The film follows the life of Ingemar in his 12th year as he has to cope with the slow death of his mother. Bravo!

I own the film and have seen it a dozen times.

I think the Swedish language, landscapes and climate lend themselves to a distinct flavour. Even young lead Anton Glanzelius, in spite of not exactly being a show-stealer, does a fine job of driving the show, with a tender and often moving vulnerability which makes him more than efficient as a cog in the system of telling a heavy story through the eyes of an innocent lad. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. I really enjoyed this read, it packed quite a diverse punch: romance, humor, action and adventure. |, March 19, 2019

Wondering if My Life as a Dog is OK for your kids? But not all shifters are wolves. |, March 7, 2006 I don't want to give away anything of the story, so I'll just say Precious gets him into and out of all kinds of situations, after all, he is an adorable dog.

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"Mit liv sum hund" directed by talented director Lasse Hallström is one of the reasons why I like Scandinavian movies so much. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.

The particular genius of My Life As a Dog is its ability to capture the joy, fear and fantasy that make pre-adolescence so beguiling.

Thank you for your support. In order to let their ill mother rest, they're separated and sent each one with their relatives. This sets the theme of the movie, just when you think things might be looking up for Ingemar, darker issues arise.

The film can get carried away with its dramatics, and it can get carried away with its moments of relief, hitting some cornball filler, some of which isn't even especially believable in its trying so hard to liven things up. People shouldn't think so much.

|, December 26, 2010

With Anton Glanzelius, Tomas von Brömssen, Anki Lidén, Melinda Kinnaman. Mrs. Arvidsson says some wise things. I first saw this film in college. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. That life is filled with unanswerable questions and misfortune, but sometimes we can still enjoy the ride.

I don't know how into the black metal movement the guy who went on to make "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

MY LIFE AS A DOG centers on Ingemar, a 12-year-old boy growing up in 1950's Sweden who goes to live with his aunt and uncle in Smaland while his mother is dying of tuberculosis.

How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives, Participate in DigCit Week with your kid by using curated activities from Wide Open School, Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance, Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning, Set limits for violence and more with Plus, Drama Movies That Tug at the Heartstrings, 5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success. Universal themes like abandonment, loyalty, and love are responsibly explored. The director shows us Ingemar's world through a child's eyes, so that the smallest events and the largest are presented as equally important. He meets an athletic girl who loves to box, but who also develops a crush on Ingemar. One thing that bother me was the high expectation of humor and there was a lot, but then there were some seriously dark moments that bothered me greatly, some that seem to come out of the blue even through they definitely fit the situation. Browse titles with similar subject matter.

| Top Critics (3) Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. But the authors pulled it off wonderfully.

Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2011. Nice job. Visual metaphors like the cart stuck in the middle of the road and the children covered in shit but innocently laughing at the ride convey the film's bittersweet mood and advance the theme.

Mar 13, 2018 Janet rated it it was ok. Ingemar gets back to the small town after his mother's death and is met at the train station by his loving uncle.

I really enjoyed reading this story about a big rugged guy who shape shifts into an adorable little Yorkie, named Precious. The gentlest direction that director Lasse Halstrom has ever demonstrated. What is there in this film not to love? Instead of the eradicated dirtiness, unconsciously I get full of warm affection and mildness.

Oh boy!

big words you usually don't see in today's paranormal authors.

Beyond those two points, a totally enjoyable read and I hope there are more like this, I will definitely be not only buying them, but recommending them to my friends on FB.

Absolutely loved it.

Does everyone really think and act like this?..Well, probably more than most people think. I adore PNR stories that have strong Alpha males, so when I saw the cover of TOP DOG by Mike and Cynthia Arsusga, I had to check it out!

The film takes place in 1959 in Sweden, and is just right in its atmosphere. Even if the story is told through the experiences of a 12 yr old boy, anybody can relate no matter what age, because we all feel that hunger to be loved. They would have casted it box office draw. I took my wife to see so she could know what I was going through inside.

The main character, a 12-year-old boy, deals with several major losses over the course of the movie, though there is an overall sense of optimism to the film. This is a film about childhood and like most childhoods the film includes several scenes about children's growing awareness and curiosity about sex and their bodies and presents it in a real and sensitive way. © Common Sense Media. My Life as a Dog succeeds on an intimate, human scale that is entirely appropriate for a story covering about a year in the life of a pretty ordinary boy in a pretty ordinary place.

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See it in Swedish with subtitles! A boy and his brother don't get along well.

Lasse Hallström even showcased high tenderness in the homeland, before he came to America to make more commercially successful melodramas, and just like many of his American projects, this film's genuinely effective touches break up a rather cheesily sentimental atmosphere which isn't exactly a height in the film's overblown extremes in fluffiness.

This film shows how a blend of subtle, irony can result in a powerful human tale. Not only is it not letterboxed, but is full of flaws and looks no better than a video, but it is subtitled, and is still a joy to watch. |, February 28, 2020 Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2013. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. It is unlike any other book I have read. 2.5/5 - Fair. It is just too stupid.