Mischievous. While HBO is better associated with "prestige" shows aimed at older viewers, the A24-produced Euphoria is the network's youngest-skewing show to date, and was been a ratings smash, with over 5.5 million viewers across broadcast and streaming channels. Although a second season was confirmed by HBO, no official release date has been announced due to … When is season two of Euphoria on TV? Can’t say thank you enough for the support we’ve seen, wow… https://t.co/XJtdQaWaL9. Here's everything we know about Euphoria season 2.

No!’, “And then he read me a little bit, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, wait!’ I couldn’t even guess it, so if anybody’s able to guess it, you’re very good. Bly Manor's Ghosts Reveal the Details You Missed, 'Haunting of Hill House' Season 3: What We Know. “There’s a time limit.” We can imagine filming will continue to be based around the school then, which in reality, is California’s Ulysses S Grant High School. This content is imported from Instagram. Not yet. Evan is an associate editor for Men’s Health, with bylines in The New York Times, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE. 'The Great British Baking Show': Who Is Peter? This content is imported from YouTube. Early in 2020, the Euphoria Instagram account posted a photo of a cast table read—or, when the actors gather to first go over the upcoming season’s script as a team. 50’s+, Caucasian.

It isn’t safe, so I don’t think they wanna get too much hope in our minds and then have to push it longer. Check out the details of the characters below. Zendaya revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (August 20) that a possible “bridge episode” could be on the way, whilst the cast and crew wait for filming to resume. But I definitely want it to be just true and real to his experience and I want it to kind of make sense. “I don’t really know how to describe it, but an episode that we can do with a limited amount of people in a safer environment," she said at the time. "I think Rue has a big journey ahead of her, and a tough one," he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, adding, "It's not something I want to cut short because of who Rue means to me as someone who has battled with addiction and come out the other side, and because I think that there's a lot more to delve into and unpack in terms of the effects of addiction on Rue and on her family and those around her. The breakout HBO show will start filming in early 2021.

HBO president Casey Bloys told Deadline that the show is planning to begin filming in early 2021. Some new faces will be joining the cast. Fans should expect to see the rest of the breakthrough ensemble cast, including Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez; Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs; Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard; Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez; Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard; and Storm Reid as Gia Bennett, return for season 2. All we really know now are those tentative filming dates for the second Euphoria season. !” That’s fifteen exclamation marks, by the way. 18-20’s. “I truly don’t have any qualms about which direction it goes. No Zendaya in sight, but there’s still high chances she’ll be on board. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

If we consider the fact that Season 1 aired in June of 2019, and HBO generally seems to like releasing shows around the same time every year, we could be looking at a June 2021 Season 2 release date. Euphoria Season 2: Everything You Need to Know A renewal was announced in July 2019.. When asked what viewers can expect, Zendaya said simply, “I couldn’t even begin to describe it if I tried.” Which sounds about right. Sweeney added: “Cassie is a very real, relatable girl. And so to experience what she needs to, without being messy, that’s from the sort of loving parent/sister relationship I feel like I have with her. Yup! Season 1 followed Rue as she left rehab, struggled to find purpose in life, and became increasingly entangled with Jules. Again, there’s no official confirmation of exactly who will return just yet but, apart from Zendaya, it seems likely that most, if not all, of the main characters will be present in season two. Any ethnicity. But no other concrete plot details have been shared yet. (Don't worry, the show isn't representative of most teenage habits.).

(Did we mention the explosion of penises?). Sort of – a first look at season two of Euphoria was shared as part of HBO’s big 2020 preview trailer. Might be going nowhere in life but has a smile so genuine it’s not depressing. To the entire cast and Sam you are truly a group I am in complete awe of.

"I think she learns from experiencing things. . Levinson based the series on his own experiences as a teenager, including his struggle… When it drops, expect lots of flashy editing and maybe another original song by Labrinth.

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Aug 4, 2019 at 2:23pm PDT. Creator Sam [Levinson] called me over the summer, going, ‘So what do you think Cassie’s going to do next season? Zendaya will probably be one of the first cast members to share more information—what with her 79 million Instagram followers. However, production halted early-on due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Cassie Howard actress Sydney Sweeney explaining that they are hoping things will start up again in the summer. It’s just shocking. Here’s everything we know about Euphoria season two so far. The first season of provocative drama series Euphoria has been an explosion of penises, erotic fanfiction, and drugs we've never heard of. Euphoria is officially returning for season two. “I don’t really know how to describe it, but an episode that we can do with a limited amount of people in a safer environment so we have something to live on until we are able to go into Season 2.”. Any ethnicity. In July 2019, HBO announced that the second season had been greenlit, even before the first season had finished its run. Thank you for these incredible creations and performances. Here's hoping we get to see what Fez's Zoom background looks like. However, an episode may be coming sooner than we thought. 18+ to play 17.

