edged ar. VAUGHAN„ Stephen, of London, coat and crest (14 April 1509). Richard Vaughan, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Hooghly” in 1848 Descended was Gronwy, Earl of Hereford, through a series of Lords of Maylors and Oswestry. I am very interested in the Vaughan line. 16 Aug. 1S71, Caroline, dau. His wife was descended from Howel Dda, King of South Wales, in 907. Harl. Brown, of Baltimore, Md.

Col. Uriah Vaughan was a most remarkable man. The Welsh and Irish surname Vaughan is derived from the Welsh term fychan, a lenited form of bychan, a diminutive of bach meaning “little.” This was often used to distinguish the younger of two bearers of the same personal name. Mary, a Nun, deceased. Spelling Variations Mr. Vaughan m. 2ndly, 1685, Anne Webster, by whom he had, with a dau., Anna, rn.
Vaughan, Vaughn, Vaghan, Vichan, Vaghaun, Vachan, Vochan, Voghan, Vahham, Vauzan and Vawzan (where ‘z’ represents ‘gh’), Vahan, Veghan, Vaughen, Early Marriage Records for Vaughan a chev. Sir John, K.B. of John Rolls, Esq. The 2nd son, William Vaughan, Esq. ; Rosa Thackston, who married Robert W. Winborne, Esq., a distinguished lawyer of Roanoke, Va., February 3, 1903.

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of Punchestown, co. Kildare, Comptroller to Thomas, Viscount Wentworth, afterwards Earl of Strafford, Lord Deputy of Ireland, by Katherine de la Moore his wife, of Moore and Walton, co. Oxford, and great-grand-dau. 10) (co. Devon), Gu. Robert Colby, Rector of Ansford, co. Somerset, and had a son, John Vaughan, now of Rhosygilwen, co. Pembroke. Crest—A man erect ppr.


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14) (Just, co. Gloucester). Oh how envious I am you have been able to get so far. Owen Vaghan, Salop, ibid. ducally crowned ar., for Medhop; 7th, vert a saltire or, an annulet success: function(data) { Quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. of the late Right Rev. jsonpCallback: 'loaded', Rogero Vaugham, 1379 in Poll Tax (Bredwardine, Herefs) XVII, fol. ; C. 13 [Visit, of Yorks 1612, Her. Thomas Vaughan married Agnes Powell May 13, 1542 in Peterstow, Hereford, England 45) (Bradward, co. Wilts). Barry wavy of four gu. Per pale barry wavy of four gu. ; 2nd, Vaughan: A boy’s head couped at the shoulders, around his neck a garland of oak ppr. Barrington Vaughan, 3rd Battalion, South Carolina Infantry, Confederate, South Carolina 11) Clare, a Nun, deceased. and heir of Capt. Joseph Vaughan, Delaware, Rank of Major Thank you for all you have done so far. Sa. 29) (Littleton, co. Middlesex; Sir Hugh Vaughan, Knt., of Littleton, temp. Isaac Vaughan, 9th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry, Union, Kentucky Maud, dau. Mary, b. Crest—On a mount vert a hound sejant ar. I've just made so much advancement that now I have the correct name and I even got one more person behind him. I know they came from great britain in nicaragua they always say england. Quarterly, ar. 2) (Talgarth, co. Brecknock). Mr. John Henry Vaughan who emigrated to Canada, arriving at the Grosse Isle Quarantine Station in Quebec but died on Grosse Isle on 26th May 1847, Vaughan Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century and ar. Mr. Vaughan d. 21 April, 1780. Teeshirt21 keeps your payment information secure. Colonel Vaughan devoted most of his life to the mercantile business, yet he was a large landowner and successful farmer. of Roger Bolas, Esq. Son of the late Lieut.-Col. Edward Vaughan, who was a Magistrate for co. Cardigan, and formerly Lieut.-Col. 98th Regt. Rowland Vaughan, who settled in Virginia in 1635

three wolves’ heads erased ar. The design is a symbol unique to an individual person, and to his family, corporation, or state. I have to laugh at this a bit... because I am a better fit with the shorty than the tall. gu.

I know I'm from the Welsh Vaughns and trying to learn more. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. betw. Grifit Vehan, 1222-64 in Hatton’s Book of Seals (Brecon) Cambridge, J. P. cos. Radnor, and Brecon, b. and five sons ; the 2nd was William, of Wellington the eldest, and heir, John Vaughan, Esq. Ask & I share; steal at own risk. 1827. Colonel Vaughan retired from the firm in 1881.

Good to hear from a distant Welsh cousin, Alan! VAUGHAN OF BURLTON HALL AND WOODGATE. 3) Kenelm, Priest, 6. a chev. 1723. a lion ramp. Or, a lion ramp. Designed by justin.s.washington Crest—An arm erect grasping a snake entwined round the arm all ppr.

Same Arms. (Isaiah 32:8). B. Barnes was taken in the partnership and the name became Vaughan, Barnes & Co. reguard. I'm so happy that I came across an Irish company that knows how to celebrate my Irish heritage. three boys’ heads couped ppr. The plaque turned, Very easy website to use and order from. VAUGHAN OF BRYNOG

What a fantastic service, arrived on time well packaged and a great price. Is It fair to say that unless there are meticulous records of births, marriages, baptisms and the like that It will be difficuit to trace back beyond the early 1800's? Is there an easy way to check records if I know the home city of that relative? 2) Arthur Chichcle Chambre, b. collared gu. of Sir John Curzon, and by her had a dau., Mary, m. Rowland Bartlett, Esq. Love the plaque, it looks great and delivered quickly too with a little extra Christmas gift; thank you! Mr. Vaughan is the eldest son of the late Rev. VAUGHAN„ Richard, of Corsigedall, co. Merioneth, Esq., crest 12 Dec. 1583, 26 Eliz., by Sir G. Dethick. Somewhat later Evan Vaughan of Shropshire is listed in the Register of the University of Oxford for 1601, whilst Jenkyn Vaughan was the prebendary of St Davids, Harlech, in 1621. Notable bearers of the name include Richard Vaughan, Solicitor to Queen Elizabeth I in 1580, and the poet Henry Vaughan (1622 - 1695). David Vaughan (1924-2017), American dance archivist, historian and critic Availability: In stock -. of Burlton, bapt. 1825, M.A. and a cock in base gu. of levan ap Ednyvit Gam, hneally descended from Tudor Trevor, and was great grandfather of Rhys ap Llewellyn, Gent, of Plas Thomas, in Dudleston, who had five sons, Thomas, a Catholic Priest ; Edward, of Plas Ithell ; John Lloyd, who d. s. p. ; Robert, of Plas Owen ; and, John Vaughan, 4th son, father of Thoman ap John Vaughan, of Plas Thomas, Salop, m. Joan, dau. Sending much love from sunny California. ar. } and or, in chief a lion’s paw erased betw. And I am now a retired federal attorney so I certainly don't speak for any governmental agency.I should also add that I do not speak for my extended family. 23) (Sir Richard Vaughan, London, 1633). MS. 16,940, fo.
Ancestry.com has census info on line to search and view for a fee. Tretower, as is mentioned in the post, and Cathedine, which are very close to each other, are areas that the early Vaughan's were believed to live around. . VIII., by Wriothesley, Gart., and Benolte.

1825; m. 1850 Frances St. Laurence, dau. Crestt—1st, Vaughan: A boy’s head couped at the shoulders, crined or, round the neck a snake entwined ppr. and gu. three lions rampant arg. VAUGHAN TO MARLOW, Capt., R.N., of Hampsh., [1784] Vol. Visit.