They were trapezoid-shaped and had a registration system based on a five letter-and-digit combination (treated as a 31-base numeric system), with the first two placed on top and the following three below (such as 47 A23 or K3 561 or 8X 4RF, whereby whole sets of series were assigned locally). Scams are unfortunately too frequent from what I’ve heard. (PGS means "Provveditorato Generale dello Stato" and A or B is the city where the reflective was made and 1-2 means white or yellow reflective). Vehicles imported into Italy from the U.S. must have a certificate of origin from the manufacturer of the vehicle. James signed for the vehicle today in North Carolina. ), and these plates were issued by Ministry of Defence. Until 1993 they had to be displayed on the right of the trailer. This page explains the details of the process of registering an imported vehicle in Italy. For the capital city of Rome, the word Roma replaces the two-digit provincial code. The current numbering scheme, in use from 1994, is unrelated to the geographical provenance of the car. Any car imported into Italy must first pass an inspection test before it can be registered. I shipped my Civic from to South Dakota using A1 Auto Transport. Possible letters were, in this order, A B D E F G H K L M N P R S T U V Z X Y W. After that, it was 00000A-99999A, 00000D-99999D etc. There are no diplomatic motorcycle plates used. The front plate was kept intact as in the 1927-1976 period. For temporary imports, vehicles brought in from the U.S. have a six month period in which they can be used without paying duties. Trailer plate Schematic representation (2013): Local police forces have the word "POLIZIA LOCALE" (local police) in blue. Until 1995 army plates used an EI 000 AA system and before 1985 used an EI 000000 system with the same dimension of civilian plates (smaller front plate) where certain number ranges were reserved for types of vehicles EX: EI 900000 to EI 999999 were reserved to trailers and EI 400000 to 450000 were reserved for recon vehicles. Until 1994, Test plates used to have the provincial code instead of the first two digits, followed by a random combination of letters and numbers. From 1985 they are on a single line, black digits on white reflective background with the EE 000 AA system. The serial letters and three serial numbers are in black. From 1976 to 1985, these plates used to have black background with white digits on a single line, with the provincial code followed by a progressive number and the word "PROVA" vertically aligned by 90° degrees. For more information see the United States Embassy in Italy website: Details of ACI offices can be found on the contacts page.