Character information Looney Tunes Villains | It was pretty much just telling the exact same fucking joke three times. Rocky Cushing Catheter | NC (voiceover): This, of course, begs the question, “Why the hell doesn’t he (Rover) just run?” I mean, the movie shows he has plenty of time, or could he not think up of a clever one-liner before he could do it? Background information (The log ends up slamming against a standing tree after Rover had jumped off the log to watch it all happen). We picked up a dog! Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains, Rover: What a place, huh, Eddie? Slime | Scarecrow | Tasmanian Devil | This character article is a stub. Murder Rover (Failed) NC (voiceover): So Rover returns home only to find that Connie is leaving for a few weeks, and Rocky Bal- bastard is going to be looking after him. Susan McCallister | Sandworms |
Victoria Vinciguerra | Rocky, landing intro trouble, getting caught by Rocky, being framed for killing Cal's turkey by the wolves, being locked in the shed by Cal, rolling a pair of snake-eyes, country life (formerly), danger Foot Clan | NC: (as Rodney Dangerfield, talking on the phone) Hey-hey, Harold! Mobster #1: (to Rocky) This was your last chance, small time.

(All the Carmine’s Canines in their cages are surprised and happy to see him) Where’s Flappy? League of Shadows (Decoy of Ra's al Ghul) | Life’s a bitch! Poison Ivy (Lego) |

Thinking that Rocky is an undercover cop setting them up, the gangsters flee, telling Rocky that he has blown his last chance. Master Little | You kiddin’?

In fact, the next couple of scenes are like that. DC Extended Universe Villains | Max | Rocky: (gets angry and throws the bone at the window, breaking the glass and causing Rover and Eddie to run away) Rover, you’re mine! Mr. (He proceeds to fast forward through the song with a remote). NC (voiceover): Well, OK, it’s not entirely Christmas-related, but a lot of it does take place around Christmastime, and…I GUESS it’s trying to relate some Christmas themes!

NC (voiceover): So Rover comes across a pack of wolves who are after the farmer’s turkey, but Rover tries to stop them. Most comedians get rid of the idea of just going up and telling one-liners, but Dangerfield was one of the few standups who kept it going. NC (voiceover): (as Mobster #1) You’ll curse the last day you’ve ever messed with the easily excitable pussy gang!

Daisy: How can you make jokes when you’re locked up like this? Agents (Agent Jones, Agent Brown & Agent Johnson) | Penny Fleck | Mouse King | Decoy Queen | They then ask if Rocky would 'like to see Hoover Dam'. His voice actor Rodney Dangerfield Grundel Toad | Mr. Turns out he actually attempts to murder the dog and as soon as Connie left Rocky attack Rover until he was out cold. Eh? Martians (Martian Leader, Martian Ambassador & Martian Girl) | Velociraptors (Lego) | I’m innocent! (Small puppies that look like Rover (except one that looks like Daisy) pop out in different places inside the barn). NC (voiceover): MY…GOD! I don’t wanna go! Danny: Dad, stop the machine! Homère le roi des cabots (Rover Dangerfield) est un film d'animation américain réalisé par James L. George et Bob Seeley, sorti en août 1991 aux États-Unis.C'est le quatrième long métrage des studios Hyperion Pictures et le seul produit en collaboration avec Warner Bros. (Cut to the set of “Jeopardy!” where three contestants are confronted with the following question from the category “DUMB-ASS ONE LINERS”: “What is the worst possible joke you could think up for this scene?” all while the famous theme music plays while the image of Rover in a pile of corn is shown). Mobster #1: This is a setup. Kitty Galore | I’m rollin’ down the river!
Mrs. Prysselius | Goals Despite being the main villain, Rocky only has up to about 5 minutes of screen time. Rocky: (sarcastic) I’ll miss you, Rover.