Jim and Pam went different ways after kissing at the end of season 2. A daily briefing on what matters (and what's interesting) in Hollywood. It's not personal.". Denman was optimistic, and his character and Pam actually began to reconcile in season three, but eventually, it became clear that he’d be written out of the series: “All of a sudden, Roy was an idiot again. "He has my favorite line in the movie where he acknowledges, for the first time, just how insane the journey has been and says, ‘What are we going to do next?! When Denman read for the role, the Brightburn team saw the actor draw from his emotions as a new father. Just hours earlier, he and his wife, actress Mercedes Mason, had brought their newborn son home from the hospital. He toplined a pilot that wasn't picked up, but it did give him some career heat and helped land him a new agent. Ahead of what would be his final run, it wasn't totally clear he'd be exiting the show. 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Privacy | The actors Fischer and Krasinski actually had many more scenes together than the engaged couple. Tell someone that we found our son in a spaceship in the woods?!'". IF YOU WORK IN THE INDUSTRY, LET US KNOW! — Patrick Shanley contributed reporting to this story. The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. Banks had approval of her onscreen husband, but says it was a no-brainer to bring Denman aboard. He landed the part of Roy, the guy meant to keep Romeo and Juliet apart — … From Hollywood Reporter: Ahead of what would be his final run, it wasn’t totally clear he’d be exiting the show. He really is a big kid. After all, the two were engaged for the first two seasons. And I went, ‘Uh. Sure enough, my shell landed on his neck and burned his neck," says Denman with a laugh. They’re both handsome men in the competitive world of Hollywood, and actors have been known to create rivalries. "There was so much to channel from, because it's such a horrible thing to confront. He was sitting next to me and the shell comes flying out and they are hot. But then, any excuse to watch The Office seems like a good idea. The pair co-starred in the movie "13 Hours." The Office is an American mockumentary sitcom television series that depicts the everyday work lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.It aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, lasting a total of nine seasons. His other feature credits include Big Fish, Fair Game, The Nines, Shutter, Smart People, Fanboys, Let Go, Out Cold, After Earth, Jobs, Beneath the Harvest Sky, Men, Women & Children, The Gift, 13 Hours, Power Rangers, Logan Lucky, Puzzle and Brightburn. According to an interview with Denman, however, he knew ahead of season four that he’d be written out of the series, not because of anything he read in the scripts, but because NBC had offered him a rich contract, which would only kick in if he was picked up for the fourth season. Denman said, “We were doing training and we were firing all these guns. Bay got through them. "On 13 Hours, we saved all of those scenes for the last week and those were — as actors — our favorite scenes to do. All rights reserved. "We'd been leading that third season, maybe Roy and Pam will get back together," recalls Denman. Let’s look at the evidence and see if we can solve this mystery once and for all. And they were together at Game 7 of the … NBC's The Office ran from 2005-2013 and remains a dominant force on Netflix. “At that same table read, we found out The Office has been picked up for three years. 2020 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. “Every time I’m around this guy, I’m hurting him! He wanted to mix up things, create more tension and more conflict and stuff," says Denman. Roy, meanwhile, cleaned up his act and briefly won Pam back during the season. “Jenna and I, we got along really well,” Denman said. In real life, David Denman and John Krasinski are good friends. In Bay, Denman found a director who loved spectacle but was perhaps not as enthused about the human moments — the scenes with the guys just hanging out, busting each other's chops. 2 a few years earlier. “I think we may have even got along better than her and John did at the beginning of the show. It's not you. "I really liked Michael. It’s not you. "Every time I'm around this guy, I'm hurting him! He and Krasinski would work together again in 2016's 13 Hours, Michael Bay's war drama about the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Maybe Denman and Fischer just got along really well, as Denman says. Connections matter, because one never knows how a prior relationship could pay off years down the road, as Denman’s connections on The Office have continued to pay dividends throughout his career. Everyone is going, ‘Oh, my God! Even though he drew real blood, Denman says it was a complete accident. Sitemap | "I always liked being under the radar and sort of having a blue-collar acting career, which is what I envisioned and hoped for," says Denman. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter It's a type of relationship that is very intimate, and it's very powerful, but it's fictional. However, it looks like that wasn’t the case. GET EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE NEWS! I couldn't believe how intense it got.". Since opening over the weekend, Brightburn has made more than $17 million globally against a $6 million budget and could spawn a larger universe. It's amazing!' It was that connection that eventually led to Denman landing the lead role in Brightburn opposite Elizabeth Banks. They'd go to dinner during the Office years and Gunn would come to see Denman in plays. As the boy grows older, the adoptive parents slowly realize that unlike Clark Kent, their son Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) was not sent to Earth for good. Sure enough, my shell landed on his neck and burned his neck.” Denman laughed while recounting the story. "I found out a lot of the times I came back, Krasinski was fighting to have Roy come around. In season one of The Office, the episode titled Basketball has the actors playing a game in the warehouse. After all, far more people recognize Krasinski than Denman. What Does The Rest Of 2020 — And The Decade — Have In Store For Kendrick Lamar? 