One of my favorite parts about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was the fact that Raiden had a badass robot dog to help him tear his enemies to shreds. This mod is special because, unlike most of what you’ll find in the Nexus or elsewhere, it’s actually available for the PS4 version of the game. Games. While technically what that mod did was far beyond any other companion mod on the Nexus, I felt a bit like Willow’s quests overshadowed my own at points. She says, “They expect us to believe… that that guy can’t hack a terminal?” It’s especially funny because Sturges is in the middle of hacking a terminal when you first meet him, right before that dialogue happens. She seems like a character that belongs in the wasteland, and believably survives within it. The voice acting itself is decent. If you get caught she becomes hostile. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Nexus Mods. P.S. 12.4: Fallout 4 Plus Edition: Free Junk and Materials: Only for the RO materials of course: Immsersion Patch - Raider Overhaul WIP: MJC Raider Overhaul - Sim Settlements Conqueror - Mash UP Patch - No AWKCR and AE For Mods File Dump: Only if you use my replacer obviously : Paintable Raider Gas Masks: Raider Overhaul - Horizon patch (EN) and (RU) When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Otherwise she will get out. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. With his power armor and devastating energy weapon, he’s the guy you want watching your back and defending your home. Did I mention she’s a merchant? There’s plenty of evidence in Fallout 4 suggesting that, originally, Dogmeat was meant to accompany you all the time. Heather Casdin also features an optional romance path during her quest line. None that I’ve seen conflict with the area that this mod designates as Heather’s bunker. This list ranked romantic companions in Fallout 4 based on the skills they bring to your combat efforts and for how complicated their personalities would make pursuing a romantic relationship. (Role play it like she was in Sanctuary and you met her there.). He’s even working on getting the swearing under control. The vanilla game offers plenty of options to keep you company during your travels. 3 options for combat AI, from vanilla aggressive to a much more stealth-prone unaggressive choice. Without the shadow of a doubt, the most sophisticated and expansive companion mod available for Fallout 4 is The Machine and Her, introducing the mysterious Kit. Running a small army has never been so easy. Without spoiling anything as it relates to her quests, her parents were from the Brotherhood of Steel and she’s survived for years as a merchant selling medicine and goods she creates herself. Even if I only travel with her for awhile and I ultimately trade her out, she fits so well into the world she makes sense as at least part of my character’s journey. This is great because she doesn’t have dislikes of specific actions you take, making her a much more flexible companion for any type of play through. One minor gripe her is that it’s actually part of the dialogue that your character has to at least seem apprehensive about romancing her at first when she asks if you’re still in love with your former spouse. But after so many years of playing the same game, talking to the same people and traveling with the same nutjobs that seemed so interesting in the past… everything starts becoming faded and the ranting of irradiated minds goes from hilariously bizarre to boring and dull. He sees ghouls, synths, and super mutants as monsters who need to be destroyed for the good of the Commonwealth and that puts him at odds with a large portion of your neighbors. Raine will have A Pipe Gun and Knife on her and will switch weapons dynamically depending on the range of her target. One look at the Nexus page for Heather and it’s clear that llamaRCA put the same commitment forth in making this mode as she did with Willow. So i just freed her and u need to have the subtext on so u see that shes actually communicating while u wait, i got impatient and restarted convorsation over and over. Or at least their famous companion mod for Fallout NV – Willow. If you’ve been modding Bethesda games for a while, you may be familiar with LlamaRCA. Related: 10 Fallout 4 Mods You Need To Get Between the violent tendencies, rotten teeth, and ambitions to create the ultimate raider gang it’s hard to find anything appealing about him. