2020 PG-13 KBS, KOCOWA. Is forced drinking still a thing?

Will Gong Hyo Jin make an appearance? Episodes 77-80 were the best yet. I love lee min jung and lee sang yeob... Their visuals are are so fabulous!!! 100 episode, really? I don’t know if I can stand so many more episodes with them apart. I swear that old lady in the market is the mom. Being a doctor have blinded why she got married in the first place. The fake sister ruined everything. Thank goodness for KBS translating this magnificent show !

Overall a great drama which can make you laugh in one moment and cry at the next.

Hi guys, can you please help me find the fun background music played on ep 40 when Kyu-jin got a text message that his car will be towed. AuroraKoreanWorldEntertaintment Apr 19 2020 11:31 pm The moment they were together for ten seconds he became prickly, acting smug, defensive, and contradicting her for no apparent reason. I'm having second lead syndrome! Kris May 13 2020 6:26 pm Little girl.. so happy!

There are several scenes where gyu jin rejects her mom’s call. The only lady I really like and the con-artist takes her place as the sister. Shellyk Jul 04 2020 7:19 am I like Nahee and Gyujin. The acting is superb! He's a good actor. Very entertaining! Looks fade and then they just become old selfish people...all around the world. Please this has been such a joy don’t ruin it. i have been waiting for lee min jung drama since single cunning lady..fates and furies failed to impress me but this one its getting interesting after each episodes ends.it would be good if its an daily drama but i have to wait for weekend. Ask Aug 24 2020 8:54 am Gern Jun 29 2020 3:30 pm Gern Jul 14 2020 4:34 pm Wow May 24 2020 7:45 pm I am only watching this drama because of the Couple Song Da-Hee (Lee Cho-Hee) & Yoon Jae-Seok (Lee Sang-Yi). Who can stand with the horrible childish mother in law with a husband that dint support u .if i were her i definately leave this troublesome family n carry on with my own life. My biggest complaint is that for a main character, Na-Hee doesn’t seem like a real three dimensional character at all. Because apparently, how can gyu jin mom can be close to Da hee instead.

It would also be nice to see some snippets of Okja and Chisu as married couple too. Some people you get along with all the time some people it’s an off and on thing. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); How is it people in their late 30’s or older are so freaked out by a Stich or scraped knee?

Elena Sep 20 2020 2:38 pm My favorites are the team up of Song Da Hee and Yoon Jae Seok....they're the cutest! This drama is getting so good but so underrated among non-netizens -_-. Why he married her. Will NaHee & KyuJin end up together again?

I know it’s a family/soap drama but legit I have seen less predictable stories. => we should keep in mind that things started to mess up because of the miscarriage and that is when gyu jin started to pick on her attitude as a way to get back to her because he blamed her in some way. Not the first to berate a gram or dad over a kid getting a skinned knee while playing. Don’t know why she doesn’t throw self into work or make friendships with other merchants. His face is familiar to me .? Not a fan of the two Dr leads either. I really look forward to Song Young Dal & Kang Cho Yeon's reconnection as siblings. The part of Ok ja with his lover is hilarious. Tina#Tz Mar 22 2020 9:11 am The exdoc acts so much like we saw his ex wife acting in the scenes with him and his brother in the apartment. :). although i feel like hyo shins acting is bringing down the gahee-hyoshin couple down a little, i still feel they are cute.