One bit of advice I can give is if you do increase your price, always grandfather existing customers on their current plan (for a few years if not indefinitely), otherwise you alienate your early adopters and most loyal customers. For this forty-fifth episode, I talked to Nick Franklin, Founder and CEO of ChartMogul, one of the leading platforms to track and analyze subscription metrics for SaaS and mobile subscription companies. It wasn’t user friendly however, nor did it answer all his questions quickly. Korea has a very healthy domestic technology industry. Salesforce vs Zoho vs HubSpot vs Pipedrive vs Salesflare: what’s the best sales CRM for small businesses in 2020. When I see products that are trying to do many different things for different people at the early stages then this is usually a sign things are unlikely to go well. So around 2.5 years ago I started to teach myself Ruby on Rails and then Backbone.js and D3.js, so these were the first things I did to help me transition back into making things. I spent five years at Zendesk on the commercial side.

And I started taking some classes. I also met Ed Shelley at that meetup, who became our first post-funding hire in Berlin, and is still with ChartMogul today. So I guess the level of people that must have engineering skills to support all of this must be higher than in Europe for sure. What motivated you to get started with your company? Promote your webinar with these 10 good practices, The Apple Search Ads Performance Checklist, How to make your commercial website worthy the digital competition, Best Python Frameworks for Web Development in 2020, How to Tackle Local Digital Marketing with Douglas James, Six of The Best Project Management Tools For Social Media Managers, How to Optimize Your Landing Page Using Qualitative User Research, YOUTUBE VIDEO KEY MOMENTS: HOW TIMESTAMPS HELP BOOST YOUR MARKETING ENGAGEMENT, Holistically Acing Your Mobile User Acquisition Approach, Turbocharge Your Customer Acquisition This Q4 With Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, How App Store A/B Testing Helps to Increase ROI. So purely annual contracts or two year contracts, these kinds of SaaS businesses. Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous? And there’s things that plug in, it’s a CRM domain and things that plug into the CRM there. John came on the show and he told me a story about how he was the first startup in Korea to take investment outside of Korea, that there was really no such thing as startups. There’s still like a little bit I can remember, but then you don’t learn. Positively impacting revenue growth for us has really just been a never ending effort to make incremental improvements to these four metrics, e.g., create some great content to try and get more leads, refine our product to improve conversion rate, chip away at the reasons customers cancel, tweak pricing or focus on the needs of larger opportunities to increase deal size. Nick Franklin: My name is Nick Franklin, I’m the founder and CEO of a SaaS startup called ChartMogul. That’s good. What is the main thing that you bring to these businesses actually? Would it be a healthy growth? For this thirty-fourth episode, I talked to Harrison Rose, co-founder of Paddle, a leading subscription and commerce platform that helps SaaS businesses grow faster.Harrison started Paddle with his co-founder when they were 17, going on 18, right when they were due to join university. If you don’t know anyone who’s a good fit perhaps go to a meetup (Product Hunt meetups are great for meeting potential early adopters). It’s great to be here.

Like Lime, I use the scooters a lot. Our long-term ambition is to build an iconic SaaS company whose products are used (and loved) by hundreds of thousand of people around the world every day…so we’ve a long way to go before we realize this vision for ChartMogul. One of the advantages of our product is that you can combine revenue data from different sources and consolidate everything in one system. Stay compliant with new accounting standards. Yeah, from when I was a kid. You have this idea of Asians, that they are a bit more, how can I say, held back or something? Something I knew little about was how to raise investment capital, so I had to get up to speed on this quickly, and it’s a huge domain so you can’t know everything, but it’s important to reach a certain level of knowledge and putting in the hours reading up on this was essential. A water park or beach, or something like that. I also had little to no expertise in data and analytics, but did have nearly seven years experience working at cloud software companies.

I mean, we’re cash flow positive right now, more or less. In the Flemish speaking part, we are about six million. Yeah, for sure. And yes, it’s meeting friends after work and having some Korean barbeque, or whatever. Whereas, ideally the people that actually want to understand the thing could just click around and get the answers to their questions themselves. Previous to ChartMogul, Nick worked at Zendesk and he started up its EMEA and then Asian operations as a general manager. Hardware is usually consumer, right? The good, the bad, and the ugly: ChartMogul’s Nick Franklin on navigating hypergrowth ChartMogul Recognized as a Leader in the Germany Tech Scene by G2 Crowd ChartMogul, a Germany-based subscription business analytics provider, raised $2.2 million in funding I mean, it’s hard when you first come here.

It will sound weird. He then took the learnings from this venture to start Klipfolio.At first, they built a downloadable widget engine that people used to build personal dashboards, but it was hard to monetize it. It’s quite often, I must say. It sounds simple, but really hard to do in reality. I don’t think there is a requirement for a special bank account to use a platform like Stripe. It’s not that we’re seeing a lot of churn. Some of the industries that are directly impacted are like in a bad space. That means they have a very healthy technology industry versus and then a lot of smaller companies supporting that as well. As I said, I have a daughter and her mother’s Korean. It’s been a long while. You use Coupang or Neighbor or something. I’m typical English, British person who only speaks English and is really dumb when it comes to foreign languages. While we’ve experimented with outbound in the past, we’ve not found it to be an effective channel for us, so today all our leads come inbound in the form of a free trial signup, or demo request. Kind of think about that. So we plug into your startup’s billing system. You can find this episode on: Hey, Nick. If you want to ride a motorbike here in Korea, you have to take the test here in Korea. You can always get another job or figure out some backup plan if it doesn’t work out. Use ChartMogul’s APIs to push, pull and enrich your subscription data.

But it was hard to play with the data and slice it up, so any time you want to do anything, you have to maybe send an email off and ask the data team to build your new report.