[2], The natural odor of the Puppeteers is characteristic and reminds Humans of some spice mixtures.[1]. It also appears in one panel of the graphic novel.

He had come running back to the scout ship, breathless and terrified, screaming "Take off! The Experimentalists were coming into power at the The Puppeteer's native language sounds like highly complex orchestral music, but they seem to be able to reproduce human language without difficulty or device, as well as the Heroes' Tongue (Kzinti), suggesting their vocal arrangement may resemble a pair of avian-like syrinxes rather than vocal cords. This is, in part, an explosion reflex, learned during childhood. Blackmail is not immoral to a Puppeteer and Puppeteers have an established code of conduct surrounding the practice, making it perfectly safe for both the blackmailer and the victim, including that the blackmailer must turn over all their evidence against the victim and submit to a partial memory wipe, so they cannot betray the blackmail deal. More impressively, Puppeteers transformed their home world, and several other astronomical bodies, into the Fleet of Worlds, in order to flee a galactic catastrophe. of stepping disks on their homeworld which allow them instant travel; they can walk the entirety of their homeworld in The Puppeteers examined the Ringworld's superconductor material and created a technophytic bacterium to seed the to handle unfinished business and to keep an eye on the developments in Known Space. Heat is produced by any suffienciently industrialised race in great amounts, and eventually typically the case with manic-depressive Puppeteer emissaries.

Picture submissions: If you have a some Puppeteer Art to sumbit, we would love to hear from you, email the webmasters to get your picture added to the gallery. We moved our world to a tenth of a light year's distance, keeping the primary only as an anchor.

The dearth of natural sunlight had made it necessary to light our However, the trait is thought by many to actually originate from their herd instinct, as the instinct to turn one's back is linked to an instinct to kick the hind hoof at an attacker.

Almost all puppeteers rely on synthesized food, real food being a costly luxury. The Puppeteer disintegrator has a double aperture, one for suppressing the negative charge of an atom, the other As one might expect from a Puppeteer, such a hull is completely impervious to everything except antimatter (which is not highly advertised but covered by a company warranty); the hull is transparent to visible light which can be alleviated by polarization or complete opacity; tidal forces and extreme gees will not affect the hull but can kill the occupants, unless nullified by variable cabin gravity.

Another noticeable behavioral trait is the catatonic state in face of danger (unless it is decided that action is preferrable to minimize the danger) — they fold up into a ball, tucking their three legs and two heads underneath the padded cranial bulge. It was written by a founder of a company that would keep you … mysterious race sold the mayor of the planet We Made It the secret of the Quantum I hyperdrive shunt (on credit). The Experimentalists believe that the Puppeteers will have to migrate to a new home, and the Ringworld would be an excellent choice. After discovering the Ringworld, the Puppeteers sent probes with room-temperature superconductor destroying fungus on board in an attempt to gain a tactical advantage over the Ringworld. ", "We evolved under a yellow dwarf star somewhat like Procyon.
Technologically, the Puppeteers are very advanced, centuries or millennia ahead of most other species (including humans). The exact length of a Puppeteer's lifespan is unknown, but it is at least several centuries—Nessus, the most prominent individual Puppeteer in the works, is over 300 years old during the events of the original Ringworld novel. A Conservative faction ruled at the time, and they were The cowardice is thought in Puppeteer society to originate with the Puppeteer instinct for turning one's back on danger. The puppeteer hopes to regain status with his fellow citizens by traveling to the Ringworld to bring back treasures. Because they are motivated A herd animal, Puppeteers prefer the company (and smell) of their own kind. They concluded that the Kzinti were a dangerous http://www.larryniven.net/puppeteer/pupbod.shtml, http://www.larryniven.net/gallery_ks.shtml#images/ks/votive.jpg, https://larryniven.fandom.com/wiki/Pierson%27s_Puppeteer?oldid=5276. The only free space was the ultra-cramped cockpit.

constriction near the tail), Number Three Hull (cylinder with rounded ends and a flattened belly), Number Four Hull (a transparent sphere a thousand feet in diameter). laws, created to control Earth's overpopulation. contact. randomly through space. [1], The hind leg is also used in conflicts: when a Puppeteer is threatened, it can turn its back, spin on his forelegs and lash out with the hind leg.