Frankly, it’s another great option for marketers and businesses looking for a modern and reliable webinar platform. So this is helpful as I try to figure out which platform is best for me, TrueNorth That’s for you to decide, though. Brands that produce professional grade live video content for streaming across online platforms – webinars optionally included. Instead, it provides a platform for streaming live productions of the highest quality and how you use that is up to you. Registered office: The Manor House, Howbery Park, Wallingford, OX10 8BA, UK. Company No. Webinars OnAir positions itself as a tool that provides “all the webinar features you need” from a platform of this kind. This sets it apart from the tools we’ve looked at so far, although the pricing is very similar. For example, on the Starter plan, you’re limited to 100 participants per webinar and prices drastically increase if you want to increase your limits. Demio is one of the best webinar platforms available today. Livestream is by no means webinar platform but rather a system designed to create studio-like live streaming. Marketers who want a dedicated webinar tool with automated replays but put more emphasis on the live events. Businesses that need an all-in-one video conferencing tool that includes live webinar broadcasting. If you want that, you’ll want a platform like Demio. Low prices come at a cost, though, and there’s very little in the way of webinar marketing features with Zoom. What’s particularly impressive about their platform is how it handles scale – they claim to have less than 300ms lag for events with over 10,000 attendees! We’ll be running through the features, pros and cons of each platform, plus a brief explanation on what purpose each platform is best suited to – everything you need to choose the best webinar platform for your needs. Serious webinar marketers should definitely take a look at this one. Lead Generation Tools WebEx is more than a webinar platform, combing a wider range of features for holding online meetings, events, training sessions, interactive presentations and team collaboration. Having hosted webinars in the past with 50-100 attendees that have a 5-10 second delay, I can attest that this alone earns JetWebinar a place above many more traditional platforms (that are stuck on old technology). If you’ve used other well-known services, you know how painful delayed connections can be when attendee numbers increase – and this is precisely the problem JetWebinar have solved. 1. The main frustration with GoToWebinar is the restrictions you get on its packages. Businesses that want a single, powerful video communication system without the marketing features. However, it’s important to consider that this isn’t the slickest platform, nor is it the most up to date with marketing and sales tools. Especially right now – with COVID-19 forcing so many businesses to move in-person events and sales meetings into a virtual environment.