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The basic control and feel of the game is about the same as the GameDay series has always been, which means it's a bit faster moving than Madden, but a little slower than NFL 2K2. It also provided gamers with a viable choice -- Madden is best known for its simulation qualities, whereas GameDay offers much more of an arcade experience. Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear the game's opening music. What's wrong with this is that if you go for a tackle while someone else on your team is in the act of trying to bring down the ball carrier, you'll either just fly past it or bounce off the zone around the two players that are interacting with each other. But two big questions loom: Will it be enough and is it better late than never? The menu interface in the franchise mode, as with the rest of the game, is quite intuitive, and managing multiple seasons can be a blast, albeit a rather time-consuming one, for hard-core football fans. But is it a highlight reel of game-playing innovation or an instant replay from years gone by? The passing also suffers a little by the fact that it only makes use of the four face buttons for passes. The lone bright spots with the running game come to play on defense when trying to stop the run. It's irrational gameplay like this that has always turned me off the series.

In most games, once one defender is engaged with the ball carrier, nobody else can affect the play. If there’s one area where the NFL GameDay series has an edge over the other football games, its in the amount and variety of control that the game supplies to the user. Perhaps to accommodate these AI holes, the computer-controlled wide receivers and running backs receive unrealistic speed boosts once they manage to get behind the defense and catch the ball. Year after year, EA Sports and 989 Sports have battled on the virtual gridiron for console supremacy. However, as discussed, there are still plenty of issues that keep the game from favorably competing against other more polished football games on the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, there are several areas of gameplay that are just downright annoying. While NFL GameDay 2002 isn't necessarily a bad game, it certainly doesn't do much to advance the series, either. Game: NFL GameDay 2002 File Name: NFL GameDay 2002.7z File Size: 311.74 MB Genre: Sports System: Sony Playstation Downloads: 4,194 Rating: (4.79 /5, 19 votes) Top 25 PSX ROMs. The once mighty 989 Sports brand took a big hit and all of the companies involved have been spending the past year trying to gain back some of the respect that it had lost. I'm giving it a slightly lower score, though, because I rated last year's game a little too high in the sound department just because it was something different than the crap announcing and play-by-play of Madden and Summerall, which it's once again better than. There are some inherent problems with the AI and the pass defense, which becomes readily evident after only a handful of games, but then there are some bugs in the code that pop up from time to time after extended playtime. However, preferences aside, the competition between these two developers meant good news for everyone.

So, if you're 100% certain that the computer is going to run the ball, you can take a risk and call something like a field goal block defense to stuff the line and even if the computer has a middle run called, it won't audible to a pass when they see you line up with all your men stacked up front.
The game also includes a create-a-player option, which includes an interesting new twist.
989's newest GameDay is definitely better than last year's effort, but it still has some problems. What's even cooler is that you have these box scores available to you for every single game in the current season, regardless of whether or not it's a game your team played in. However, in terms of visual quality, particularly in texture detail, lighting, and shadowing, the game still does not keep up with competing products from EA Sports and Sega Sports. For a game that's generally considered a first-party title, the fact that it looked so bad, contained so many bugs and felt completely unpolished baffled most gamers who couldn't understand why a Sony title would be this way on its own console. NFL Gameday 2002 (CIB) 5.99 $ Game music . I probably wouldn't have noticed it but on these types of runs I like to be cocky and run horizontally along the front of the end zone only to head in once the defense closes in on me. However, this year’s version pledges to fix all of that. Some defensive players will just keep running up field past the receiver when they should see that a pass has been thrown and they seem to go for interceptions in situations where they should instead be going for the big hit. First play from scrimmage: a 10-yard slant to my tight-end. Then, enter one of the following codes to … It'd be nice if the crowd instantly reacted to big plays or big hits during actual gameplay. By David Zdyrko. In the last few years, the world of video game football has undergone a changing of the guard. The play-by-play is once again handled by sports legend Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts now does the color. The timing of the player switch and the control that you have with your defender afterwards seems tuned where you won't find yourself in situations where you take yourself out of a play. You're screwed if they do pass the ball, but the CPU quarterback should be smart enough to see this and audible to a quick pass play. The reason for this was quite simple -- the PSX has been home to two of the most dominant sport franchises ever to grace a video game system. Another sequence had me firing the ball 15 yards above and beyond my receiver (too much pepper I suppose). Holes are difficult to find, making traps and dives up the middle an unnecessary chore. There are nice in-game stat overlays that pop-up during games that show either the player's current game stats, season stats or full career stats. Unlike most of my reviews, I won’t be spending a lot of time talking about the features in the game, because, well, it’s pretty standard stuff. Q&A. There are four primary modes of play, including season and exhibition. The latest game in Sony's football series will arrive early next month.

GameDay 2002 has problems with its gameplay on two fronts. However, for more experienced gamers, this year’s game once again offers advanced controls for running, passing, and playing defense.