This means that if you are enrolled in the Preauthorized Payment Plan, your first withdrawal date will be in September. All tax arrears should be paid by August 19, 2020. To obtain the Notice of Intention to Appear form, please access our website’s Online Forms and Guides webpage. Please follow the Core Four actions to help us overcome COVID-19: Can a storeowner deny me service if I’m not wearing a face covering? The mask or face covering must be worn in any indoor area that is openly accessible to the public. Where necessary the City will report to and work with our local enforcement partners, including Peel Regional Police and Peel Public Health to respond to information regarding potential violations received from the public.

Families/residents that are in need of food urgently, can complete the Social Support on-line form. Volunteers must call in before coming in at 905-453-2121 (ext 4338), Not accepting cash; volunteers should pay by debit or credit (Mastercard/Visa payment). Wear masks, especially when physical distancing practices cannot be met. Share what you’re reading and let us know how you are coping. To borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks, take online courses and more, If you have borrowed library materials, please do not return them to our drop boxes until we reopen, overdue fines will not be charged on these items, Our ‘holds’ service is not currently available.

For those who have an exemption and cannot tolerate wearing a mask safely, a face shield is better than no mask and may provide some protection. If you require more information or wish to enroll, visit the Pre-Authorized Payment Program. Who doesn’t need to wear a face covering? Our Operators will not be enforcing or denying rides as there are exceptions to the by-law, but are encouraged to continue to educate the public that face coverings are mandatory on Brampton Transit. If you have borrowed library materials, please do not return them to our drop boxes until we reopen, overdue fines will not be charged on these items, Our ‘holds’ service is not currently available. They are operating with a few important changes: Can I still obtain an accessible parking permit? Personal Transportation Vehicles is the licence category in our by-law for app-based vehicle for hire companies (eg. Are the City parking lots and garages open? The City is temporarily closing off the curb lanes until the permanent protected bike lanes are implemented. However, residents can choose to defer future due payments. A brand new library branch has opened in Brampton. + 'ca'; Click here to learn more. Yes, as of September 9, 2020, the Enforcement and By-law Services office at Unit#2 of Flower City Community Campus is open for appointment-based, in-person services. It will resume when we reopen, For updated information on COVID-19, visit, Peel Public Health – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Province of Ontario: Ministry of Health – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Government of Canada – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update, World Health Organization – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.

Can I still apply for a marriage license? Are parks, trails and green spaces still open to the public? Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask? Penalty and interest will begin to accrue on any overdue balance. Residents who visited the Chinguacousy branch during renovations were still able to access a study space on the third floor. If possible, have another member of your household care for your animals while you are sick. Business licence applications can be obtained by contacting Do I need to worry about COVID-19 being carried on the fur of my pets or other pets I interact with? Requesting a Temporary Suspension: If you aren't ready to resume your membership, we understand. makeup application, beard trimming) are closed, Hair services, beauty salons, diet centres, piercing services, day spas, tanning salons, tattoo studios, body rub parlour, Take measures to enable physical distancing between patrons and limit the number of customers inside. Reopening Applications will be reviewed on a priority basis. It will resume when we reopen; While we cannot interact with you in person, our online library service continues. 905-890-1010 or 1-800-668-1146 If you are not able to make the payment within the timelines provided in the notice, please contact. Individuals who live alone may consider having close contact with another household. Several facilities, programs and services are allowed to open as of Province of Ontario’s Stage 3 recovery framework. Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PTP) – The City of Brampton does not offer temporary suspensions of PTP plans. Business licences can be renewed by contacting Can I obtain or renew a Body-rub Owner, Operator or Attendant licence? Until then, appointments can be made  by contacting Animal Services. How are notices of legal proceedings being served upon the City? Details are listed in the above answer to above question. If you would like to volunteer, but do not have a police check, we may be able to assist with this. The food delivered comes from a local food bank, therefore, not all items requested can be fulfilled, since it all depends on donations. What are the roles and responsibilities of the Government? Please be respectful of people who disclose that they are not able to wear a mask or face covering. Please wear masks, especially when physical distancing practices cannot be met. Modified leagues and sub leagues will be permitted with groups of up to 50 participants. Click the name below to get Brampton Library Brampton opening hours and for detailed information. If your queue is at capacity, you will be prompted to provide your cell phone number to receive a queue number via text message, then wait outside until you receive a text advising you to enter the building. Do I need to reorder my hot meal/prepared meal everyday? To request a 2 month temporary membership suspension, please email us at prior to October 13, 2020. When is the latest I can make my tax payment by without incurring penalty and interest? To request an early resolution meeting, select the applicable box on the back of the ticket (option #2) and return to the court. If you want to help the City of Brampton and your community, please contact us so we can use your services where they are most needed. var addy_textbbb5315ad07d646e10d7eec35691a9b1 = 'chieflib' + '@' + 'bramlib' + '.' + 'on' + '.' + 'ca';document.getElementById('cloakbbb5315ad07d646e10d7eec35691a9b1').innerHTML += ''+addy_textbbb5315ad07d646e10d7eec35691a9b1+'<\/a>'; Read the Province of Ontario’s news release of October 2, 2020.

