A: What are you doing right now? They come up with forms of punishment that can prevent us from developing true independence. I remember going to Australia and having to force myself not to say “All right?” when passing people by. / Where are you now I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Once I had someone who kept insisting that I was from New Zealand, but this is another story altogether , When I was living in Taiwan, an American from California asked where I was from. For example, your focus is now your career and the development of a young family. It sounds like you have a very rich family history, and proud of it all round. 3) I don’t consider myself as a part of any community, nation, country, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, movement, idea and whatnot. A: Do you want to come get ice cream with me and Nina? through some example dialogues. . We have every right to ask that question and I think it’s shallow of Caucasians to laugh at us when we ask them it. Yes What I experience is – I don’t think it’s working so well. 30 Natural English Phrases That You Totally Need. This day at 23 years old I’m still trying to find a “simple” answer instead of screaming an essay every time I get asked this question. What do you do? We carry our hearts wherever we go, and who we are is the makeup of the heart. Like the question, small talk is intimidating to me too quite a lot of the time – I’m very much the introvert. You are you, Kerry. You are now making your own decisions and learning what makes you unique from others. Sorry – but in my experience, I do not find the question intimidating in the least. Wanna take a lunch break in a bit? I don’t think it’s working so well. These sound so much more natural. Sometimes we are just plain curious about where someone has been, and the most direct way to ask it is ‘Where are you from?’ It is very thoughtful of you to not generalise. Faded Lyrics Video Check out the official video for this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ItHLz5WEA I do not own the copyright for this song. And yes, I always will! ), It really is no one’s business to know where we’re from. It usually silences the asker. To the question, I responded, “That is completely irrelevant”. I am from two places and not English although I live in England. That said, the past and what we’ve experienced does go some way in shaping our worldview and what we believe in. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. For many Americans it is a standard question which they use among themselves. They want to know what race you are. , I think most of the time, people really are just curious about my background and want to know more. Limitations will help you transition into stage three. Oh yeah! 15 other ways to say In Conclusion Synonyms for IN... Types of Adverb Adverb Examples [All You Need], LIVE Video ››› Free Chat Rooms For English Learners, 6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills, What does TBH mean? You might have numerous relationships with both lovers and friends in this stage as well. By closely watching the life of our mentors, family, and friends, allows one to recognise patterns behind these different phases of life. A single home produces a small worldview, which is what I discussed in my most recent poem. In short, I’m a descriptivist, not a prescriptivist. Show them you’re interested in knowing more than you do right now. But definitely agree, best not to ask this question when you first meet someone. I have been learning English for many year. Yes! Where we are from and where we feel comfortable calling home is dependent on our individual choices and experiences. Thank you for another insightful post. 4) I develop my culture every day. Pretty sure a lot of the time, many who ask me this question want to know where I call home and expect a simple, straightforward answer. If I asked them ‘Where are you from?’, they will probably laugh at me like I shouldn’t be asking that question. When you have the courage to place your personal values above the validation of others and start acting for yourself, the next stage is entered. Keep in mind that this question can also offer a jumping off point for you to find out where others who started in this position five years ago are now, Chalmers says. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” — Norman Cousins. Sounds like you are trying to give an honest answer as possible. These days I don’t mind the question at all…I love seeing people’s reactions and in a sense it’s a way to see who has a good sense of humour. I also agree avoiding the question is usually the worst option. Formal and Informal Email Phrases – from Greetings to Closing Phrases! For you though your accent would confuse a lot of people la. I’m sure you don’t get the question all the time, if at all. Do I give a short answer, do I give a fuller explanation (and bore them in the process) and what happens after they have digested the answer. I get quizzical looks when I throw the question back at them. That’s another awesome on I’d forgotten about. That is clever. One that is not on the list of answers that my friend would use when she’s not feeling sociable is “my mother’s womb.” Technically correct although I would never have the nerve to say that myself. For more useful English phrases you can use right away, check out 28 Phrases to Feel Comfortable in English Conversations. My aim for this blog is to help learners understand and use (if they choose) the sort of English that’s really out there, including informal English. Guess where. I’ve been working on another blog post about this question again for a while now. to strike up a small conversation with B. I did spend time in France, but most my life away. But if you have a positive attitude, well, this question will always be a fun one , I’ve also been asked this question quite a few times but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with answering it. Oh my wife/husband and I went there on our last holiday They would probably not be expecting that answer. i know quite a few people who were born in the same country as me but have slight foreign accents. “That was, like, our first ever English lesson, right?”