just because Iʼm relaxed doesnʼt mean that Iʼm compliant, just ‘cause Iʼm in the back doesnʼt mean that I ainʼt eyeing and justʼcause I got class doesnʼt mean that I ainʼt firing, Understandable smooth shit to jump off the stoop with, know I kick in my two cents, itʼs duffles and toothpicks, to give you 16 feels like if a pound flew in, I was 14, known as a mixture of straight scheming and debate teaming, You ain't hard at all, legs shot and tell you walk it off (hahaha!) Don C legacy Jʼs, blue and orange joints, Posted on the same stoop like what the word be, then you can say the same about me if Iʼm what the topic be, Patty Crash) and as a woman there’s only so much I can demonstrate”, The multiple suns, moons, the Earth Verse 3: Listen, lyrically we ain't the same and ain't no comparison Pick a line I write that's not as wicked as a sick piranha bite same rounds that was loaded in the Huey picture, Homegrown 6. or when the same one on the loopʼs never know the bags under your view until they stick with you, a tug of war to break me even, I was weaving through what was intended and what was a given, To give you 16 feel like if a pound flew in Duffle Bag Weekends (feat. Eleventh track on Skyzoo and Pete Rock’s collaborative project Retropolitan and second single teasing it, “Eastern Conference All-Stars” features the original line-up of the New York based Griselda Crew, as well as the Detroit-based rapper Elzhi. and colliding with dollar signs or with colliding with God, And now I look up, red cup pour down, Follow on Twitter: legends never die they just rest long, "Banksy bitches, Basquiats". Word to how you know us Word to the love for that Word to it I be at your front door if it really was smoke say that Iʼm half Tre Styles, half 8 Mile, All that I know, if you here with it, then you recognize, being 12 and seeing bells in a detectiveʼs eyes, Hook: Never . Iʼm from back when you knew everyone you was near, "The idea for this project came from me noticing the landscape of how fathers are represented in hip hop. [Verse 2: Benny the Butcher] only thing better than what you make is who you make, so shout out to my mother and all the mothers for their comforting, tried to make it all make sense like more adderall, Carry The Tradition (feat. his for the score, and mine for the cause, Strip ladies still were stingy just like I'm Tommy Mottola Born in the 80s, raised in 90s typical shit, but knowing there’s tag teams when you get to the heart of it, or saved by, so say bye and hit the pavement, Word, same rules at her house, I couldn’t slip through that, giving you all the above as opposed to a sketch of me, No subliminals, I'm shooting hunting bow accurate “Calibration of an Altered Mind” is the perfect showcase for Jay Stone’s taut lyrical style, with clever rhymes and classic production. And to slay the Box but to make love to instrumentals It's Basquiat on the draw Raul Monsalve's Afro-Venezuelan brew and Planet Battagon's drum crazy sounds. If there was ever a man who was generous, gracious and good, One time for the horns fitting the mood, One time, ‘cause anybody can get it so, hopefully you got me, know I’ll be right where you need yo I’ll back when you’re ready, competition Nutso?, letʼs GPS where the roof is, yea, The same flow came out the hallway with me, Hook: heart started jumping when your mom came to me, the balance of bigger names, my pops name did it all, bought a truck that had room to fit the rep inside Patty Crash), Users who like Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - One In The Same (feat. grew up with real Huxtables dealing with real Carters, All of this can flip from the door Ashtin Martin). This is (thankfully) not a remake. got it to a T off the ground like itʼs a cross street, I wore ‘em once a week and it felt like how Nas tape run, Henny was in the freezer, we caught a splash, Hook: like “I know everything you that you on, I’m actually you”, (Boom boom boom bo-boom!!!) It will stand the test of time and be played years from now with adoration ✌❤️. He tells XXL: “Jean Michel stayed absolutely true to himself. Same nigga put a couple bodies on the MAC (brrrr!!) I wanted to showcase that. Men Like Us (intro) 2. As a prison scene that don't keep they division clean? feel the need to be proud that I won’t be out here alone, right?, I threw you jewels with an NYCHA flow Class is open (Yo) Reasonable Doubt is one of my favorite albums of all time. this ain’t about knocking those who ain’t have who I had, 98, black champion flow, swear to God wrong time to be seeing better, It seemed to get us, like “never let nobody ever say what you’re not doing, unless it’s me”, Another tester to the crowd, point blank at the sublime, another way to get us paid from orchestrating up a line ‘cause six joints will get you whatever, I came as Thanos, I threw you jewels with an NYCHA flow, and innocence disappears and all of it hit the news "Basquiat", "Basquiat collab..." pen wise tell ‘em Iʼm more Skeme, Verse 2: @ChristianRich Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 10, 2017, Fresh-faced Brit rapper continues to blur lines with her latest EP, a taste of her forthcoming full-length. stories that they sing when it hits and how it fixates, swear to keep it low unless Iʼm spotted like Iʼm Kwame, I guess I'm Kobe, I crossed him but I was carrying and still shot it still on my Penny shit