Due to over inhalation of smoke, Mona recalls that the candle was related to "a cat with red fur". She is arrested and taken away. Hate Me Love Me by Hayley and Tara (originally featured on iCarly by Ginger Fox in iFix a Popstar) 5. Beck and Tori almost kiss before being interrupted by Mrs. Vega, but Tori ends up telling Mason and the producers that she cannot take it anymore, which results in Mason not letting her appear in the Platinum Music Awards. Tori and Jade are cast in a play as a married couple, a task that challenges their acting skills and lack of friendship. Sikowitz gets Tori an audition for an upcoming movie. I try to talk to you Cat hears one of her favorite actresses Mona Patterson died and wants to honor her, taking Tori and Jade go on a road trip to San Diego. Tori decides to throw a prom at Hollywood Arts. "Freak the Freak Out" Special episode November 26, 2010 "iParty with Victorious" Crossover episode June 11, 2011 "Locked Up!" The gang take him to a doctor and tell him to pretend Rex dies so Robbie can get over using a puppet in his daily life and move on. He's better now. Even though Tori was fired, she performs "Make It In America", which Mason sees. ", "Working on "Victori-YES" – the LAST EPISODE of @Victorious – it airs this Saturday night (Feb 2) at 8PM. Tori becomes suspicious when her friends start avoiding her. Meanwhile, Cat gets a butterfly that Robbie is "butterfly-sitting" lodged in her ear and Robbie has to find a way to get it out. In the end, Sikowitz sings a song and receives applause while Hayley and Tara are stuck trying to babysit Trina. They are all off chat at the end, leaving Tori to finish the assignment herself. Meanwhile, Trina enlists Robbie's help to decorate her giant Christmas tree, and Beck loses sleep due to a pesky cricket in his RV. Tori laughs until her da… Tori: A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Trina set up another deal by putting up a fighting challenge for the staff, and if she wins, she would get in. Buffalo Nuggets. Robbie scoffs but then admits that he doesn't. "Freak the Freak Out" is the first commercial single released from the soundtrack Victorious: Music from the Hit TV Show(2011), for the television series of the same name on Nickelodeon. Guest star: Ellen Hollman as Melinda Murray. When Trina's tongue becomes swollen and she cannot sing properly, Andre tells Tori to fill in for Trina, but she refuses. Freak the freak out! Meanwhile Robbie has to write a review of Trina's one woman show for the school's social networking site, TheSlap.com, but does not know how to review it when she threatens him to write a good review despite it being horrible. Even though Jade broke the guitar the boss thinks it was caused by the earthquake. It peaked at 50 on the Billboard Hot 100. Jade drank soda before she and Cat sang, even though vocalists are not supposed to consume caffeine before performing because it can shorten their vocal cords. Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 until February 2, 2013. Pretending to be Cat, Jade calls Tori and finds out where they are. "[13] Nickelodeon Productions and the Columbia/Epic Label Group of Sony Music Entertainment agreed to co-produce the series as part of a partnership to develop talent and release their music.[15]. Jade: (From behind her) Turn around. Whenever someone gets a question wrong, they get "doinked" and have something sprayed at them or dropped on their head. Hayley and Tara end up having to take care of Trina. They're from the iCarly episode "iFix a Pop Star. They pick Tori (disguised as an ugly girl). The plot works and Robbie now has $2,000 and Rex. Are Buffalo Nuggets spicy...? ", "Nickelodeon Scores 2nd Biggest "Kids' Choice Awards"; "Victorious" Bows to 5.7 Million", Nickelodeon's Victorious Tops Basic Cable In Total Viewers In Time Slot With 3.5 Million, "Nickelodeon's iCarly & Victorious Notch Weekly Wins With Double-Digit Gains – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", Ratings for Nickelodeon's "Victorious" for the Week Ending April 25, "Nickelodeon's iCarly Top Scripted Cable Telecast for the Week – Ratings", Cable Top 25: NBA Playoffs, WWE RAW and iCarly Top Weekly Cable Viewing, "Nickelodeon's 'iCarly' Leads Trio of New Hits to Record-Breaking Levels – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", Cable TV Top 25: BET Awards, 16 Wishes, USA/Algeria Match Top Week's Cable Shows, Friday Cable: Eureka, Haven Up; Victorious Bests Wizards of Waverly Place & More. Song featured: "You're the Reason" by Victoria Justice. Tori wins over the crowd quickly, easily beating the girls. Andre suggests that she write her sister a song and perform it at her birthday party. Tori walks in on a muscular guy named Russ apparently beating up Beck, so she jumps on Russ to stop him. Meanwhile, Robbie starts to have strange nightmares about Rex. Cat: Robbie thinks Cat is lying about having a date to the prom after she turns him down. Tori tells the gang about Trina. After this, Jade begins to feel guilty, especially when learning that Tori refuses to tell the truth on her, and she helps Tori clean a little bit and ditch the security guard watching her to clean the hall. The show is hosted and narrated by "Christopher Cane", a ventriloquist's dummy, who introduces himself as the actor who portrays "Rex". When remembering Beck wants a Rottweiler, Jade and Tori bring one to his RV, only for the dog to attack his father who was sleeping inside. Determined to get back at them, Jade tricks Andre, Robbie and Beck to stay and take care of Trina while taking Beck's car keys to drive her, Tori and Cat to the club for a rematch. ", "The official source for Broadway Information", "Growing up in character – Entertainment News, Youth Impact Report '09, Media", "FUN FACTS: Victorious – "Stage Fighting" !!! [14] While discussing the show's premise, Schneider stated that while it would be nice if more children "wanted to be teachers and social workers" instead of celebrities, "At least in Victorious, you see a world where they're all working on the talent part. "[19] The third season was split into two, thus making four seasons in total. Freak the Freak Out is a song performed by Tori Vega at Karaoke Dokie in the episode of the same name. Beck pauses the movie as Cat runs out of the theater, followed by Tori and Robbie. "Freak the Freak Out" and "Beggin' On Your Knees" music videos plus behind-the-scenes features with the cast. Are you here?! Jade: Prom Wrecker • The Gorilla Club • Open up the door At the end, Tori decides she does want to do the fall to prove she is not a wimp, but she gets scared again, so Jade pushes her off making her fall down. Robbie gets Cat a candyfloss making machine, which she gets excited about because it comes with a man. Sikowitz gets frustrated when the students keep using their phones during rehearsal, so he challenges them to go one week without using modern-day technology.