As precocious Arnold Jackson on the NBC-TV comedy series “Diff’rent Strokes,” Gary Coleman charmed a nation and made his parents rich.

He’s been supporting assorted adults since he was 10 years old, and nothing much has changed, except that now his flock is even larger, with two different interest groups. Acquitted of attempted murder, Bridges faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly shooting a cohort eight times and slashing his throat at a Los Angeles crack house. ‘Your LIFE.’ ”, Coleman mimics his son’s reply: “ ‘Do I have to pay you for it?’ he says to me.

And before you dismiss that as too ridiculous to consider, bear in mind that not only do the Colemans like this script, so does their attorney, Turkin, who now sits listening to them trash the Mials with an expression of bemused fascination. I jumped off onto the lawn. They find me to be eloquent,” Coleman announced, apropos of nothing. He is also temperamental. He appeared at an Academy Awards party this year with a giant iguana. . . In hindsight, what the Colemans now see, they say, is that the Mials had been plotting their coup all along, in order to one day advance Dion Mial’s would-be singing career through Coleman’s money and Hollywood connections. .’ ”. She may write a book. Dion Mial Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Dion Mial is known for his work on The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (1984) and TV Guide's Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals 2 (2000). It involves drugs and an obviously unpleasant setup of tubes, pouches and surgical apertures in his body. Coleman's 1999 will named Dion Mial, one of Coleman's friends and former managers, who on Monday withdrew his petition to be named as special administrator of Coleman's estate. Their son wins today’s round. . His parents, across a narrow aisle, look like a pair of nervous, middle-aged schoolteachers at a funeral. He is angry, tight, almost haggard, even when he’s smiling.

. . . “She wants to keep me a mama’s boy.” She’s being “vindictive. “We gave him life!” Willie Coleman frequently says, in bursts of angry incredulity at the little ingrate. According to an Associated Press story, Frederick Jackman, an attorney for Gary Coleman's parents, said the person named in the will is Dion Mial, a friend and former manager of the former child TV star. I have been your surrogate mother in my waiting on you, by restocking your dialysis solutions, by cooking for you and putting food into your mouth . Perhaps Kalani Sitake’s most aggressive play call of the night provided huge dividends in both taking back the lead and then finishing it out.

. A mild, attractive woman, 46, who worked as a practical nurse before her son became a $64,000-per-week superstar, she flinches, near tears. Here’s a kid who was the biggest child star in history, without a job, an agent. Mial, who Coleman named as executor in a 1999 will, dropped his petition to be special administrator after a will written in 2005 was presented to the Utah court, attorney Kent Alderman said. No. “I made sure of it! “Sheesh. “We must have been doing something right,” Willie Coleman growls in sour satisfaction. “We just didn’t see what was going on in time.”. “He wants to play a swashbuckler,” says Perillo, eyes rolling. THE COLEMANS will look at none of it. . He broods about his own witless role in setting his son up for the mind-snatchers. . He was an international star!”. Following a nude spread in “Playboy” last year, she complained to the tabloids, she got just one job offer--"for a triple-X-rated hard-core adult film.”. These days, however, Mial is a woman torn. 14 BYU kept its perfect season alive Friday night with a heart-thumping 43-26 victory over Houston at TDECU Stadium. . According to several colleagues, Willie and Sue Coleman are the parents of a handicapped child star who is now bent upon revenge, partly because he feels he was treated like a golden goose, year after year, never let to rest from his $3-million-a-year obligation to giggle and frolic like 10-year-old Arnold, even when he was 16 and trying to cope with the brutal realities of being forever locked in the body of a child, atop the daily dialysis struggle just to survive. Sensitivity and tolerance do not appear to be his strong suit. Mial, he says, confirmed his own suspicions that he was being used and abused by everyone around him, particularly DeThomas. As for the image problems attached to Coleman’s lawsuit, his publicists have come up with a sensible solution. And, of course he’s not crazy! But TV moguls weren’t about to wreck a thriving comedy--besides, thanks to Arnold, a network war was on. I think I named it,” he volunteered uncertainly at one point, of one of his investment holdings called Zephyr. Not surprisingly, some say, Gary Coleman’s personality was always as stunted and confused as his body. All three countersued for defamation and breach of contract, and those cases are still pending. Mial filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming he should be recognized as sole executor of a 1999 will. Well, Gary has never had a Pamper on his body,” Coleman beams. Too late the Colemans realized that both Mials had ingratiated themselves into the family picture only to be able, one day, to seize upon their son in his most vulnerable hour.