Social gatherings and organized public events to a maximum of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained. Last updated May 19, 2020. Can businesses continue to bid on City procurement projects?

South Fletcher's Sportsplex500 Ray Lawson BlvdBrampton, ON L6Y 5B3(North parking lot)Access South Fletcher's hours and details. Waiving penalty and interest fees means that payments that are made late (between March 18, 2020 and August 19, 2020) do not incur any further penalty until August 19, 2020. Patrons are not permitted to handle books or materials on shelves. Where can I get tested for COVID-19 in Brampton? var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; To update your address, please forward an email to The City of Brampton receives only the billed tax amount. What if I have a Screening Review or Hearing Review already scheduled? For any questions about your card, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. Postdated cheques cannot exceed one year from the first issue date.• Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan: the City withdraws your tax payments automatically from your chequing account (you cannot use a line of credit, credit card or savings accounts). Physical distancing of two metres between patrons from different households or social circles also continues to apply to food trucks, food courts, concession stands and tours, including tastings at wineries, breweries and distilleries. How does a resident who pays through their mortgage defer taxes? for payment options or to enter in a suitable payment plan. This is currently under review. To reduce COVID-19 transmission in the community, Brampton Transit has implemented a number of safety measures. medical reasons for not wearing a face covering)? The City of Brampton appreciates the efforts of essential businesses and workers during this challenging time. As of January 8, 2020, the new South West Branch is officially open. + 'on' + '.' Among the twelve branches re-opening are Brampton, Longtown, Wigton, Maryport, Appleby, and Cleator Moor. Priority List renewals can be processed by email. Game play against teams outside of the league or group is prohibited. We will post regular updates here and on social media. If a garage sale were to occur, compliance is required for maintaining physical distancing, the wearing of mask/face coverings and limiting numbers of persons. As of January 8, 2020, the new South West Branch is officially open. How do I obtain one? Payments will continue to be accepted and processed by the City. My refreshment vehicle licence expired on March 31st or April 30th; can I renew? The licence renewal fees for owners and drivers are reduced by the number of months that Ontario Regulation 82/20 – Order Under Subsection 7.0.2(4) – Closure of Places of Non-Essential Businesses remains in effect. Is the City distributing free masks to residents? During the closure period, we were not processing monthly scheduled payments. This email address is being protected from spambots. Bidders are advised that during this period of time, the bidding process will proceed as normal, including submitting questions and bid closings.

COVID-19 Service Updates. They are often referred to by the public as ride share companies. There will be no added penalty and interest charges on those prior arrears during the period from March 18 to August 19. Are face coverings mandatory in common areas of apartments and condominiums? Share what you’re reading and let us know how you are coping. Yes. It does not provide the same level of protection (face shields can leave gaps between the face shield and face).

Why have the interim bike lanes been implemented?