. I always was local everywhere I lived or visited, some places were closer to me, some were not. Brilliant! Exactly, when you get to know someone closer it doesn’t really matter, you can tell them “where are you from”, and because they know you they will understand your opinion. It’s the time where you start to explore life and go out to leave your mark on the world. All Rights Reserved. Whenever I am asked thag question I usually reply Earth. That would mean you want to know what someone is doing right at that moment. Honestly, we claim to live in a society that values freedom for all and yet we still try to force someone to talk about their past even if they say it’s offensive? More for you: see limitations from a different perspective. Some adults are simply not suited for teaching. So it was like going “home”. “fairly innocent” is a good way of putting it. Then what we say, The other thing is i want someone number so in polite what we say? I try not to because my mom’s English and people tend to ask me if I got her accent and whether or not I’ve visited England and if I’ve got a dual citizenship. I don’t think it’s working so well. (Which is also kind of not clear, but oh well, better than explaining where I’m from. I have seen it lurking around on YouTube, but never got around to watching it and completely forgot about it. Simple activities, like watching a movie or TV show, will speak to you in different ways that have depth of meaning others might not get. You want to be accepted by society, and therefore, you obey to these rules and adapt to these norms. Maybe you’re both in the same workplace, you’re studying together, you’re on the phone, etc. People so often make assumptions that we are somewhere based on skin colour; they might be wrong and we might want to correct them because their assumptions can paint a false impression of us and who we speak on behalf of. : ). I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun . Learn how your comment data is processed. Sometimes I will get asked ‘What is your nationality?’ which holds different meanings to home, and is more factual – which still can be hard to answer. Down under is next on the list. And it’s not like I completely took all the cultural features but shared some of them. People so often make assumptions that we are somewhere based on skin colour; they might be wrong and we might want to correct them because their assumptions can paint a false impression of us and who we speak on behalf of. In this time of life, you are ready to discover who you really are. 1) I don’t like to be framed or put a label on me. But my parents are Malaysian. These stages are true for all humans throughout the course of their life. For some, the transition from one stage to another feels like a natural process, while others find themselves stuck in a stage for decades. “Is that a Scottish accent I hear?” # 8 is genius! From a place where I don’t belong and have no connection but a legal one, This question makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t consider myself as a part of any particular country, I came from [name the last country visited]. Then an interesting and friendly conversation follows before we part and go our different ways. I don’t say or act in absolute. You owe it to yourself to find out the pleasure your body can experience—allow us to get you up to speed with all the different Os out there. Yikes. What we can control, however, is how we feed our minds and our bodies. This could be people who hold you down, unhealthy activities, material attachments or places. (Eo-di gye-shim-ni-kka?) The second stage can be extremely pleasurable and exciting. And you? Vivian: Jeff, what is going on in here? I don’t want to give the answer people “want” because then the framing and tons of prejudice, preconception, and weird questions, and “related” news show up. I like adding a dash of humour to my responses when answering “Where are you from?”. it’s really good for me. Seriously, outside of the Pacific Northwest I just hate the rest of the continent, although please understand that this is just my view and I know mine is no more “correct” than anyone else’s and anyone is free to disagree with me. You remain in the first stage from birth until late adolescence or early adulthood. I guess people usually nod their heads at this response and the conversation would, hopefully, quickly drift from there to a topic less personal and invasive. You will make many, and I mean many mistakes, learning from trial and error. It would be fun if we started asking the question back at those who ask it in the first place. It is a very personal question and we all should keep that in mind. Maybe you’ve managed to live a comfortable life. Chinese and complicated…I like that way of describing yourself, and when you describe yourself that way to others, you don’t get too many other questions… , Mabel, 3. They show you what you’re bad at, and after all, you can’t be great at everything. Friendly strangers often mention where they are (presumably) born and then the ball’s in my court. Perhaps you’ve gotten married, had two children, and nailed your dream job during these stages of life. Enjoy! I stay dynamic. Nothing wrong with that. And Not Offensive. Cheers.