would not be seeking re-election for the Chinese Presidency, and would be entering retirement due to unspecified deteriorating health conditions. Xi Mingze, who is on spring break from Harvard, was expected to join the other first daughters for dinner in Beijing By M.r. In front of her was a glowing computer screen, the room’s main source of light, with the faint whirr of the computer’s fans barely making a sound. Help us build our profile of Xi Mingze! However, for years President Xi has been silent on the matter. Login 2029 has come. Throughout Xi Mingze’s time at Harvard, she remained focused on school and rarely left campus. Only a handful of close friends and teachers knew Xi Mingze’s true identity. “Xi Jinping’s only child, Mingze, previously shared little interest in politics.

[4] She enrolled under a pseudonym,[5][6] and maintained a low profile.

Cooperation has extended from simply BRI programs to in-depth political and military joint efforts. Chen Quanguo, CCP leader of Tibet and Xinjiang, and prominent politician. The SEZ surrounding the city, unique business practices, focus of government initiatives, and collapse of Hong Kong led to Shenzhen seeing exponential growth, and it is now considered one of China’s giants, alongside Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and.