It’s been a long time since we saw Korean actor Won bin cast in K-Drama. Hihihihi♥ Karo Mar 04 2011 1:17 pm Wonbin, the Kdrama without you, it would not be the same again. sak Feb 09 2014 7:07 pm “My Brother” is the next top movie that Won Bin had been cast in. I've been withdrawing from Won Bin for years, I need him back...I don't care if he just stands in front of the camera and says/does nothing. "- to be good at running". Even though you're OLD, I really meant OLD. Haha hes so cute! if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined")

I read the subtitles. Why this man does't work?! Saranghe Saranghe!! Lol. My first and forever crush in k-drama land. Won Bin rejected the $ 33 million project, not reuniting the audience after 10 years!

mmmmmmm... sweet lips!!! I love all of his movies. “Taegukgi”, or as people know this movie as “The Brotherhood of War” is a 2004 South Korean wartime action drama film that starred Jang Dong-Gun and Won Bin as main characters. This drama aired on February 4 to February 5, 2002, in Japan and February 15 to February 16, 2002, in South Korea and starred Won Bin as the male lead role character and Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada as female lead role character. The film would screen at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival before opening #1 at the South Korean box office on May 28th, 2009. Why does he take so long to sign on to new projects? This famous K-Drama was directed by Yoon Seok-Ho and was written by Oh Yoo-Yun, starring three main characters that were played by Song Hye-Kyo, Song Seung-Hoon and of course, Won Bin. Karo! Caroline Aug 04 2011 8:50 pm Won Bin is a South Korean actor. April Aug 30 2017 5:47 am |  Won Bin, born November 10, 1977 in Jeongseon County, Gangwon Province, South Korea, is a popular actor. What a very versatile, dynamic actor he is! cat Feb 09 2013 8:44 pm His eyes speak volumes and when he smiles my heart melts. kpopkitty Mar 22 2015 3:12 am Won Bin would go through a year of rehab. Wish you always healthy and happy. We need to see him more on tv. He was known only as ‘Ahjussi’ in his neighborhood and ran a pawn shop in a seedy part of town. His acting career then resumed in Joon-ho Bong's highly anticipated 2009 film "Mother". S Jul 29 2018 8:35 pm So yummy!!! I would really like to see you do a film in America. 3,874 Followers, 63 Following, 137 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 원빈 Won Bin (@_won_bin__) can't wait his new movie This man or Ahjussi, i 'm gonna watch it. ANY MOVIES. but still he don't make anything since 2010! Wonbin is their savior from the darkness, but I think Wonbin like stars in the darkness of my heart. I'm 22 now and I still love him even more. He was great in Man from Nowhere.. ^__^... awesome movie not a bit boring a must watch.. tree Mar 22 2010 9:27 pm EXCELLENT actor, a beautiful man, a graceful human being. forgot to say...PLEASE COME OUT WITH A NEW MOVIE SOON!!!!!

I have been his fans since his performance in Endless Love. Where is Won Bin? for first time i have seen him oon "autumn in my heart" and i really loved his performance and i really am missing him. it touched my heart!! This movie was produced by Lee Tae-Hun and Kim Sung-Woo, directed and written by Lee Jeong-Beom. I'm all geared up for a protest to force Won Bin ssi to make a movie or even drama.. She said that Won Bin wants to delivered a message with his production, but he was concerned because there weren’t many out there. Won bin oppa, i hope you'll back to act in 2018.. i am fall in love with you in the man from nowhere.. "Ahjussi", please come back! But, for now, let’s take a look for the CFs that will make you melt with his handsome face. sheila Apr 05 2016 5:46 pm

1 for me. To the one commenter below who called him "old", well, you are just proving that your own levels of maturity and wisdom are below zero.

it's easier to tolerate for a short time. it's just a fanlove period... Don't get bothered! Malie May 29 2013 3:18 am but i'm happy with all what i got . Sinoun Ty Feb 04 2012 3:51 pm He rocked a … W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Your acting just.. omg it's sooo good!!

