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He gets to his spot quickly and presents a huge target, and he’ll run into the linebacker/safety if he has to. Jason Kelce originally said that his brother didn’t need any advice, but what’s a big brother if not someone you can rely on for a little advice? Two years ago, Jason Kelce was starting in the Super Bowl, as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles. He loves to find a moving target in space, and he can also function as a lead blocker in the running game.

But perhaps the moment that Eagles fans may enjoy the most was watching Jason Kelce shed nothing but praise for his champion brother Travis while also reminding us all of the greatest championship speech of all time that took place in front of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
His talent began to shine in 2009, which was Travis’ freshman year, where the elder Kelce earned All-Big East honors while starting 13 games at left guard. There’s nothing unusual about Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Kelce got sick at his pro day. Longtime Andy Reid supporters knew how Big Red was going to celebrate. The two brothers both went to the University of Cincinnati and briefly played together with each suiting up for the team during the 2009 season.

His combination of size, routes, hands, and ball skills makes Kelce a strong prospect as a receiving tight end, but he really shines as a blocker. If you go by stats and a Super Bowl win, Jason wins. He’s strong and hits his opponent with a jolt, often knocking them backwards. #SBLIV: @NFLGameDay Prime ", Andy Reid's going to get the biggest cheeseburger he can find, might make it a double His status as a former quarterback can only help Kelce here. It was a heck of a night for Reid and the Kelce brothers.

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He’s yet to win a Super Bowl ring like his brother, but Travis is extremely proud of Jason’s accomplishments. Jason was also rocking an "Andy Reid Appreciator" T-shirt having played for Big Red during his time as the head coach in Philadelphia.

And the Kelces are bucking the trend toward early retirement with careers already spanning twice as long as current average. He’s been selected to five Pro Bowls, including this season, though he sat out this year’s event as he has a more important task: the Super Bowl. He ran the 40-yard dash but did not run any routes after that. “Tenacious” perfectly describes NFL center, Jason. At 6-foot-3, the 280-pound athlete is an imposing figure every time he snaps the ball. The Chiefs star was suspended after his first year of playing, sitting out the 2010 season due to a violation of team rules. He pushed through the pain and won Super Bowl LLI with the Eagles. A post shared by Travis Kelce (@killatrav) on Dec 17, 2018 at 4:34pm PST.

Travis gets emotional when he talks about his brother winning Super Bowl LII.

In the running game, Kelce generally blots out his guy and seems to enjoy doing it.

The brothers love nothing more than teasing each other and playing football — except maybe tussling with father Ed Kelce in the kitchen.. "I'm going to get the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen," Reid said.

They both have amazing careers and a dedicated support system. Perhaps that is why he fell to the third round in the 2013 draft. In January 2016, Kelce starred in the E!

Jason Kelce found his way onto the NFL Network postgame set where he had a hilarious quip for his newly crowned Super Bowl champion brother Travis. Two years ago, Jason Kelce was starting in the Super Bowl, as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles.This year, his brother Travis starts in the game as … The perception of Kelce entering the 2013 draft was that he was a second-tier tight end. Kelce comes back to the ball well and runs his routes in synch with the play.

Most of his action once he saw the field was initially as a wildcat quarterback (he had eight rushes for 47 yards and two touchdowns in 2009). He spent four years at the University of Cincinnati.

The Eagles' center found his way to the NFL Network postgame set to surprise his brother and the crew asked him about any speech advice he may give his brother Travis. The Eagles brought home the only Super Bowl win in the franchise’s 52 years. The 6-foot-5 tight end is a few inches taller and 20 pounds lighter than Jason. In all facets of blocking, Kelce sustains his blocks, and he blocks to the whistle.

He will be a true three-down tight end with two-way prowess that will give defenses fits. Jason’s speech was epic. Since Gronkowski’s retirement in 2018, however, many say Travis has taken the throne as the best tight end. A post shared by Travis Kelce (@killatrav) on Nov 5, 2019 at 5:31am PST.

The center stood at that podium and yelled, “Underdogs are hungry dogs.” He rattled off a list of what doubters had said about himself and his team, including that he was too small to be a center and how they proved the critics wrong. Since he’s so big, his breaks are sharp enough to create separation, even though they could be crisper. Couldn't be happier for those guys. Love him or hate him @Chiefs TE @tkelce is one of the best in the @NFL , but beyond the flamboyance and flash, there’s a side most people haven’t seen.
All rights reserved, the greatest championship speech of all time that took place in front of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Jason's relationship with his brother Travis Kelce will be featured in the E:60 special "Bond of Brothers" Sunday morning.

It depends on who you ask. I think it’s safe to say that the Kelce brothers both have a knack for giving impromptu, passionate and enjoyable Super Bowl speeches.

Ed calls Jason “cerebral” and lower-key than his younger brother. In January 2017, Benberry confirmed that they have broken up. He can switch and hand off blockers like a seasoned offensive lineman, and he has the strength and flexibility to anchor and stop pass-rushers cold. Kelce even rolls out with the quarterback and acts as a personal protector, the only thing between a defender and a big hit on the passer.

Both of the Kelce brothers are from Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

It’s tough comparing a center’s career with a tight end’s. It’s hard to capture everything that makes Kelce a good blocker. © Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Travis is off the cuff, flamboyant, and likes to fly by the seat of his pants. Of course, Travis got to learn from his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, who gave an all-time speech on the Art Museum steps after the Birds won their first Super Bowl in 2018.