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Curtis Lepore has immense clout on various social media platforms, which he has used to earn generous endorsement fees for the products he promotes through his social media activity. Table of Biography1 Early life Childhood2 Career and Professional life3 Relationship4 Body Measurement and Social Media Early life Childhood Born on June 28, 1983, Curtis turned […]

Other former friends of Gabbie, like Alx James, made their own videos talking about Gabbie's behavior, but none of them show the exact tweet better Gabbie and Curtis. Through two videos, “Draw My Life” and “There IS life after sexual assault, Breaking my silence,” Smiles openly discusses how Vine and Lepore affected her life, for better and worse. Curtis Lepore is an American musician, actor, and internet celebrity.

The clip is just one of more than 500 created by Lepore, an early adopter of Vine, the short-form video sharing platform that launched in January 2013. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. “Life is just crazy to see how something so important to so many people… the things that they did to climb on the app were disgusting and crazy, and weird, because everyone was so obsessed with it, and now those people don’t even have the app on their phone,” Smiles commented on Vine’s fleeting popularity. Without the original tweets, it's unclear exactly what happened — but Gabbie likely intended to keep the truth pretty hidden. ', Christina Anstead's Fans Are Rallying Behind Her Following Divorce Announcement. Saved searches. Smiles and Lepore’s interactions on the app changed noticeably after August passed, however. “I didn’t do anything to this girl,” he said, “and she’s still going on with it.”., — Curtis Lepore (@curtislepore) February 21, 2014. Like any alluring John Green-esque setup, she said yes. Bahasa Indonesia; Bahasa Melayu; It’s Lepore’s only vine featuring Smiles that he hasn’t deleted from his personal account—the only evidence on his profile that the two were ever in the same room together, let alone dated. Curtis Lepore in an Instagram selfie in October 2015 (Curtis Lepore / Instagram) Curtis Lepore Facts. “I cherish my loved ones and value my daily interactions with my fans. While not all vines are scripted or funny, the original short-form videos follow the same structure: The Vine user records up to six seconds of footage on their phone, then publishes the end result for their followers, or the world, to see. After breaking it off within the first week of her nearly three-week long trip, she stayed at a friend’s house for a few days. … I forgive you, Curtis. Then, they broke up last August in Los Angeles. If you were ever wondering how to behave on the off chance that you’re accused of rape one day, do not follow Vine celeb Curtis Lepore‘s lead.

Lepore wrote that he’s decided not to talk of his own volition. Smiles’ fame skyrocketed more rapidly, her account jumping to 1 million followers within her first month on the app. (Fair Use) This February, Lepore will be done with his 24 months of probation, too. Sometimes, her posts exuded negativity thinly veiled as hope or optimism. Awesome. Then in December, it announced the Vine app would be pared down to a simpler application called Vine Camera, which lets users create six-second vines to post to Twitter or save to their phones. Curtis Lepore hasn’t made an appearance on any TV show till date.