//]]>. People Won Bin then placed his acting career on hold while serving his two year mandatory military requirement, beginning in November, 2005. Gruesome and hard to watch in parts, it depicted the seedy underworld of organ harvesting. I hope Mr Won Bin continue to make pleasant movies. loved the movie ! //]]>, //
Hello Won Bin, I have watched your movie "The Man from Nowhere", like 8 times. When ever he comes back to acting, I hope I get to see it. What a waste of talent! Jared Nov 13 2014 4:19 am But please, pick up a project soon! You are not just complacent by shooting tons of commercials, aren't you? x sofee x, jay Jan 16 2011 8:51 pm Each of the actors are excellently chosen. I've watched man from nowhere 100 times already! Certainly the little girl and Won Bin 's relationship along with the martial arts greatness makes it ... Jet LI move over congrats to all! He is the youngest of five siblings (two older brothers and two older sisters). !i love you...can't wait to see you in new movie or drama.. windy Jul 02 2012 9:33 pm This movie was directed by Bong Joon-Ho who also wrote the plot for this movie, too, with Park Bun-Kyo. Lu Lun Aug 12 2013 8:45 pm I miss him in films and dramas. Won Bin’s cast as Lee Jin-Seok, Jin-Tae’s brother, who survived from a fire that was set by the security commander when they wre arrested in prison because the brothers tried to rescue Young-Shin’s fiancee, Kim Young-Shin (Lee Eun-Ju), who was suspected of joining the Communist party during the Communist occupation.
Where are you Won Bin? 링 Feb 09 2011 5:58 pm & SO HANDSOME!!! Wish U All the beSt. Actor Won Bin (42) surprised fans with his never-aging visuals. However, i think the quality of the film is much more important than its quantity! I love your movie The Man From No Where!!! Wow... come to think Wonbin really dont appear for long time in screen... watching bothe your individual works..I had this vision and wished,that someday you could work together in one project,,Although I noticed that you are into silver screen than into smalls screen..butany way i just hope some writer or producer can have eye on both of you in the near future...Good Luck.. Savvytt Dec 24 2014 8:20 pm
Best movie of it kind . You're a great actor good looking, saranghe Won Bin Adjussi..More power..Take care always..The best! Agres Nov 13 2013 11:51 am Won Bin played as Yoon Do-Jun, the son, who has an intellectual disability and is then falsely accused of the murder of a girl in this movie. He really knows how to choose his movies. I completely agree with you @ 2 cents. :3. goldz Oct 07 2011 10:31 pm Me and my sister fall in love with him since Autumn In My Heart but after that his hair style changed that don't suit him...It's a pity man when he seem like aged a lot after disappearing for so long.

Won Bin! Am really h!s fan he is very attractive and talented. The pictures above is Won Bin in Tous Les Jours Bakery CF’s making film. Watched all of the dramas and movies with you. your so HANDSOME !i love you !so much HOPE you'll visit here at the philipines:)), diedra Feb 15 2012 5:11 am According to everything I have read and seen about you, you seem genuine, intelligent, good, thoughtful, and compassionate. 34人が話題にしています - アーティスト Facebookはページの目的を詳しく理解するうえで役立つ情報を開示しています。コンテンツの管理や投稿をしている人が実行したアクションを確認できます。 Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the most famous Asian actors and actresses, and why they don't star in dramas anymore? All the best WonBin Oppa :) Warm Wishes from Malaysia. This and that Oct 16 2013 8:31 pm nahed Jan 04 2013 10:22 am I love won bin i admire his since Autumn in My Heart .

Catalyna Oct 20 2017 7:26 am Won Bin was discharge early on June, 2006 due to an ACL injury to his knee. Rosalina Sep 04 2011 2:05 am Yaseumin Nov 09 2013 8:06 pm saran Nov 10 2012 3:41 pm love ya WON BIN^_^all the best for you!

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