I'm taking bets. Probably made the numbers too difficult to read though. Like the Browns, the Patriots left the door open to possibly add white or silver pants in the future. or "Occam's Razor Meets the GUD: Case Number 1,311", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKC0jN-GfhA, It's a 'Burgh-Thing...I Hope You'll Understand. That said, either one had to be brutal to play in--or sit through.The 1962 game was historic in one sense: it was the first NFL contest filmed by Ed Sabol. In 1959, the team wore silver pants, not gold pants. served one more season (with a lighter shell to match the new jerseys) One thing I don't care for is that the Brown pants need a white stripe between the two orange stripes. The contrasting look of the tag on the bone jersey is superior to the blue-on-blue tag on the royal jersey. A blue-red-blue stripe pattern probably would have been better. First, let me say that I have no problem with the helmet. I hope we get them frequently this year. To further demonstrate how things happen, Larry took it upon himself to investigate the surrounding years to see what other seasons in which this font may have appeared. They never should have moved away from this design in the first place. Hmm. Another blue jersey without gradient numbers could be worn with the yellow pants. So after first adjusting about 20 years-worth of helmet logos, I set about re-working them all with this new, additional refinement - essentially doubling my workload. The logo is new and different. I guess I. Honestly, the jerseys are my biggest problem with these uniforms. I got one for you. They gave their fans what they wanted to see with these retro new uniforms. Gridiron Uniforms is the facebook page for www.gridiron-uniforms.com. Here is the single-bar helmet we have been using to represent the first 6 seasons of Viking football. Other less notable changes include changing the Nike 'swooshes' on their white jerseys (and likely their white pants, too) from blue to black. The 1967 Packers (green) defeated the 1992 Bills (blue) by a runaway 108 votes to 17 (86%). My favorites are the two black jersey and white pants combos with the colored socks - again assuming the Falcons go with white cleats. but to be worn as part of a normal rotation with these new uniforms, they need the white stripe. Between 2007 and 2011, after redesigning their entire uniform in 2006, the Vikings wore throwback uniforms for select games those seasons. The Steelers had been wearing plain yellow helmets since making the move from leather to plastic in 1950. Bengals? Not really a big deal. Go ahead, I dare you to find something wrong with these uniforms. Grills are for cars and patios, not football helmets. The over-sized numbers would look better if they didn't have to be squeezed into view along with the big, honkin' "ATL.". © 2011 - The weather worsened by halftime and the wind swirled dust around the stadium, tearing apart the ballpark's United States flag, and knocking over a television camera. Sweet! Seeing the 2002 70th anniversary uniform was their best. That Page 1 of 1. In 2006, the NFL overhauled the refs' unis, which is described in detail on the "NFL Game Officials Uniforms" page under the Research tab on the The Gridiron Uniform Database's homepage. But that's ancient history. Take a look at our big bird!" In addition to all teams (other than the Bears) reverting to the NFL Shield at the bottoms of their V-collars, seven teams have made 'significant' changes to their uniform for the coming 2020 season. By the way, I was born in 1973. All manufacturers’ logos are similarly the property of those companies, current or former. from the manufacturer for the start of the season. Basically, the Browns said we need two sets of brown pants. Note the two yellow circles. Hopefully there will only be two more months before we start thinking about preseason games. In fact, you could make the argument that even the right arm of Spartan #10 (back to the camera) seems to indicate stripes, as well. The really bad news is that I kinda like the gradient combo. I like the all-royal but it seems superfluous with the all-navy. Why? but to be worn as part of a normal rotation with these new uniforms, they need the white stripe. First, a view of 1975 still showing the nearly-flat helmet horn. Another blue jersey without gradient numbers could be worn with the yellow pants. With the exception of the gradient uniform, they really went minimalist and that's OK.