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon. Having a romantic relationship with an irradiated ghoul would be complicated enough let alone with someone who’s addicted to chems and shows no signs of stopping. The Motorized Artificial Intelligent Doll is one such item. Still, I think that’s a great feature and I haven’t seen that implemented with any other companions. I’ve never been a fan of how many games with companion approval rating systems give you no way of checking your progress at all. Related: 10 Awesome Fallout 4 Cosplays That Are Straight Out Of The Wasteland. From my post below, where I had the same issue: I'll add a loose files variant. Contains a Standalone Raider companion and 3 standalone weapons. So imagine everyone’s excitement when Heather Casdin, made by the author of the extremely popular Willow mod for Fallout New Vegas, appeared. Give her any gun and a little ammo and it will be infinite for her, which further expands the range of options. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. This meant not counting as a companion and therefore leaving the spot open for someone else. Captain Bridget, Winter, Matilda, Vex, Kate, T0-R1 and many more). Its confusing but it is what it is. Once I did get her to actually be an active companion but she wouldn't get out of the shackles and just stayed there, when I fast traveled she came with but was still in the shackles sitting on the floor. If you were looking to role play that your character has dealt with the grief and put it behind them, you can’t simply say that. A lot of fans like to hate on the guy for his endless requests to help settlers out, but there are worse attributes you could find in a partner. Fallout 4. Archived [Fo4] any evil or raider like companion mods. You can recruit them all without the use of the glitchy rings. Magnolia is certainly a beauty and has a wonderful singing voice, but a one night stand does not typically make a healthy romantic relationship. Giving her a basic 10mm pistol instead makes her viable without overshadowing the player early on, for example. I’d give Heather an A. In the same vein as the previous mod comes Ellen The Cartographer, a lore-friendly companion born and raised in New Vegas who couldn’t pass up the chance to come and check out the almost-intact Commonwealth area. Handy for when you’re lugging a lot of loot you’re going to sell anyway – you have a walking shop with you anywhere as long as she has the caps for what you’re unloading. This amazing creator is back in the scene, offering their take on what an immersive companion in Fallout 4 should be like. As some others pointed out, she also seemed (to me) a bit too clean, cute, and girly to believably be surviving in a desert wasteland. Also, I personally hate hacking terminals in the game, so her ability to handle that for me is super useful. All rights reserved. Note that doing this will bypass her normal dialogue when you meet her, so I recommend it for repeat play throughs and not your first time. It was clear llamaRCA (the author) put a lot of work into the mod and I commend that, but I found I preferred other companion mods like Niner and Delilah more. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. And if you’ve been wondering given the last name, it does seem she’s related to Protector Casdin from Fallout 3. Speaking of recruiting her, I like that the mod adds “Heather’s Console” as a craftable item. If you’d rather keep the lovely German Shepherd around then you can also add up to three automatron dogbot companions instead of replacing it. That should alleviate the issue. Piper is a woman obsessed with finding the truth and sharing it with the public, even if it’s something the public doesn’t want to hear or know about. He’d rank a lot higher if he wasn’t such a nag about helping settlers. So imagine everyone’s excitement when Heather Casdin, made by the author of the extremely popular Willow mod for Fallout New Vegas, appeared.. A little background there… When Fallout 4 mods first started appearing on the Nexus, there wasn’t much to try as far as mod companions. Not only will you get some extra information each time something affects affinity, such as your current standing, but you’ll be able to check it at any time through an item in your inventory. She’s romanceable, has custom quests related to her, and she’s fully-voiced by none other than PotasticPanda, known as the voice for the Recorder companion in Skyrim & girlfriend to a legend in the modding community – MxR. Complicating the relationship even further is the fact that she’s a synth in a world where synths are essentially boogeymen. Unlike vanilla companions, any gun you give her will have infinite ammo as long as you give her enough bullets for a full magazine with that gun. Ha! SEO Strategist, Tech Enthusiast, Youtuber, and Hobby Photographer. A companion mod of sorts to SLXJ's Rain of Brass mod, the Long Range Bullet Holes mod is another nice (albeit small) touch mod that does exactly what the name implies. Dixie Companion Mod + Controlling the Raider Gangs mod - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: Dixie is the only Disciple in Nuka World that I like, and the fact she is so companion worthy but she isnt one is kinda so,I was wondering if anyone could make a Companion using her voice files because I think that would be pretty cool.