And then -- and I think you've already guided to capex, but just trying to think of what is the outlook in terms of maybe the operating cash side of things. That's just us moving into additional markets and additional opportunities and making progress in those.

Now turning to results. And I don't think I'm ever going to go back. So it's a bit difficult to distinguish, especially given that we're sort of only two weeks into it.
I don't really know, Hamzah. So, the -- we're still going to operate, I think, well below sort of the Q1 level of expenses, and I think the market justifies that. These are adversaries who are in the middle of changing every second, every minute, and if you get, for example, data that’s in our hold, that’s pretty hard. So I think that is what's being incorporated into that non-GAAP operating guide for the entirety of the year. On the revenue sources, can you talk about contracted revenue that’s coming in versus overage and how that trended this quarter versus what it’s been historically? It's early days. Try Rev and save time transcribing, captioning, and subtitling. And that's really about how we pick and how we fill the machines.

One thing that I wanted to understand a little bit better is that, historically, you've had some revenue tied to live streaming events. Yeah. But yes, I would say the surge orders just simply were better than I might have expected going into the month.

Our vending and Onsite signings bottom in April. Sure. More of our customers are using Compute@Edge through the beta program. And one that you'll hear a lot more from us about in the future. With that, I will turn it over to Holden. Oil producers have cut back on production as Covid-19 has hurt demand for things like gasoline, which means they need less pipeline capacity. But we all are -- because we are the platform for innovators and we serve the most valuable content, the most valuable content is really the content that's being consumed the most as people are sheltering. Just what's the way that you're thinking about this as you forecast and invest in the business?

Fair enough. And that's where the weakening was. Our thinking is the same. So from that standpoint, I think that's probably the biggest thing and then there is just uncertainty as you know, just a bit with respect to one of our largest customers, as well as with respect to school closures, how those will be deployed and in some respect how there will be a Q2 originally, Q2 was unique in the sense that effectively the entire world was sort of working in lockstep with respect to shelter-in-place orders and school closures.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holden Lewis, Fastenal Company - Executive VP & CFO [12] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think you asked -- I think in my prepared remarks, I referred to sort of our monthly or April to date not being down on the order of magnitude of 15%-plus. After being up 1.4% in January and February, fastener daily sales were down 10% in March. Thank you so much for taking the questions. And can you talk about where the average utilization of the network was in March maybe compared to prior months or even a year ago and how has utilization been since then? And I’ve got a follow-up for Adriel. So a couple of questions from me. With that, I'll turn it over to Holden. Thank you. The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. Sure. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. And then just relative to pricing, can you talk about whether you've seen any sort of benefit or pickup just given that you have the capacity put into place related to COVID or otherwise in terms of your ability to maybe extract better pricing in this environment?

We've had conversations internally about this is a situation where the world doesn't have enough PPE, right? I'm trying to understand seasonality.

So I think even in that kind of application to me it makes tremendous amount of sense to leverage the edge. You may now disconnect. Buy) rating, and his $29 price target suggests a 15% upside for the coming year. We're also a source that they know the quality of what they're getting. I mean, we were sort of assuming a little bit of a status quo at this moment and, again, as Joshua sort of mentioned, as you get to sort of the latter half of the year also it gives us a lot more time to react, so that’s sort of built into that. And that's -- our improvement of that platform over the last 3 years is a big -- and really being able to show that value to the customer is a big reason why it's growing the way it is. There is more garbage there than value, unfortunately. And then you may see some of the blog posts that we maybe will publish on or maybe talk about it on an earnings call. We have pulled back part-time hours. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Despite continuing economic uncertainty, we remain confident in our ability to deliver incremental annual gross margin expansion as we continue to scale and deliver innovative security and edge computing solutions. Obviously, an impact from customer shutdowns. But it's at a lower level, and therefore, we've removed our signing ranges for the year. Holden will touch on that in a little more detail.

I'd like to turn the floor back over to management for any further or closing comments. Yes, nothing at this time. That's helpful. We are partnering with the most technologically advanced and creative companies, who we believe will not only weather the storm, but will continue to thrive in this environment. Welcome to the Fastenal Company 2020 second quarter earnings conference call. And overall, we, as a company, have committed just given our very efficient footprint from a server standpoint to continue to drive leverage. We started out with Edge program. And what about the non-res business? It was down 24% in April; it was down 10% and then down 14% now in June. That's helpful. Thanks, guys. In addition, ByteDance, the operator TikTok was our largest customer in the quarter. Our existing customers are relying on us more and more as reflected in our increased net retention rate of 138% up from 130% last quarter and dollar based net expansion rate of 137%, up from 133% last quarter. Yeah. Sure. As long as restaurants and theme parks and things like that are closed, that will hurt a piece of our business. So digital transformation is this great idea. (Bloomberg) -- When President Donald Trump appeared on an NBC town hall Thursday evening, moderator Savannah Guthrie posed a question that has come up a lot over the past two weeks.“Who do you owe $421 million to,” Guthrie asked, citing a recent New York Times story on Trump’s tax returns that said the obligations will come due in the next four years.The idea that his creditors are a mystery became something of a meme in the wake of the newspaper report, which said that lenders often aren’t identified on tax returns.But the identities of Trump’s lenders have been known for a half decade. Fastly delivered another quarter of solid execution. And obviously those are going to be the ones that are the largest opportunities from our perspective, so. I'll say the surge, the surge business was still pretty healthy in June.

Maybe if I can just follow up with a quick one for Adriel. So this is just about broad, strong, and image optimization included. Yes. Given the regulatory challenges and PR surrounding vaping products, PM believes that smokeless heated tobacco will prove to be the stronger alternative, with greater potential for growth.No matter what, for the moment PM’s core product remains Marlboro cigarettes. All of those experiences are from the most innovative companies, those who have adapted -- adopted digital transformation. Thank you so much for taking the questions. I’ll pass that one over to Joshua. So, the first is, looking at product dispenses and -- because I don't want to be in a situation where the analyst community is asking for numbers from now into infinity, we indexed everything back October to 100. Many of our customers are further embracing Compute@Edge, our real time, serverless architecture for high performance applications. Your next question comes from Jonathan Ho with William Blair. Has anything changed just given what's going on in the world? We ended the quarter with $187 million in cash, restricted cash and investments in marketable securities. A replay of the webcast will be available on the website until June 1, 2020, at midnight Central time. Same thing here applies. This is why we continue to invest in our network and offerings specifically Compute@Edge and security. He promised to provide more details when the company posts annual earnings in January.“I would expect that we’d be giving you not just an expense outlook, but an update on how we’re thinking about the different businesses,” he said. More telling, our non-OEM, nonconstruction fasteners, which represent roughly 30% of the category, was down nearly 20%. Well, I'm not sure that there is -- rebates, they are typically negotiated on a periodic basis. One of the ways that I think about it is things like machine learning training, if you require enormous datasets, really long running training jobs, specialized processes like GPUs like that type of learning and training is very well suited to the central cloud. It is important to note that the company's actual results may differ materially from those anticipated. Holden has shared numbers in the past. And I'm also wondering if you could unpack maybe your assumptions in Q2 and for the rest of the year in terms of maybe contract repricings or customer non-payments or things related to some of the customer segment feeling pressure.