In 1999 Gary Coleman made a will naming his ex manager Dion Mial executor of his estate. Just when BYU needed some offensive power, former walk-on Dax Milne and QB Zach Wilson put down the hammer on Houston. After the move, Mial and Coleman didn't communicate or do any "male bonding," the documents contend. “Gary’s just striking back at life now,” says “Diff’rent Strokes” director, Garren Keith. . They were so eager they served the court papers on Willie Coleman while he was recovering from colon-cancer surgery.

could understand. 14 BYU stares down all kinds of adversity, makes case for being a ‘big-time team’. He asked them to meet him in Los Angeles to talk it over.

A smart, crafty, exotic-looking woman, given to miniskirts, 6-inch earrings and four colors of eye shadow, she belongs at the heart of a plot, and she is enjoying it. . You don’t owe us a cent.

"Based upon the most recently proffered will, it doesn't look like we have a dog in this fight," Alderman said. I am a protector and guardian for you. . But his parents wouldn’t let him. “Why did you drag your son through this?” a reporter demands of Sue Coleman. In a wild game that lived up to the hype, No. This resulted in his son getting a restraining order to keep his father away from them both. . He needed a parental figure and a manager, and I tried to be both. Enter a scout for Norman Lear, in town on other business, who spotted Coleman on a bank commercial. Endorsements. We spent every cent we had, and some we didn’t have. .

How to vote. “He doesn’t wish to discuss this ordeal (the parents) are dragging him through,” sniffs Michael Gerety of the L.A. public relations firm Hanson and Schwam. Lately, Coleman’s image makers have agreed only to select TV talk shows where they hoped to control the questions, while demonstrating at the same time that Gary Coleman was perfectly happy and healthy. Price, 24, filed an unsigned 2007 will along with her claim that she was still legally married to Coleman as his common law wife, despite the divorce.

Actually, says Moss, he met Coleman by accident, during lunch one day at the Beverly Hills Benihana. When he got into show business, I said, ‘Thank you, Lord. .

What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. Jackie Coogan, Charlie Chaplin’s 6-year-old sidekick in “The Kid” (1921), was the first child star to sue his parents. All we’re asking is love . All I want is to make sure he’s OK, get him some medical observation! . They haven’t spoken in months. These are the attorneys, bankers, auditors and clerks, a virtual mini-army now pleased to advance Gary Coleman’s legal wars for as long as he can pay for them--despite the remarkable fact that nobody, Coleman included, actually believes his parents deliberately cheated their son. Coleman’s second kidney transplant failed during the last season of “Strokes,” just before the show was canceled for low ratings. .

“Willie’s crazy.” It burns her up still that Coleman once physically threatened her boy. He isn’t actually theirs. It’s not easy to picture Moss hustling work for Gary Coleman. “I guess I own it. Anna Gray, a Portland, Oregon, resident, was named by Coleman as executor in the 2005 will, according to a petition filed Friday by Gray. THE ONLY WINNER in this bizarre yarn is the fleet of retainers in Gary Coleman’s service. The medications he takes sometimes cause depression and aggressiveness, and I have to get on the phone right away to ask the doctors if there should be a change in the dosages.”. His voice is mimicking, a high-pitched whine. Fliply, he added that he might forgive them, “maybe in 20 years.” Then he lost it, thinking of his mother. Natives of the rural Deep South, the parents once mopped floors and washed laundry for a living. "Notwithstanding the divorce decree, Price and the decedent continued to have a romantic relationship and engaged in romantic and sexual relations," the petition said.

I bought him 12 dozen of diapers, and every other day I went to the Laundromat, and I washed and dried and folded ‘em. Mial's withdrawal leaves Shannon Price, the woman Coleman divorced in 2008, and Anna Gray, a Coleman friend, as the only parties contesting for control of Coleman's estate. “Why would we cheat him when we could’ve just taken it?” bristles Willie Coleman, pointing out for the 10th time in an hour that, under provisions of the so-called Coogan Act to protect child stars, they were entitled to as much as 50% of their son’s earnings.

Specifically, the Colemans allege that their son has been “brainwashed” by his 26-year-old manager, Dion Mial, “a Michael Jackson impersonator” and former family “go-fer,” and Mial’s mother, Teri, “a cosmetics clerk at the Broadway.” This brainwashing occurred, they say, during a two-week Hawaiian vacation Coleman and Mial took in 1987. Mr. Coleman does not come close to requiring a conservatorship,” she snaps wrathfully at the parents. .