We are here for you Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00. Black Diamond made a rope just for the gym! We have assembled a short list of some guidelines that will help you to not get off the track and pamper your sports equipment with care. They are, however, a great addition to your rope collection—especially if you’re a seasoned climber looking to redpoint a difficult project, or you have a lot of mileage to cover. Skinny ropes used to have a bad reputation back in the days, but nowadays this is no longer the case. 11.7mm, 24-strand Marlow line built for MRS or SRS performance. Basically, it gets the job done and does not cost a fortune. Based on 4152 seller reviews at Trusted Shops, Bergfreunde.eu has received an average 4.8 of 5 stars. Finally, consider static and dynamic elongation. It comes with many optional bells and whistles—such as bi-color, dry treatment, and a variety of lengths to choose from. For most of us (Alex Honnold included), climbing is all about falling. At 8.9mm the rope is not too skinny or too thick, thus giving you the opportunity to use it for ice climbing, lightweight redpointing, or multi-pitch course alike. 11mm, kernmantle Edelrid line is light, strong, and handles great.

Keep in mind, this rope isn’t long enough to climb outside. 12mm, 16-strand Yale line stays round and firm under load. Whether you are new to the climbing ropes or have been an avid user for decades, we have compiled a list of some first-rate recommendations you will find helpful. It is thick, it has three sizes to choose from, and its impact force reaches the safe mark of 8.4kN. They may weigh slightly more than their skinnier counterparts, but they’re also significantly more durable and easy to use. I like to use my hands and check for damage at the same time. Twin ropes are usually merely a half-millimeter thinner than their siblings half ropes and are considered by many much easier to operate with. This provides extra security in the rare instances when the sheath is cut during climbing. And we watched everyone gush over Alex Honnold all cleaned up in his custom North Face tuxedo. Extra Stahlseil, E-Book, Einstiegsguide & Tasche, 3 m Seillänge, Preis und andere Details können je nach Größe und Farbe variieren. Rope climbing builds strength by utilizing your own body weight as resistance. It will satisfy the demands imposed by climbers in wet alpine expeditions just as much as those undertaking difficult climbing routes. Half ropes have a smaller diameter of 8 to 9 millimeters, and are also a little lighter in weight. Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Anzeige von Werbung durch uns. Weight: Similar to a helmet, or a harness, or anything you strap to your body to keep from dying, the lighter the better, right? These include dry treatment applied to core and sheath that fulfill the UIAA water-resistance standards and a center mark for placing the rope efficiently in accordance with its middle point. Don’t underestimate how beefy this rope actually is – at 10.1mm it will be continuously catching you throughout your entire climbing route. Less surprisingly, they’re also pretty necessary. These ropes are generally durable, easy to handle, and beginners-friendly. We haven't got any brands on offer matching your search, Tommy Caldwell Pro Dry DuoTec 9,6 mm - Single rope, Convert climbing grades, get your ape index & more, "I'll find the best & latest outdoor products for you! Single ropes are the most used climbing ropes of all, and with a diameter between 9 and 11 millimeters, they are also the thickest. I included some more activity-specific ropes, for those of you who want a rope that’s the best for one thing. Are you sold now? But, if you are up for the challenge, this could be a great way to learn and advance faster. That said, if you’re a very advanced climber or an alpine climber who’s incredibly weight-conscious, the Beal Opera was made just for you. New high-tech rope fibers and manufacturing techniques for climbing ropes now offer optimized safety. You might even opt for two ropes of different diameters – that’s what some climbers tend to do too. Some people record any major falls in a logbook or their climbing journal. → The Best Scuba Diving BCDs For Every Budget 2020, It is reliable and suitable for beginners, The construction is completely eco-friendly, The color is prone to turn dark from the carabiners and belay fastenings, This gear is universal as it can be used in a variety of scenarios, It is water-repellent, which is handy in wet weather conditions, This item has been on the market for years, has earned a good reputation, and thus can be trusted, Great for experienced climbers performing trad climbing, Although its thickness is on the low side, it is quite heavy compared to other 9.5mm ropes, Can be challenging for rope climbing beginners, The water-resistance rate of this rope is outstanding thanks to the dry treatment applied to both core and sheath, Suitable for moderate to advanced climbers, It doesn’t feel as silky smooth as some other ropes, The relatively low impact force ensures the soft catches in times of transitioning from one height to another over the sharp edges, The sustainable materials enable the rope to reach a wider audience, The life expectancy is not as high as desired, The rope knots and grips onto the belay tools easily, It has a perfect diameter/impact force ratio that allows you to feel safe when descending among the sharp angles, The slightly shorter-than-usual diameter is not every climber’s cup of tea, The sheath is thick enough to last a few years or so, The dry treatment is handy as it includes every possible weather scenario associated with rock climbing, Not suitable for beginners with little to no rock climbing experience, Recommended use: alpine climbing and mountaineering, This rope is extremely lightweight and thin, which is ideal for alpine climbing, The dry treatment is great for keeping the rope moist-free, Although it is stretchy, this might be a downside in terms of the rope’s longevity, Perfectly suitable for gym, cragging, and top roping, Both beginners and professionals will get good use out of it, The rope is quite frankly heavy, which can be a downside for some, Recommended use: climbing, gym bouldering, Ideal for indoor and outdoor climbing in dry conditions, The rope’s diameter combines the great ratio of lightness and durability, It is as affordable as a climbing rope can get, A rope with no dry treatment requires you taking good care of it for the rope to last long, Recommended use: ice climbing, mountaineering, trad, multi-pitch, gym, One of the most universal ropes on the market, The combination of a fair price, excellent performance, and the ultimate durability make the rope stand out from the crowd, Experienced climbers will get plenty of use out of it, Top ropers will find this rope hard to handle as it is more stretchy than desired, The thin-ish built of the rope makes it slide easily through the belay device, The handling is easy and convenient, exactly like the top-grade climbing rope would perform, The durability factor is not as strong as its competitors’, Impact force: 8.5 (single) kN, 6.6 (half) kN, 10.4 (twin) kN, DryXP treatment is an upgrade from the standard Dry treatment, We can appreciate the optimal diameter to impact force ratio, The rope with these features is deemed to last a long time, Does the trick at a low cost without compromising any essential features, The impact force pairs nicely with the rope’s diameter, which makes it safe to descend to various heights either on purpose or by mistake, Due to lowering off the anchors that are largely located, the rope has the tendency to kick up, It has a good thickness to aid beginners in getting acquainted with climbing in gym settings. This is due to the intensity of the activity that wears down the equipment quite quickly. Although it’s normally recommended to invest in the climbing rope with a dry finish, you might not necessarily need this feature. Sure, it does take away some risks of potential harm when the weather is acting up, but if you know that you are not going to be using your rope in these circumstances, there is no need for splurging on one. Where this rope gains points for affordability and versatility, it also loses points for durability and comfort. Knowing the halfway mark is very useful for lowering and repelling, and can keep you safe by ensuring you pay attention. So, if you’re looking for a gym rope or you’re attentive and can keep track of middle marks, save your money. Regularly wash your rope with soap and water. And, with 31% dynamic stretch, it manages to keep things tighter than you’d think for such a thin line. It does not make the product pricier for you.