The Royal Regiment of Toronto would eventually become the Royal Regiment of Canada. The castle was a private home for 10 years up until Sir Henry Pellat went broke. There are many historical structures that have been around for decades which deserve to be acknowledged. The camera is pointed west on College Street in 1981, from near the intersection at Yonge Street. In photos: Major Canadian city skylines then and now. The building was demolished in 1949. Thankfully, some rich investors came along and saved the name but unfortunately the iconic banner will be taken down. Fran’s had a booth in the Food Building at the CNE in 2014, when it offered deep-fried rice pudding. Toronto-based photographer Eric Trussler captured nearly 3,000 pictures for the TTC between the … Like the creators of most remixes, Cudanin’s finished work is his, even as it’s indebted to the work of someone else: the older shots, which determine the setting, angle, and much of the composition. [which] would be considered great Toronto landmarks” if they hadn’t vanished, like the Board of Trade Building, Bank of Toronto, the Manning Arcade, and the Armouries. Presumably, both men had an opportunity to recover from whatever liquid revelry they'd downed at their lethal Christmas party. Was Sleeping Beauty locked up in the tower? Register this device to receive push notifications. So, I decided to share what I've found with everyone else, and that's what this "blog" is for! A welcome email is on its way. The Toronto tower stands at 553.33 m. The construction of  the tower was proposed by the Canadian National Railway to provide Toronto with television and radio communication. The source for much of the information for this post was derived from a display in a glass showcase in the entranceway of the College Street restaurant. READ MORE: At some point, both a lumber company and a grain elevator sat next to Berkeley House. John Small stood trial for the murder of John White – who was, after all, the province’s Attorney General – but was acquitted. They were there for a meeting of the Toronto Branch of the Evangelical Alliance, and. But enough of the spire had gone up to house the bells, which had arrived in Toronto in 1865, two years before Confederation. interests were revived over this past weekend. (CP PHOTO) 1999 (National Archives of Canada) PA-119921. Full details about all the Lake Ontario swims see: It gave no account to the elected Legislative Assembly, and was often capable of exerting control over the province's early elected officials. It relates anecdotes and stories by the author and others who experienced these grand old movie houses. Demonstrations include historic blacksmithing, spinning, weaving and leather working. ... THEN: This photo shows the TTC Head Office under construction in 1957. The district was abandoned for nearly a decade, but now it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Toronto and is the home to many annual festivals. A professional bell ringer, one Mr. Rawlinson by name, was on duty at the Cathedral on July 1, 1867. It was a rare view of what turned out to be a today’s Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. intersection. John Small had a total of five sons, and after his death in 1831, his youngest son, Charles Coxwell Small, took over Berkeley House. After several years of being a "work in progress", I've finally completed a book on the earliest history of Toronto. View looking east along College Street toward Yonge Street on May 31, 1981, Fran’s Restaurant is on the left-hand (north) side of the street. There was a government issued newspaper, but newspapers of the day were only issued once a week, at best. Paying members could attend lectures and courses and use the library.