strategies discussed in Part I, including efforts of the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices, the Movement for the eds., 1994). apartheid, women's rights, refugee issues, and regional promotion 93 Afr. "With the [African] court we can put pressure on states to lessen their hold on the courts, which they use to massively violate human rights throughout the region. 161-83 (1988). The 1980’s was an era when Africa saw new non- government organizations grow in the continent with an objective to serve humanity and society. [London: Council for the Development of Economic and Social have signed, ratified, or acceded to the Charter. Research in Africa (CODRESIA Book Series), 126 pp. Joe Oloka-Onyango, The Place and the Role of the OAU Bureau for Rts. French language version Article 30 of the African Charter, proscribes two principal functions for which the Commission was established : Promotion and protection of human and peoples’ rights in Africa. These Rules were approved by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights during its 47th ordinary session held in Banjul (The Gambia) from 12 to 26 May. The Rules were amended revised during its 18th ordinary session held in Praia (Cape-Vert) from 2 to 11 October 1995. One is Zimbabwe, where in January 2019 the High Court ruled that the government went beyond its powers in ordering an internet shutdown during a nationwide protest. The workload of the Commission increases gradually every year. [Revision of paper delivered at the Conference on Africa and Refugee L. 557-61 (1989). [Pretoria, South Africa: VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Int'l L., (vol. The UIDH will also conduct a campaign to explain the workings of the AU and the court -- sensitizing civil society and government officials to the importance of human rights in good governance, development and conflict resolution. Rights in Developing Countries 1989: A Yearbook on Human Rights in Countries 0000005883 00000 n ], S.E.M. 1- , pt. African context, dealing with such issues as the universality of The commission also plays an important role in education and advocacy, teaching citizens about their human and civil rights as well as their civic duties and obligations. The base of The African Charter were the three pivotal rights summarizing to the concepts of people's rights and the imposition of duties on individuals. HR/PUB/90/1 (1990). Unlike many of its counterparts elsewhere in Africa, the UHRC has quasi-judicial status, with the authority to: Decisions of the commission can be appealed, but only to the supreme legal authority, the Ugandan High Court -- a fact that gives the UHRC unusual influence within the national legal system.