Bruce Springsteen's crew does this by not using any subs (since the bass drives up the dB levels)....they don't need it for their music style. Sports Centre, Bracknell, England, October 17, 2005: Big crisis.

Never before has that sounded so real, so scary. It's hardly as loud as a concert by The Who, surely?!

The key ingredients seem to be a bass drum set to the level of a Napoleonic cannon and familiar galloping tunes the crowd can screech into the Suncorp Stadium void. Other than that it was a spectacular night. Suncorp Stadium is home to some of the biggest concerts and sports events in Brisbane. Reports obtained by The Sunday Mail show Irish supergroup U2 exceeded the regulated 100-decibel limit inside the venue at one of their two 360 Degree World Tour concerts in Brisbane last year.The group notched 105 decibels, but will not be fined for the breach, unlike the $50,000 penalty the band received from their hometown of Dublin earlier in the tour.The reports also reveal one of the five external sites Stadiums Queensland is required to audit is still failing to accurately record noise levels and recorded excess levels for U2 as well as Bon Jovi a few nights later.Tens of thousands of people live around the stadium in some of Queensland's most expensive suburbs such as Paddington, Auchenflower, Red Hill and Milton.The flaws come five years after a problem with the "skewed" site at 105 Hale St was discovered and recommended to be fixed, and two years after Sports Minister Phil Reeves failed to explain why they had not been fixed.The reports show acoustics contractor Cardno Consulting had measuring difficulties at the noisy Hale St site, where the same problems occurred during concerts by Robbie Williams in 2006.The stadium had 21 complaints and three compliments over the two U2 nights last December but only one complaint for Bon Jovi. Archived. The extended encore of post-Joshua Tree songs replicates too many of the band’s failures since, an era flecked with moments of brilliance that were too often unappreciated as U2 focused its efforts on being the world’s biggest band, rather than its best. The first four songs at the Brisbane opening night of the Australian leg are early-career standards, performed on a small secondary stage with room for just four musicians and a smoke machine. Reminds me of living in Reading, and failing to get any sleep while the headline acts are playing at Reading Festival on the last weekend of August... ACCESSIBILITY PARKING.

I'm not sure what the process is in Ireland, but in certain parts of the U.S., the FOH engineer would be advised to turn down either the overall level, or certain frequencies that's closely monitored. Agree with you. It is hard to imagine a time when U2 was not a rock and roll monolith; even harder to recall the last time the band performed their music without the giant screens and props that have for decades turned its concerts into extroverted performance pieces.

They opened up for 311, and so their (311) audio crew was pissed at him. With thousands of people often attending the events there, parking can be very expensive and hard to find. Curfew is at 11pm on Mon. A few years, after one of the 20,000 seat outdoor venues around here, was opened, they decided to build several apartment complex. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 71 songs. October 17, 1980: Suncorp Stadium is located at 40 Castlemaine Street, Milton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I saw the venue turn the house lights on at 11pm sharp at a Nine Inch Nails gig at the Hordern in Sydney once a few years back. It has primarily hosted rugby and football/soccer matches as well as major outdoor concerts since its redevelopment in the 1990's / 2000's. On Sunday Bloody Sunday, the Edge’s guitar needs no visual embellishment to evoke the march of foot soldiers during the Troubles; on Bad, Bono shouts “fade away” with the sort of ache that infects his best vocal performances. Apart from monitoring levels, in the neighborhood, I also have to list down other noises that can be heard, such as local traffic. They made me check my camera in at the cloak room because it had a detachable lens and was therefore a professional recording device. Who knew stadium rock didn’t need constant reinvention? “From rising sea levels in one country to catastrophic fires in yours. U2 has now toured the album three times, but only now has come to Australia. On event days, a limited amount of parking is available on Castlemaine and Cordova Streets for the holders of Queensland Disability Parking Permits and Australian Disability Parking Permits.

It is not until the final song, One, that Bono seems to unravel that thread. My teeth were actually whiter when I walked out of that one!

And Iron Maiden is the loudest thing I'd ever heard. Bono of U2 performs at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on 12 November at the opening show of their Australian tour. nottingham arena was shaking! and midnight on Fri., Sat, Sun.

Street parking is available for only 15 minutes and if you park longer you will be faced with expensive parking fines. If it's a band they don't like, they'll call the cops as soon as they hear a note. On rare occasions when the show stutters (like at the outset of With or Without You, where the haunting infinite guitar seems too piercing), Bono is still, at 59, able to rally the crowd with a bellow. To view the location of the PWD pick up and drop off points, please visit the Suncorp Stadium Seating Map. Linkin Park's engineer plays with the dynamics of his mix to achieve this. The only time it should make headlines is when the local police are threatening to arrest Joe O'Herlihy for overly exceeding the dB limits for a certain length of time during the show. to Thurs. But we can put out these fires if we act together as one.’’, • U2 is touring major capital cities around Australia in November before heading to Japan and South Korea in December, Available for everyone, funded by readers. And they don't even mention the locals who got a free gig from their lounge! Bringing the Joshua Tree tour back (again) seems like an acknowledgement that this band – whose contemporaries have settled into comfortable, crowd-pleasing greatest hits shows – has dropped the pretence that its newer music is somehow comparable to its best. I imagine if you were trying to get your bub to sleep that night it would have been a pain, but dems the breaks when you live near a stadium. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. or their mix. The highlights are (surely not a coincidence) the most political songs from an album pitched musically as an homage to America, but where the lyrics explore its excesses and failures of the 1980s, many of which feel more relevant today to Trump’s United States. The 2019 Joshua Tree tour – the third time U2 has toured the American-inspired 1987 album but the first in Australia – seems to present a romanticised version of the band’s various reinventions. List all details for U2 2010-12-09 - Brisbane, Queensland, Suncorp Stadium - 360° Tour. By peterferris8, May 31, 2011 in All About U2 The moment feels right for us too. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane We're active on these social networks -- connect with us for more great U2 content. All rights reserved.

There is nowhere to look but the stage. His console was glowing red all over the place, and refused to turn it down.