These guys are us.’”, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO SPORTS UNCOVERED. Click here to download for comprehensive coverage of your teams. And overwhelmingly, the fans selected Ravens.”. The Ravens were formerly the Cleveland Browns. Before they got their name in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens, wanted the city’s NFL franchise to be known, once again, as the Colts. The Ravens were formed to fill in the void left by Baltimore's previous team, the Colts, who had controversially moved to Indianapolis. Bryne, who was with the Browns organization starting in 1981, followed the team from Cleveland to Baltimore. where did the baltimore ravens name come from The Ravens rebounded the next week against the Miami Dolphins winning 27–10, and the defense sacking Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill six times. The team had won three NFL Championships and one Super Bowl and had one of the league’s most famous quarterbacks in Johnny Unitas. This team's name has everything to do with timing. The Ravens were formerly the Cleveland Browns. Why Larry Fitzgerald Doing Larry Fitzgerald Things In The Arizona Cardinals Game Vs. One option was to name the team the “Americans,” a name based on the railroad history of Baltimore. “David was really enamored with that,” Byrne recalled. Stay connected to the Ravens with the MyTeams app. Later that year on Sept. 1 against the Oakland Raiders, the Ravens officially entered the NFL, with Baltimore Colt legends welcoming them on the field. Byrne assured them that wasn’t the case. One kid came up with the name "Ravens". “So we looked at the state flag which had some gold in it, had some yellow, had a little red in it, then we got those colors in to brighten up.”, RELATED: WHAT REDSKINS CAN LEARN FROM WIZARDS NAME. “We looked at variations of horse themes to go along with the Colts...(After Irsay’s offer) Art said, ‘I think we’re going to have a different name.’”. First they had to steal a team that sold out EVERY GAME of 80,000 people and destroy a legacy. After Modell met with the former players and earned their trust, he set his sights on getting Unitas onboard. While we had lots of names, the three finalists we offered to the fans to vote on were Americans, Marauders and Ravens. ", Though I could be wrong I believe that it is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe in reference to his work and his story called "The Raven". Which NFL team is your favorite, and you can't pick your hometown team? “He used to chuckle, ‘We will be America’s Team, we’ll be called the Americans. Paired with Modell’s lack of desire to keep the name, as well as commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s commitment to bring football back to Cleveland with the original “Browns” name, Baltimore searched for a new name for its new team. The Ravens originated when Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell decided to relocate his historic franchise, and he reached a deal with the city of Baltimore to move his team in 1996. So, as the franchise’s brass internally sat down to come up with options, the name “Colts” was brought up. Edgar Allen Poe was originally from Baltimore. The Dallas Cowboys In October 2008? Why have the Dallas Cowboys sucked so bad since the mid 1990s? Get your answers by asking now. But in the early morning hours of March 29, 1984, the Colts famously left town on Mayflower trucks for Indianapolis. Before they got their name in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens, wanted the city’s NFL franchise to be known, once again, as the Colts. Once the name was chosen, colors had to be picked for the team. According to the Ravens’ website, The Sun announced a record-breaking 33,748 callers for the poll. It was based on a poem titled “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe, who died in Baltimore in 1849 after spending the latter half of his life in the city. And with the name and colors decided, the Ravens were officially the NFL’s newest franchise. Reduced to under 14,000 if fans are allowed. When they moved to Baltimore they had a name contest and they put the contest out to kids in the area to come up with a name. Their name comes from the poem "The Raven. This article details the history of the Baltimore Ravens, a professional American football team which plays in the National Football League. While the team searched for a name, he said the organization wanted a unique name that worked with the city’s history.