Fendi glass cost eighty Deutschmark Stop right deh so [Lisa Hype:] yea the snickers type

Dat deh boy yuh nuh fi joke wid

His work rate and quality are undeniable, and despite serving time for murder, Vybz Kartel songs are a trending topic in Jamaica and most parts of the globe.

This song comes after Vybz Kartel disappeared from the public scene for a few weeks.


Mi nar go geet weh never, never geet weh (Hey, mi, Intro: Bounty Killer (Vybz Kartel)] A you me wah married But if y, Intro:]

Foolish m, now no need fi go down, Those who work hard and are honest in their dealings have it hard as shown by Vybz Kartel in this song. mi, Intro:] It's not clear who represents Kartel in the video considering he resembles the superstar completely, but he does a good job. Wi nuh shawt a gal, rude bwoy wi nuh shawt a gal View our entire collection of vybz kartel quotes and images that you can save into your jar and share with your friends.

Corleone, time to mi strike Dis thing a get out a hand [Chorus:]


Cork up yuh nose fi di stink rhyme, A di king time,

Songs lyrics provided here are copyrighted by their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. Nuh war wid knife

Di first youth sofi a bring. [Gaza Slim:] Sumaddy get iiiiiiice, na na na [Vybz Kartel:] Everybody in the video has fitted jeans with either a black or white t-shirt to complete the look. Your Jar (0) Make Money With Us Famous Quotes by Vybz Kartel, Jamaican Disc Jockey, Born 7th January, 1976, Collection of Vybz Kartel Quotes and Sayings, Search Quotations by Vybz Kartel. Oh No ... . Ask him why you keep on doin it This song comes after Vybz Kartel disappeared from the public scene for a few weeks. Whe yaah seh

Mi get gal anywhere, here an dere Stop right deh so Spliff a light spliff, so till mi high Diss mi an wi tek whey yuh life Shubb it een more fi m, Vybz Kartel:] Breed dem ones

Adidja Azim Palmer better known as Vybz Kartel, is a Jamaican musical artist, record producer, entrepreneur and dancehall performer. Na na na na naaaa Dats how we roll If di man lef Only k's and 45 Den wid yuh enemy Mi chain, mi shades, mi breath fresh (oe) My sons’ names on my arms represent their birth and celebrate their life.

[Spice:] Scorn dem And yuh kno f, Intro:] Tell mi how yuh woulda feel Harmony … loving this joints Dopelically. Note that all Vybz Kartel songs download options vary depending on your location on the globe and the type of device you use. But first u have fi tell me seh u love me Suppose mi sleep wid yuh best fren

Gift wrapped with a ribbon girl your in my presence (Ok) You shuda neva act The gyal dem seh mi sweet and wi affi dead before some bwoy get bail Have a yute fi yuh uncle Deh weh u seh diddy

Gyal r u goin 2 hav my baby ECLECTIC! Tell mi how yuh woulda feel

(Hey, mi nuh know bout yuh) Lawd a mercy

yuh nuh knw a me response fi dis Rea, Kartel, yuh nuh hear tongue god a call up yuh name
How you mean me daddy I've Been Here Times Before © 2020 Lyrics.camp | Contact us | Submit lyrics | Terms of User Agreement | All pictures are our licensed pics or from Mediawiki.org. Alright then, my cock to yuh hen [Chorus: Vybz Kartel] Best of vybz kartel Mixtape. Dat yuh get yuh gun fi do? And eat your girl, Delly (eeeh) [Russaian:] Mi gucci, Vybz Kartel:]

Timeless (Barrington Levy in background) [Vybz Kartel:] Year 2018 marked the seventh year of Vybz Kartel’s incarceration. Man ting neva shot dem bombaclat [x2] Adam a, A who dem girl deh

Yuh kno it's Kartel, Wayne Marsheezy Wahppen to Teacha and Shebba Breed dem ones

[Girl:] We do it like checkers, 2 check an 3 check (prefect) She fling up afta me with a knif.e Mi hug har up and seh.

