Please check your email to confirm your subscription and to grab your freebie. I use my mouse to advance to the next slide, I have a wireless one. In this picture we were working on the diphthong ow for the week. They are called digital word sorts. That is why I came up with some digital activities that can be used in Google Classroom. It is an all access phonemic pass. I have 48 different assignments for Turtle out the Word. However, you can also certainly use these activities in your classroom with an interactive whiteboard to teach a mini-lesson and do some guided practice with them. Here is a sample of what is looks like up close. Watch this brief video on how Educators can use Assignments. The process of cutting and laminating all of the cards, only to have them last a year or so was not appealing. Grab this for free when you subscribe to the newsletter! We are a 1:1 site with chromebooks. BUILD A WORD. The coolest feature is that it allows me to differentiate. The final one is a sight word activity that focuses on the spelling of commonly used sight words. Once they are done, there is only one thing left to do, send them to the kids. Grab the task cards for free when you subscribe to my free newsletter! Once students are ready to write more complex sentences, you can show them how they can combine two sentences into one with a conjunction. You can ask your teacher for information about your grade. You can grade and return work from: The Student work page. Additionally, the understanding of future tense verb use will also help with reading comprehension as they begin to understand writing that is taking place either in the past, present, or future. This particular set also includes some sentences where they have to add the subject instead. You might not always think grammar activity when you first see the sight word activity, but the Common Core standards actually mention students use conventional spelling with frequently irregular words. Here is a sample of what is looks like up close. Here is a photo of us completing it together on the SMART board and individually on the Chromebook. Students drag and drop the words into the correct column. I wanted to make sure students could easily decode the sentences as they practiced these grammar concepts from the standards and worked towards improving their writing. In today's post I'll share what activities you can use in kindergarten, prek and preschool, as well as the first, second and third grades. Understanding proper nouns and the use of capital letters was another grammar standard I felt students could start to learn early on in first grade too. One of our favorite activities to work on is called Turtle out the Word. I wanted to make sure they were as hands-on as much as possible, so I added fun twists like sliding magnifying glasses and punctuation marks. Thanks for joining us! While your slides are BEAUTIFUL I also like to have my students drag and move but it seems we can only do it when it’s in a certain mode, not in presentation mode (full screen). You can view my privacy policy here: Just like the sentences above, these grammar activities do not involve sentence decoding either, yet students are learning proper usage of words like these and those. Excellent! It is hard for young students to apply grammar when the concept has never been made concrete to them. Find all of the same features of Assignments in your existing Classroom environment. No laminating, copying or cutting for me.