13 Hours also continued a trend of Denman accidentally injuring Krasinski, following in the steps of the season-one episode of The Office, "Basketball," in which Denman elbowed his co-star in the face — drawing real blood. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? On screen, Jim and Roy butted heads over, the lovely, Pam Beesly. Krasinski knew this, and so in that way, he recognized that he needed Denman. "Jenna and, I we got along really well. And I went, 'Uh. The Office ran for nine seasons, and Denman was written out of the series after season three. Everyone is going, 'Oh, my God! I think we may have even got along better than her and John did at the beginning of the show. Coincidentally, three years after The Office ended, Denman ended up co-starring in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours alongside Krasinki, all of which is to say: Hollywood is a small world. It’s not personal.”. The tale from screenwriters Brian and Mark Gunn centers on a rural Kansas couple (Denman and Elizabeth Banks) who discover an alien baby in a field. Denman landed the role after being cast in Tim Burton's Big Fish by casting director Denise Chamain, who worked with Bay. During contract negotiations ahead of season three, NBC offered the actor a rich deal that would kick in should he be asked to continue for season four. He'd also occasionally return to The Office, most notably in a season-nine episode titled "Roy's Wedding," which revealed Roy was a changed man: successful, sensitive and attentive to his wife — all things that added to a rocky patch Jim and Pam were going through. But in real life, did the actors, John Krasinski and David Denman, continue their grudge? But maybe Denman is jealous of the fame Krasinski received for his role in The Office? At any rate, James Gunn befriended Denman through his relationship with Fischer during his years on The Office, they had dinners and stayed in contact over the years, and a situation, Brightburn, finally arose in which they could work together, which lead to Denman’s role in the movie. I'm looking at my innocent, newborn son," Denman tells The Hollywood Reporter of preparing for the audition, which he booked while the family was still at the hospital. Both men are great actors that seem happy with their careers. In 2016, Krasinski and Denman would once again work on a project together, in the form of a movie, titled 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, in which Krasinski plays Jack Silva, and Denman plays Dave “Boom” Benton. It’s also great for ratings. He wanted to mix things up, create more tension and more conflict and stuff.”. Denman's then-agent told the actor that the writing was on the wall: NBC was offering big money for a hypothetical season four to keep him under his old contract for one more year. "At that same table read, we found out The Office has been picked up for three years. At least, in the early days. A storyline needs the characters to struggle. I need to get Romeo and Juliet together, and I can't really do that with you lurking around.'". Our lives intersected quite a bit," says Denman. It's a success that comes 20 years after Denman got his first break in Hollywood, when he was cast in the Keanu Reeves football film The Replacements. Even the most diehard fans would get bored watching a couple act out the perfect relationship, with no conflict or hardships. "It was really interesting to build the family together with him, and with Jackson.". Krasinski was asked about it in an interview, and he suggested the quote was taken out of context, prompting even more headlines. And he goes, 'No. Denman told the Hollywood Reporter, “I found out a lot of the times I came back, Krasinski was fighting to have Roy come around. He'd never see that money. During contract negotiations ahead of season three, NBC offered the actor a rich deal that would kick in should he be asked to continue for season four. Jim and Roy’s conflict over Pam translates to the court, with the pair competing over the ball. He even notes that at least early on, he and Fischer may have been closer friends than Krasinski and Fischer. Denman remembers the story, and thinks it was blown out of proportion. Back to The Office: Denman was a fan of the British version and begged his then-agent to get him an audition. "I knew that he had a deadpan sense of humor that Michael Bay would appreciate,” says Chamian. Could this comment be a bit of the character Roy coming out to one-up Jim? In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Denman claims that in real life, he was better friends with Jenna Fischer, the actress that played Pam, than Krasinski was. Denman’s comments make perfect sense, considering that overcoming conflict makes a couple stronger. Cuomo Says Movie Theaters Outside New York City To Reopen at Limited Capacity, Disneyland: Employees, Fans Hold Rally Urging Gov. Even though Roy and Pam were engaged, we don’t see them together all that often, because Roy is always down in the warehouse. "He really blew me away in that audition. Honestly. Of course, Denman would return twice more to The Office, including “Roy’s Wedding,” in part because John Krasinski lobbied for his return.