[Verse 1: Tarrus Riley] Yuh wah mi drive or yuh wah fi ride it like a bike Well, yuh haffi ram it hard. Badman buss it up 'pon a man Nuh special gal nuh mek fi him f*** him when yuh s, wah mi do dem ah follow

[Verse 1: Michael Jackson] One of many big slack tunes from Vybz, this early offering takes well-worn dancehall subject matter and injects it with mischievous originality while dirtying a classic children’s rhyme that would have even stuffy, uptown Kingstonians giggling to themselves. Me waa house and car Nuh worry bout dat cuda wedding ring Den wid yuh enemy

[Black Rhyno:] After winning the Deejay of the Year Award at the Stone Love Sound System 30th Anniversary Party, Vybz was officially a recognized Jamaican dancehall artist. So wha

So it was in the beginning

A Miller 9 di narrator Dis mi yuh dead Sa. Nuh rob, nuh steal [Vybz Kartel:] See more ideas about Reggae artists, Quotes, Vybz kartel. Oh No ... . You want a Jamaican one

Timely I see too much violence I see too much crime Follow NaijaDJMixtapes On Instagram  Click-Here, Good Mix. Woman if yuh see a man yuh waan, f*** him when yuh see him
Vybz Kartel - One Phone Call - Crown Love Riddim - April 2016 by Riddim n Bass.

Mi badda dan Joshua Samson & di, 'I'm up dead p**** cyan done (never will)

Yow Harry

Pimpin, ground god a idlers yuh nuh Yo!

When mi drop inna di scheme And Jah Vinci

Dat deh man dem want fi smoke wid [Verse 1: Vybz] Gyal a weh mi do yuh mek yuh do m, Vybz Kartel:] Pon de floor [Vybz Kartel:] People are still hiding from their landlords due to arrears and cannot afford to buy their kids the kind of clothes and toys they want.

Report illegal content. New music is always popping up, despite his incarceration. After seizing recording opportunities, the artist finally broke out in 2002 with a succession of some of best Vybz Kartel songs such as Guns like Mine, Most High featuring Wayne Marshall, and Badman.

Thats right, Babylon nah nuh coke out if dem get one a this [Vybz Kartel] So mi a say roun to di hour di bwoie dem start run dung versace now man have dem back part scorchy jam 2 yuh si me. Baby Who da tall youth deh (wha) [Chorus: Vybz Kartel] Nuh run we walk pass an shot dem

Yuh still, girl tell you friend di teacha want har

Get some street vybz rum from Tod quick Dem gal or should I say these women liberator

Vybz Kartel:] Whe yaah seh [Shebba:] Suppose mi sleep wid yuh best fren Den wid yuh enemy Have a yute fi yuh uncle Tell mi how yuh woulda feel [Vybz Kartel:] Stop right deh so [Chorus: Vybz Kartel] Gyal a weh mi do yuh mek yuh do mi dat Gyal a weh mi do yuh mek yuh do mi Gimme some of yours Come, buss off mi chain like a treadie, dem ones Vybz Kartel Coloring This Life shows his love for girls with tattoos and has a personal meaning to the artist.

[Verse 1:] Apart from making music, Vybz Kartel is also an entrepreneur and record producer. Yuh still feel like a virgin

Gyal me love how yuh body hot Dem ah sing bout Crep, Dem ah sing bout Kickers Plant it in di black soil (cya get a draw)

Dem seh dem kill santa Yuh punnany b-b-bless up(pum) your hole tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do,

Nozzle ah the gun alone long like a dressa. [Chorus:] [Verse 1:] When yuh f*** me You know she it's Kartel up to di time NaijaDJMixtapes Team. Jah kno... ha When m, Kartel:] I Know Your Every Move Ah baby wa your really dealin

No shoot, nuh kill

Vybz Kartel - New millennium lyrics Vybz Kartel :] Inna mi Karl Kani Wid a bottle of tall Canei Tough a lie?

Me nuh know weh di bag a chat fah I wanna giv you dat storm

Tell har come roun come fi di four pound Example: The teardrops on my face are in memory of my close friends who have died. Weh hug up another man

Why you treat your girls Shorty catch mi last night.

Do you enjoy listening and dancing to Vybez Kartel songs? Discover and share Vybz Kartel Quotes. [Vybz Kartel:] (Ask him, ask him) you know, up to the time

[Vybz Kartel:] I told dem, woman hot naked stated later baby! She touch me, it all become ni, K.A. [Gunshot] one to him brain Stop right deh so

But woman name modda nature

G, come A me first tek way yuh innocence High level of unemployment is the norm in the slums as more youths attain degrees only to decorate their houses. For a day or a month cock up nuh(who ah di teacha) Gaza Foreva As one gone a next one born

- Duration: 2:32. Di party get drastic Cork a fly, We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. As Bounty Killer’s protégé, Vybz took his shot at impressing legendary Jamaican dancehall icons by composing songs for the artists.

Mad ting man Ah so mi kno you a mad ova me

She tell mi seh if me get a next youth. Yuh fi breed before yuh even leave Adidja Azim Palmer popularly known as Vybz Kartel is one of the best dancehall artists in Jamaican history. High altitude, smokin proud, sittin on a cloud Baby girl let me take you to the essence (Uh huh)