This post includes affiliate links. Foul pole in front. Great view of everything, perfect for the fireworks show. Progressive Field Seating Question: What seats for a 12 o'clock game will be in the shade at Progressive Field? Comparable price-wise to the Infield Lower Box section is the Lower Box section which, as its name dictates, is in the stadium's lower level but not around the infield. It's difficult for a visiting team fan to find a better spot than right behind the visitors dugout along the first base line at Progressive Field. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link below. Outfield seats on the lower tier face nicely towards the infield, but if sitting in left you will be higher up with no view to the videoboard, while those in right will have the sun in their eyes as day games reach the afternoon hours. In these sections, the prices remain the same all season long. See the view from Section 316, read reviews and buy tickets. In particular, sections 303-317 and 504-514 will be exposed until the sun sets completely under the stadium. You still get the feeling that you're right in the action, but your wallet won't take as big a hit. By continuing to use our site, you agree to us using cookies in accordance with our. One of the joys of having a ticket in this section is the ability to move around to find an open row or relatively empty section, if desired. To search tickets in these seating areas, select an event and apply the corresponding filter. Right Field seats will see the sun the longest. If you're on a budget, it's always worth determining the Indians upcoming opponents when you're planning a road trip. Right Field seats will see the sun the longest, with sections 303-317 and 504-514 being exposed until the sun sets completely under the stadium. That ensures that hitters are never looking directly at the sun. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, after using a link on this article. The View Box section offers a higher view of the field without being so high or far away that you need to pack your binoculars. Right Field seats will see the sun the longest. As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Progressive Field are located: Progressive Field is asymmetrical, offering a little more seating along the 1st baseline and right field than the 3rd baseline and left field. B. row. What amenities are included in the 1948 Suite at Progressive Field? Be sure to not go higher than row V where the views get more difficult, and fans in right should be prepared for a healthy dose of sun during day games at Progressive. However, this actually makes it a little more difficult to find seats in the shade because the 3rd baseline of Progressive Field is more likely to see shade than the other side of the stadium. Next to away team on deck circle. How do I get a ticket for the Corner Bar at Progressive Field? Although you obviously need a ticket to get admittance to the stadium, Progressive Field has a popular standing room sections that is worth visiting. Page 2 On the third base side, the Upper Box section begins nearly in the left field corner, and then runs all the way around home and to the power alley in right-center field. The bleachers are large enough that you can sit close to the foul line, over in left-center, next to Heritage Park, or anywhere in between. Cleveland is on the far end of the Eastern Time Zone, which means during the summer the sun doesn’t set until at least 8:30 and sometimes not until after 9:00 p.m. For Indians fans, the sun will continue to be a problem in the right field stands and deep along the 1st baseline within shouting distance of the right field foul pole. For Value Games, this section's price jumps to $27 and for Prime Games, you'll pay $30. Overall, your best option for staying in the shade for a noon game will be sections 257-259, 262, 265, and 267. A family restroom is nearby at section 125, along with an ice cream stand at section 138 and a speed pitch booth at section 130. An entrance to this section is located at Row U, When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right. The Lower Reserved seats are located down the first base line in the corner, down the third base line in the corner and in right field. Found only along the first baseline in sections 326-348, fans here have the distinct pleasure of the only non-suite views on the second tier of the ballpark, and excellent head on sight lines to the massive left field videoboard. Opt for seats in the first 7 rows (A through G) of sections 334-344 and you will be treated to excellent lines of sight to the infield while avoiding the difficult views of down the right field line which can occur in seats higher up in the sections. May 13 makeup game vs. Yankees. The best chance to find protection outside of a luxury box is to sit as far back in any particular section as possible. Please read our disclosure for more info. We asked which side would be more shaded, his response was that it was … Of course, as the game progresses, those seated on the 3rd baseline but relatively close to home plate will have the sun at their back as it moves to the west and will be among the first people in the stadium to sneak into the shade. Click or tap here to open the interactive Progressive Field seating chart on Seatgeek. Therefore, we recommend opting for rows M and as these seats will have some overhead coverage to help during mid day innings. For a 4:10 p.m. game at Progressive Field, sitting on the 3rd baseline is a must if you want protection from the sun. Most notable of these is the Toyota Home Run Porch, found in the left field corner. Great seats. For the best views in right field, we recommend looking for seats in Section 109, as you will not have the foul pole in your line of sight, and you will be sitting closer to the field level.... Read More, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Cleveland Indians. Like many teams, the Indians have different prices for each section depending on the visiting team in town. Progressive Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians. Plus, at Progressive Field, the front row seats in the Diamond Box section have ridiculously large legroom. Section 316 Progressive Field seating views for Cleveland Indians games. This section is also a good spot if its your first time at the ballpark, as they keep you close to some of Progressive's more unique common areas beyond center field, including Heritage Park and the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast booth. Really high though", "Great seats, pretty close to the action", "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Cleveland Indians - Aug 3, 2019", Also known as the family deck, right by the kids club house, More affordable option beyond the right field wall, Close to the Indians dugout while still behind the protective netting, Easier access at the top of the lower seating tier, Family restroom and multiple concessions nearby, Covered seating in the double lettered rows, Excellent viewing angle to the large videoboard, Good elevated view from the first base side of the field, Inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages in addition to climate-controlled club access, Some of the best legroom in all of baseball from the Diamond Box Front Row, Amazing views incredibly close to the field, You'll never need to get up to let someone move through the seating row, Truly unique experience in a dugout style suite, As close as you can get to the batters box at Progressive Field, Great spot for making it on to the television broadcast, Close to a cluster of bars near the outfield seating, Good opportunity to socialize while watching the game, Some of the most affordable tickets in the outfield, Great views down to the bullpens from the lower numbered seats, Near unique Progressive Field attractions just beyond center field, Great angle to the impressive left field videoboard, Excellent views of the players taking and leaving the field, Beyond the protective netting for clear views to home plate, Excellent proximity to the infield and Indians dugout, Good seating angle facing towards the heart of the diamond, Prime lower level views without being behind the netting, Good seating height and angle to the infield, Near the top of sections where overhead coverage is more plentiful, Comfortable natural sight lines with minimal head turning, More affordable option on the lower seating tier, Scout style viewing position from behind home plate, Higher in the section where netting becomes less of a distraction, Near straight away perspective to the infield and impressive videoboard, Front rows provide clearer views down the right field line, Viewing angles into the Indians dugout and to the left field videoboard. These double lettered seats are higher in the sections, helping to limit the distraction of the netting while providing a good seating height with expansive viewing range. The Upper Level overhang is little match during afternoon games, but it does help protect fans during the late afternoon and evening. Section 416. coneill4 Jun 21, 2019. The Upper Level overhang is little match during afternoon games, but it does help protect fans during the late afternoon and evening. These are some of the closest seats to the grass that you can find without having to spend an arm and a leg on a Dugout Suite. Progressive Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians. Next to last row of section, last section facing straight ahead so you have to turn to see the game, but pretty good seats overall. Super Value Games range from $35 to $40 ($40 gets you in the front row of the section), Value Games cost $75 and Prime Games cost $85. 175. section. U. row. Another good option for away team supporters are the lowest rows (A through E) in sections 138 and 136. The price range for a ticket in this section is $16-$32-$36. You won't find a closer seat to home plate, and fans here are also frequently seen in the background of the television broadcast. Learn about why we recommend buying MLB tickets on SeatGeek. Copyright 2019-2020. If you don't want to spend quite as much but still enjoy sitting around the infield, the Field Box section is your most logical option.