The hit HBO show has been confirmed to return for another run.

'Succession' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far, Netflix's 'You' Will Be Back for Another Season, Fans Are Clamoring for a Second Season of 'Away', Avengers Fans, Assemble: 'WandaVision' Is Coming. An outsider. Drizzy served as one of Euphoria’s executive producers on season one, but it’s unclear at the moment whether he’ll be involved in the follow-up series or not. HBO has greenlit a special episode to bridge the two seasons. “There is an idea to do a couple of bridge episodes that can be shot safely but aren’t necessarily part of season two,” she said. There’s the question of how her character Rue would feature in the next batch of episodes, though. “Whatever it is, I want him to have a life and I want it to be honest,” he said. Yes. An exact length of season two has yet to be confirmed by Levinson or HBO, but it seems safe to assume it’ll be a similar length as season one – eight episodes. “We might end up doing a little bridge episode,” Zendaya said during an August appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. AMI: Female. We may earn commission from the links on this page. So keep an eye on her account. Early 2021. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Could struggle with addiction. That may seem optimistic, but keep in mind that some production on Season 2 has been happening for quite some time. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, This Guy Found Every Hidden Ghost in 'Bly Manor', Theories and Predictions for 'The Boys' Season 3, John Wick Originally Had Only 3 Kills in It, 5 Questions Ahead of the 'Below Deck Med' Reunion, 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' Cast vs. Real Life, Jessica Henwick Pitched a John Wick Spin-Off, The Scariest Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now, 'The Boys' Did What Avengers: Endgame Failed to Do. And I’m not sure what that looks like.”. HBO's Head of Drama, Francesca Orsi, explained that Levinson had built an "incredible world," and HBO was grateful to host such a "groundbreaking" series.

Fifteen! Even before that smashing first season finished aired, HBO announced that it had renewed Euphoria for a second go-around. A week or so after that interview, Zendaya posted a picture on social media of her character Rue's signature Converse sneakers, making fans think she had perhaps started shooting the episode already. I mean, obviously, it would be a lovely story if he turned out to be a real sunflower and lit up the world. Drug addict. @euphoria FINALE is on hbo tonight bitter sweet!! Shooting has still yet to commence on season two, so there's no sneak peek just yet. Although a second season was confirmed by HBO, no official release date has been announced due to production delays owing to the coronavirus. Season 2 will likely follow suit with season 1, which was eight episodes total. Stripper. Talks shit. 7 Fall Essentials You’ll Be Wearing All Season, Method Man Shares His Insomnia-Beating Workout, Skincare Products for Dark Skin Are on the Rise, How 10,000 Kettlebell Swings Transformed My Body. Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard) has told Entertainment Tonight that “literally everything” about season twowill be “darker”, especially as the group are growing up and “getting into more intense situations.”, She also hinted her character’s storyline in season two is quite unexpected, saying: “You won’t even be able to guess what’s coming… I couldn’t even guess it. The season one finalé of Euphoria was certainly ambiguous and left a lot of viewers with the impression that she’d overdosed and died. So they just want to make sure they’re staying safe and healthy. Joshua St Clair is an editorial assistant at Men's Health Magazine. I don’t really know how to describe it, but an episode that we can do with a limited amount of people in a safer environment that can, I don’t know, give people something.”. Zendaya said: “We’re trying to figure out how to eventually be able to create a season 2 that we’re all really proud of and get all the best out of it that we want but also still being very safe.

There’s so many aspects of her storyline and life that different girls and people can relate to, whether it’s a broken home, alcoholic parents, relationships with boys, slut-shaming…she’s still trying to figure out who she is as a person, and I think that as time goes on you’ll slowly see Cassie figure herself out – or figure herself out less.”. Sassy and tough. And we won't judge if you spend the rest of the year refreshing HBO's YouTube page in anticipation. However, creator Sam Levinson has confirmed she’s very much still alive and “has a big journey ahead of her”. When will Euphoria season two be released? 2, Love True Crime? “Well, [the characters] are in high school, so there are only so many seasons it can go,” he explained. It was confirmed that the highly anticipated second season would begin filming in March and, according to the HBO’s preview of 2020, would be aired this year.

I just want to get back to it so bad. The eighth and final episode of season 1, titled "And Salt the Earth Behind You," saw Rue relapsing (in a surreal musical sequence); Jules leaving for the big city; Kat and Ethan getting together at the winter formal; Cassie seeking out an abortion; and Maddy swiping an incriminating CD from Nate's room that could expose Nate's father. And waiting for all of it to calm down.”, “I think everyone is hoping that [production] will be back sometime this summer, but they also don’t want to rush anything just in case. A post shared by Sydney Sweeney (@sydney_sweeney) on Jan 6, 2020 at 9:37am PST. Mostly, your guess is as good as ours right now, but there are some storylines we can see continuing into the second season.