John Connor and the T-800 hide in a decayed building and ultimately destroy all three of the mini Hunter-Killers. John Connor and the T-800 finally enter Skynet. The final scene in T2-3D has Sarah and John Connor reuniting back on stage.

While she's speaking Kimberly Duncan returns and we hear her talking to somebody on the phone. They work to get the T-1,000,000 into position before the T-800 shoots a tank of liquid nitrogen, freezing the massive machine. We're now surrounded by 3D effects as they enter the core of Skynet. It was originally developed for Universal Studios Florida, with producers pushing for a second installation in Universal Studios Hollywood during development. Note - Each picture may be opened for a larger view. Kimberly requests that we put on our "safety glasses" before the T-70s begin their weapon demonstration. The Cyberdyne promotional video ends and we have an uneasy feeling about the company. The machine walks into the building and puts John Connor in its sights when the T-800 attacks and destroys the Terminator.

There are numerous inventions and products that have a comical yet slightly sinister look to them. We also learn about Skynet, the new computerized defense system that will take military control out of human hands. One of the highlights includes a special contact lens that lets basketball players (Shaquille O'Neal in a cameo role) shoot perfect free throws. The T-1,000,000 is frozen solid while sticking its head "inside" the auditorium. He fires a shotgun and temporarily wounds the T-1000. After grabbing a pair of "safety glasses" (3-D glasses), we're sent into the "Miles Bennett Dyson Memorial Auditorium" to meet with our hostess, Kimberly Duncan, Cyberdyne's Director of Community Relations and Media Control. The T-800 and John Connor ride their motorcycle through the post-apocalyptic future as they're being chased by the T-1,000. The version of the show at Universal Studios Hollywood closed in 2012, and the version at Universal Studios Florida closed on October 8, 2017. The lights momentarily go out, and when we can see again they've disappeared.

Sarah and John try to flee, but the T-1,000 activates the controls for the T-70 robots and has them target both Connors. Three mini Hunter-Killers are dispatched to wipe out the intruders. Live footage of people waiting in line is periodically shown along with two examples of people behaving badly.

The Cyberdyne building is about to be attacked and all civilians have fifteen minutes to leave. Out rides the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Things seem well until a small explosion opens a wall and in walks a Terminator endoskeleton. Sarah Connor then tells us what she knows about Terminators and Judgment Day, and we see clips from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

At this point the T2-3D show transforms from a stage show to mostly a 3-D movie. Terminator 2: 3-D ends and the guests exit the show through the Cyber Image store. A thick cloud of fog rolls through the auditorium and our seats drop a couple of inches, giving the audience one last scare.