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Jason was a character in Greek mythology who went on a quest with some of the mightiest heroes of his time, and it became one of the most famous stories in mythology. Another, much less-known Argonautica, using the same body of myth, was written in Latin by Valerius Flaccus during the time of Vespasian. The comparative political economy of the COVID-19 pandemic is not limited to face masks. As for Jason’s mother, no one has an exact idea who she was. Hundreds of companies sprang up overnight to cash in on soaring global demand for face masks. As to what happened to the Golden Fleece was never made clear in the ancient sources, although other similar artefacts, such as the tusks of the Calydonian Boar, normally ended up in a temple dedicated to one of the major Greek gods or goddesses. Progressives might yet have reason to embrace the US electoral college, A resilient and sustainable economic system needs to account for social justice. This resource has not been rated yet. King Pelias, however, has been warned about Jason and really wants him to travel far away from the kingdom.

Joe Biden, if he wins the presidency in November, has the chance of putting America on a path to greater... Christopher Fauske is a Professor of Media and Communications at Salem State University. The Golden Fleece was the fleece of the golden ram that was held in Colchis, and the object of desire for Jason, who organised an expedition with the Argonauts in order to retrieve it.. 2) A team or a buddy the hero needs to be guided along the way.Usually, it’s those who represent the things the hero doesn’t have: skill, experience, or attitude. In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of the gold-haired[1] winged ram. It is in the story of Jason and his group of Argonauts. The story of the Golden Ram’s Golden Fleece of course continued, and Phrixus would carry the fleece into the court of Aeetes, the king of Colchis, and the king was then presented with the Golden Fleece as a gift by the son of Nephele. But none of these traverses the global economy – from the defence and oil economy of post-war America, to China’s rise in the 21st century – quite like the story of the golden fleece. Jason despaired at the thought of facing more life-and-death challenges. The story of the Golden Fleece: A study in political economy. Again though Jason was favoured by the gods, and Hera had ensured that Aeetes’ sorceress daughter, Medea, had fallen in love with Jason. Scant information is available about the life of Van A Wente. It reused early sources that have not survived. Eight manufacturers of melt-blown fabric had samples tested in early April, only two of which met the standard for high-protection masks. In the 1950s, Hans and Fritz Reifenhäuser developed their father’s forge in Troisdorf into a blown film plastics machine manufacturing company.

Such is the worldwide demand for medical face masks that the ‘melt blown’ synthetic fibre used in their manufacture has been nicknamed the ‘golden fleece’. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As with much post-war technological innovation, melt-blowing had its origins in military Cold War research.

It doesn’t record a particularly significant achievement: that in the early 1950s he pioneered the industrial technique of ‘melt-blowing’ thermoplastics to form microfibres.

Know all about it in this Historyplex post. Posted in: COVID-19, Economics, Global politics, Health, Political history, Science and research policy. Do you know the interesting story of Jason and his quest to find the Golden Fleece? Jason was tasked with yoking the fire breathing bulls of the king, and then he had to deal with the Spartoi warriors, sown from the teeth of a dragon. She could have been Alcimede, who was the daughter o…

Can Biden’s Jacksonian language heal America? This is a process by which molten polymer is extruded through very fine nozzles into a stream of high velocity hot air, creating randomly deposited fibres that form a non-woven fabric. King Aeetes would subsequently place the Golden Fleece in an honoured position, for it was placed upon an oak tree in the sacred grove of Ares.

In later versions the ram is said to have been the child of the sea god Poseidon and Themisto (less often, Nephele or Theophane).

Out of nowhere, in March this year, the city of Yangzhong in Jiangsu Province became a centre of face-mask manufacturing. Other articles where Golden Fleece is discussed: Pelias: …task of bearing off the Golden Fleece. Within weeks the city had closed down over 800 businesses. In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of the gold-haired winged ram.It is in the story of Jason and his group of Argonauts.They set out on a quest ordered by King Pelias to get the fleece so that Jason can rightfully claim the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly.The story is very old; it was current in the time of Homer in the 8th century BC.There are many different versions of the story. Their mission was to retrieve a golden fleece from the King Aeetes of Colchis. Write a review) This story about adventuring and teamwork accompanies the assembly, ‘Sport relief’. Hans Reifenhauser was an archetypal businessman of Germany’s co-ordinated capitalist class, serving on the major industrial associations for mechanical engineering and developing the family company into a world leader of plastics machinery. There are many different versions of the story.

