Giant otters regularly feed on piranha, and have also been known to take down alligators. They can spend almost their entire lives in ocean waters, rarely coming onshore. Reports, eye-witness verification, scientific studies and photographic and video evidence all substantiate numerous cases of male sea otters raping baby seals. What's the Difference Between a Wild Animal and Domestic Animal? Storing the tool while diving or resting is particularly intriguing evidence of intelligence, suggesting a bit of long term planning - very smart! [19] Attacks like this occur generally within the California sea otter population. Ottsels represent one of only three known non-human sapient species in the Jak and Daxter series, accompanied by moncaws and babaks. Recommended uses: Vertic al or horizontal; Exter ior or interior; Above grade; Joints with high movement; In place of silicone sealants; Store front systems; Expansion joints; Panel walls ; Precast units; Aluminum, vinyl and wood window frames; Fascia; Parapets; Sanitary applications ; What are the un … [5], In the epilogue of Jak 3, the Ottsel Leader offered to grant Daxter's deepest desire, to which he responded with a request for a "nice pair of pants". A hybrid of the otter and weasel, they are small, slender anthropomorphic animals, typically with orange fur and yellow markings. Daxter also developed a romantic relationship with Tess, a human who was vaguely attracted to him, again because of and despite his ottsel form.

Tool use in sea otters extends beyond stones. Both Tess and Daxter seemed to be satisfied with the arrangement. They prefer clams, mollusks and crab, using their muzzle full of sensitive whiskers and their dexterous, retractable claws to search through coral and kelp. They are actually the largest member of the weasel, or mustelid family. in. Leave a comment in the box below. "[2] He also scaled the lurker totem to retrieve a Seal of Mar piece in the mission "Get seal piece at dig". Ottsels represent one of only three known non-human sapient species in the Jak and Daxter series, accompanied by moncaws and babaks.

have been known to attack animals larger than themselves if the numbers are on their side. They stay in the den with their mother for several weeks, during which time she may be brought food by family members, and some trusted assistants may even babysit while the mother goes out for a bit of fresh air. So we learned that the cuddliest of creatures, the sea otter, has a violent sex-life, but it gets worse. Near the end of the game, Jak and Daxter reach the Precursor core, where the fabled Precursors were said to reside. Sea otters are perfectly designed for life in chilly, sometimes frigid water, and they exist in some of the coldest regions of the world, spending over 90% of their lives in the desperately cold ocean. Finally, the sea otter positioned itself dorsal to the pup’s smaller body while grasping it by the head and holding it underwater in a … Some young otters will remain with their romp for life, others will head out on their own when they are between 1 and 4 years old to establish a territory. ultimately largest species of otter. [13] While Tess appears to be quite a bit taller than Daxter, she's noticeably slimmer, whereas on the other end of the spectrum, the Ottsel Leader is shorter than Daxter but the bulkiest ottsel seen in the series. Females give birth to 2 to 6 babies called pups, that are well-furred, but otherwise helpless with closed eyes and ears. Sea otters even have retractable claws on their front feet, which keeps them particularly sharp. In subsequent adventures, Daxter would frequently reference his ottsel form and his longing for pants, but would gradually come to embrace it. Depending on what food is available, otters may forage across a territory of several square miles, eating any small animals within their grasp, from baby bunnies, to insects and grubs, to frogs, snakes and turtles. Ottsels are small, slender anthropomorphic mammals, with large tails and four limbs with which they can use both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion. Some are almost exclusively aquatic, like the sea otters that live in the Pacific ocean, and some spend more than half their time on land, like the giant otter that lives in the tropical rain-forests of South America. The muzzle is much more blunted, and the eyes sometimes have a bulging appearance. [16], The Asian small-clawed otter is distributed from India to Southeast Asia including the islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Palawan. [1][2] This species is a member of the otter subfamily (Lutrinae) of the weasel family (Mustelidae), and is the smallest otter species in the world. Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Society. This behavior has been a part of their existence since as long as they have been studied by naturalists, and does not seem to be leaving the gene pool, although it would seem that less violent males should be reproducing at a higher rate.

Holts may be a burrow, dug directly into the ground, with several entrances, and exits both underwater and on land, or converted beaver dens that otters may add their own flair to. The ottsel was originally conceived as a more slender squirrel/dog-like creature by concept artist Charles Zembillas, for the design of the "sidekick", then as a weasel/ferret-like creature. [17], The Asian small-clawed otter is mostly active after dark. Ottsels were commonly compared to or mistaken for muskrats,[15] rats,[16][17][18] squirrels,[19] hamsters,[20] and bilge rats,[21] and mis-typed as rodents[22][23] despite technically being mustelids. Baboon facts, photos, videos and information - Baboons are very distinctive looking monkeys with long, dog-like snouts and close set eyes. Daxter retained his memory through the duration of his transformations into Dark Daxter. Females have four mammary glands. They can store a few food items and rocks in the loose skin under their forelimbs that form pseudo-pouches, tucking away as many as a dozen clams or other small items. Farther north, it occurs in coastal regions of Odisha, and in wetlands in West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Furry, playful and very, very smart, otters are beloved for their adorable antics and sweet appearance. They float on their backs with their feet out of the water, and dine on shellfish while using their bellies as plates. The North American river otter is a medium sized otter about 3 to 4 feet long from nose to tail and weighing up to 40 pounds. This seal is easily installed, eliminates shaft and other … "[4], The Leader then explained that if society had known the Precursors were a bunch of ottsels, they would not have worshipped them, and so they "fluffed up the myth". The dominant males will mate with all the females in their territory, and sometimes try to steal or lure females away from other males. At the end of the game, Daxter rebranded the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon as the Naughty Ottsel, named for the form he had come to accept. Captive pairs are monogamous. Giant otters regularly feed on piranha, and have also been known to take down alligators.

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