They come to man in the form of sacred revelation. Perennialism is a much debated topic amongst religious scholars of the world.

INTRODUCTION (“The William Tell Overture”) The perennial philosophy goes by many names—e.g., Neo- Thomism, Traditionalism, Rational Humanism,Catholic supernaturalism. The discussion of mystical experience has shifted the emphasis in the perennial philosophy from these metaphysical intuitions to religious experience and the notion of nonduality or altered state of conscious… Perennialism helped spark the 1970’s “New Age” … Serving as the belief – or rather my extreme summarization of it – that all religions are but derivatives of one all-encompassing divine truth. Each religion - a descent from heaven - forms a new civilization (or a new phase in a civilization) and tradition. These ‘true religions’ of the present time, according to the perennialists, certainly include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and even Native American faith.

All religions. Perennialism was originally religious in nature, developed first by Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century in his work De Magistro (The Teacher).theistic Perennialist believes in a world of Reason, Being, and God (metaphysics) and in truth as Reason and Intuition.

Huston Smith notes that the Traditionalist School's vision of a perennial philosophy is not based on mystical experiences, but on metaphysical intuitions.

Perennialism is the explicit rejection of the ‘exclusivist idea that there is only one valid religion.’ One such universalist was Aldous Huxley,who propagated a universalist interpretation of the world religions, inspired by Vivekananda’s neo-Vedanta and his own use of psychedelic drugs.

Religions come from God.

According to Aldous Huxley, who popularized the idea of a perennial philosophy with a larger audience, In Huxley’s 19… The idea of a perennial philosophy, sometimes called perennialism, is a key area of debate in the academic discussion of mystical experience. What it is Perennialism, like most Truths, is simple to understand.