The Goddess, Hera, recognized that Jason would need help and provided it in the form of Medea, the King’s daughter, who was a skilled sorceress. Van Wente demonstrated the melt-blowing technique while working for the US Naval Research Laboratories to create fibres that could detect radioactive particles in the earth’s atmosphere, thereby enabling the monitoring of nuclear tests.

The story of the Golden Fleece has evolved over the centuries though, and later stories connected with the artefact imbued it with healing powers, although in antiquity the Golden Fleece was simply a great treasure rather than a magical object. The overarching story is that Jason and the Argonauts set off on a journey to find and bring back the mythical Golden Fleece for King Pelias.

The 3 elements of a Golden Fleece are: 1) A road spanning oceans, time — or across the street — so long as it demarcates growth.It often includes a “Road Apple” that stops the trip cold.

This blog was inspired by a piece in the Financial Times, ‘Demand soars for German ‘golden fleece’, which is linked to in the text.

Thus, Jason was free to remove the Golden Fleece from its perch, and flee back to the. Learn more. Instead, it looks to companies like BYD, that have built vast production lines for face mask manufacturing in Shenzen in a matter of weeks, or to the state owned oil company, Sinopec, which has ramped up production of melt-blown fabric, aiming to become the world’s biggest producer. As the technology passed from Cold War lab to corporate plants, the machines used to make melt- blown fabrics were produced by leading edge manufacturers. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. What is the relationship between rising income inequality... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Jason, the Argonauts and Medea would therefore leave Colchis with the Golden Fleece safely on-board the Argo.

Scant information is available about the life of Van A Wente. Located in the same home town of Troisdorf is Innovatec, Germany’s leading producer of melt-blown. But the story of the medical face mask is not simply one of gangster capitalism or geo-political antagonism. The company licensed the technology, and it was soon being used by numerous major US corporates to produce battery separators, wipes, face masks and respirators: ‘…Exxon became the first to demonstrate, patent, publicise and license the use of the Wente concept as a very practical one-step process to produce unique types of non-woven webs, tow, bats, etc… Early successful licensees included Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, James River, Web Dynamics and Ergon Nonwovens, followed by many other companies, including 3M.’.

The Chinese government has moved quickly to clamp down on speculative producers. The obituary for his memorial service in 2012 at Concord-St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Bethesda, tells us he retired as Director of NASA's Scientific and Technical Information Division in 1989, but says little else about his career. Ceramic drainage pipes fitted with melt-blown polyethylene connecting elements were used in marshland drainage all over the USSR. Classic tale. Aeetes still plotted against Jason and the Argonauts though, and the king was even planning to kill the heroes whilst they slept.

The famous telling is the Argonautica of Apollonius of Rhodes, written in mid-third century BC Alexandria. The Greek tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece has been told for 3,000 years.

The story comes full circle in China, the 21st century’s largest manufacturing economy. Jason was being aided by both Athena and Hera, and soon the Argo had been constructed and the greatest heroes of the age were at its oars. Medea and Jason went to the grove of Ares, and the sorceress managed to put the Colchis dragon, the serpent who guarded the grove, to sleep. Today, the Reifenhäuser Group manufactures three quarters of the world’s machines for producing medical and hygienic non-woven fabrics. Apply now to our virtual Policy Fellowship Programme for access to University of Bath research and expertise.

The Golden Fleece, was the skin of a winged ram, a holy ram of the God Zeus, on which the children of King Athamas, Phrixus and Helle , were saved thanks to Zeus’ intervention.According to the story, the two children were to be sacrificed after their … His father was Aeson, king of Iolcos in Thessaly. It has proved a boon for profiteers, fraudsters and criminal cartels.

Damiano Sguotti is an MSc International Development student at the University of Bath. Nick Pearce is a Professor in Public Policy and Director of the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath.

Medea though warned Jason, and before the king could implement his plan, Jason acted.