Despite the relative ease with which loyalists crushed the insurrection, the Rebellion Crisis symbolized how polarized public life had become in the colony, and represented the desperation of people who felt disenfranchised by the colony’s limited democracy and who had been devastated by a worldwide depression that hit at about the same time that Mackenzie and his followers incited rebellion.

Outside of these striking events, the townspeople spent three years worrying about their future, enduring shortages and inflation, and participating in the overall defence of the colony. L'année 1793 a été marquée par plusieurs événements qui ont changé la vie des Canadiens. Le Port de Toronto, l'un des plus grands ports intérieurs au Canada, se trouve sur la rive nord-ouest du lac Ontario. Before the news from France arrived, Simcoe had formed an ambitious plan to defend Upper Canada with forts and naval bases, including the development of Toronto as a central component of the scheme. The flow of American immigrants (which had dominated Upper Canada’s formative years and which had been fairly diverse ethnically) largely dried up because of the hostilities of 1812-15. Faced with the mounting administrative needs of its capital, the provincial government passed legislation to transform the town into the colony’s first incorporated municipality, an event that took effect on 6 March 1834. Horoscope pour Toronto (Canada) le 30 juillet 1793 : carte du ciel interactive et dominantes planétaires BEFORE … Toronto and the province as a whole changed radically between the end of the war in 1815 and the inauguration of railway construction in 1851. And the Toronto skyline in 2012, looking east; almost nothing you see in this was built before 1970; the original town site is at the far right. We embarked on board the “Mississaga,” the band playing in the ship. As a result of both immigration and natural increase, the population of the town, exclusive of the surrounding rural areas, rose from 720 souls at the end of the war, to 1,600 in 1825, to 5,550 in 1832, to 9,250 in 1834, to 14,250 in 1841, and to 30,775 in 1851. The most famous crisis between 1815 and 1851 was the Rebellion of 1837, in which former mayor William Lyon Mackenzie led an armed mob down Yonge Street on 5 December with the goal of overthrowing the provincial government. On Saturday, August 7th, 1993 John Graves Simcoe and his wife, Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, landed amid pomp and pageantry at Harbour front in Toronto. The invaders came back to a defenceless York on 31 July 1813 for two days and burned military facilities missed in April.