My opinion is that you should not buy lineups.

A good DFS optimizer is a tool in your handbag that helps you build lineups faster than doing it on your own.

This is a different question because these tools help you build out your lineups. I am looking to review the more popular and promising tools over the coming weeks.

You still have to build your team, find value and put in your own research. I earn a commission when you buy products and services found on my site.

Easily create your own football team. Now, should you use these tools and lineup optimizers? I’m constantly adding links as I come across them in my daily travels around the web so bookmark this page and check back on the regular.

You can use tools to help you build teams, find value and target players and stacking combinations that you might not have thought of.

Should you use one of these tools/service? Of course do your own research but I would not recommend anyone spend money on a lineup. Thank you in advance for your support, and enjoy the website! Red Zone Target Algorithm). These tools will help you speed this process up once you find the ones that suit your playing style. An optimizer is like upgrading your car to a race car. They do have skin in the game so you can expect them to give you excellent insight into what the true experts think about the upcoming game. I will give you my honest opinions and ask for yours as well.

I am not an employee of DraftKings and do not have access to any non-public information. If the lineup is awesome then the guy you bought it from would have played it himself. I want to create a quality list of recommended tools and lineup builders that visitors lucky enough (or smart enough) to land on my site will find truly helpful and worthwhile. Optimizing the lineups are the easy part, it’s coming up with the best projections and player selection that wins the money. Baseball Analyse player and team performance using the widest range of Opta Statistics, including over 370 statistics from Expected Goals (xG) to Player Heatmaps. In short, a line-up optimizer is only as good as the projections used as inputs. Save and share lineups. In addition to our projections, the DFF lineup builder also tracks the latest vegas odds, player injuries, depth chart changes and starting lineups. These lineup builders are designed to help you build optimal lineups in less time. You have to put in the work to build your team. Instead these are designed to give you the information you need to help build the best possible team you can. If you are a good driver they will get you to the finish faster but you still have to be a good driver.

Welcome to my big list of DFS tools. The optimizers can help you do that faster. Don’t just think buying access to any one optimizer, projections service or even the touts selling lineups that you will easily win money. Golf It’s not going to happen. Basketball Although I have I’ve been tracking results on some of these sites over time and what I have found is that they don’t have a winning record. That will not, has not and will probably never work over the long haul. Let the bookies do the heavy lifting. This guy greets you at FantasyGeek.Just showing that ’cause I thought he was pretty cool. Elevate your game with Premier Fantasy Tools Discover the advanced toolset for sophisticated fantasy football managers. NASCAR. Optimize your FPL routine and maximize planning time between gameweeks with … But remember, they are only as good as you make them. I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is Spry13) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. These tools include lineup optimizers, projections, rankings and any sort of thing that a DFS player may want to utilize to draft their team. Watch Gameweeks Live Using Opta Live data, … Copyright © 2020, RB’s Tight Ends and Wide Receivers – Lineup Construction, Fantasy Football Salary Cap Strategy – Where To Spend Your Cash, Top 10 One Week Fantasy Football Tips For Beginners, How To Pick Productive Fantasy MLB Hitters, Fantasy Baseball Scoring Compared At The Biggest Daily Fantasy Sites, Draftkings Golf Guide – Showdown Golf, Weekend, Match Play and Classic, Algorithm’s for specific metrics (e.g. I am affiliated with products and services listed here.