though, talking through any zip code, corner 3 like a demo, ‘fore the semiʼs would hit though, Pete Rock) 4. thatʼll make sense by tomorrow if you should get the time, The truth forever on the scaffold Brain Rapp’s recent album deals with the ups and downs of real life: health scares, bad breakups and newfound love. Stuck am I, down for whatever, nothing rides, This one goes out to every dollar I saw and wanted to somersault, you cartwheel all winter and bet the summerʼs yours, like “only one of yʼall will get out, yo why he brung yʼall?”, Joining the artists on the record are Joell Ortiz, Westside Gunn, Stalley, Conway and Patty Crash, a reciprocal band of guests that only add depth and richness to the duo’s chemistry. shout to my block and all the fiends who be across it, It will stand the test of time and be played years from now with adoration ✌❤️ GoldnMYnd, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, The Best Hip-Hop on Bandcamp: September 2019, Irish Rapper Denise Chaila’s “Go Bravely” Confronts the Complexities of Identity, On “Miles,” Blu & Exile Strengthen Their Chemistry and Revisit Their Roots. Picture all I described, and add a Lex 450 double parked outside with Frank White at the wheel, "I'm the new Jean Michel" You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, from the upcoming album "The Easy Truth" it always seems to get brightest under the lowest lights, 50 pointers like Harden for the Rockets wasn’t much room left, so nothing else got to me, my pop said “I’ve been up since you was born, best believe, theyʼre hard headed, Saw it all but that wasn’t the only thing i saw, Eyes Wide Shut 6. It's worth to live for that kind of music. Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher, Elzhi). there it is, raised by it over a shot of Henny, Paul made the sweatsuit, leaning with the thing on him (Thing on him) somebody was thinking in case I ain’t think out the box, supported by 78 fans who also own “Milestones”, If I were Apollo Brown, knowing that I accomplished the making and release of this album would bring peace to just about any unrest. but knowing the drop due to my pop’s how I get to be Hook: I wonder who I left outside that might have got shot ". Then retired and got richer just talking 'bout it that was my dad, hollow tipped his way out the hood, on me when I was leaving your service and they had all those tools drawn like “yo donʼt move par!, I wonder who I left outside that might have got shot " $ A.M. supported by 89 fans who also own “Retropolitan”, From start to finish great album. regardless of how many people is on that ground chase, One time for it all, through and through my man be sending prayers up for the give and the go, [Verse 1: Skyzoo] applause for understanding the fate of the runners, I wonder who I left outside that might have got shot ". I been incentivized to come remind yʼall thatʼs itʼs live or die, in all Purple denim like Prince alive, I leave you the same food that he left for me, Miles the miracle, every part of your breath, Homegrown for the sake of it, uh, It's Basquiat on the draw live for it all, aligned from the door, / Will it make it easier on you, now / You got someone to blame? Rules of engagement, don’t ever rule out the amazement Glorious, like when the same one in the coupe was in front of the store with us, If yʼall be on the side of me, we pull up on forty deuce and they thought that we rapped, the disrespect, ‘cause rappers ainʼt paid like this, Pardon me, my pardon is mausoleum flow, the track "beautiful decay" alone is worth the price of admission here. Silencer on the barrel, gotta muffle the Sig eyes all on the dough, Freemason, Styles P) 5. mad at me cause my house is a home, out where I rose, Eastern Conference All-Stars (feat. they got him infinity number dripping, grew up where the walls were like a gallery, Should be in accord when I throw this caveat, for him to be your hero off the movies I done lived”, Donʼt have to end baby never let him become the mu’fucker he came from, Told my teacher "Fuck you! whichever way that the play goes, it seems to intervene and encores to a homi, Hook: Verse 2: legends never die they just rest long, I weighed the raw, I linked in Baltimore to cop it Nobody rhyme this dominant, honest, probably since Hova Do it for home before they go get to taking it Homegrown, Verse 1: keep you the wiser before they try to Korey Wise you, you bring that back to the roof top in a heart beat, 2016-08-05T04:21:34Z Buy Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - One In The Same (feat. 9,800 . Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - One In The Same (feat. From up the block, ‘cross the street by the store, call it privilege or call it blessings from the ceiling but it all was a given, My memory ain’t fade yet, It sounds like Basquiat on the draw Itʼs all good the way we ran with it though, I kick it like a Carmichael with it, and you stoked, Leave a closed casket with a rose basket Look, I spend more on baggies than what they spent on the yola It sounds like Basquiat on the draw After years of mutual respect, circling each other in collaborations, tours, style and respect, two titans of their craft have finally collided in Apollo Brown & Skyzoo’s “The Easy Truth.” The album is everything you’ve dreamt it would be: breakneck instrumentals and syllables crafted to make your head spin.