Previously the Interim Mayor after Mayor Hamilton's arrest, she was elected on a special election against conservative Vernon Butler.
She is arrested and presumably convicted of her crimes. In 2005, Weitz announced his departure from the film, citing the enormous technical challenges involved, and the fear of being denounced by both the book's fans and detractors; he was subsequently replaced by British director Anand Tucker.

Their investigation leads them to the Hanlon father and son.] Borin first works with Pride's team when she is tasked with interrogating a smuggler whose crimes took place within Coast Guard jurisdiction. Dwayne: "Like you fixed my Little League career?" Dwayne tells his father that the only reason Laurel thinks so well of Cassius is because Dwayne has purposefully omitted all the seedy and shocking details of growing up as Cassius's son, witnessing his crimes and corruption. In season two, Sebastian helps Meredith Brody uncover the conspiracy surrounding her sister's death.

... John McCain's maverick mother … It was announced on December 13, 2008 that he was going to be the director for the film, New Moon. Her campaign was assisted by Wade and presumably the entire NCIS team.

Like her father, she plays piano, and is expected to graduate with Honors. Cassius Pride (Stacy Keach) is Dwayne Pride's incarcerated father, who has a shady past, being a veritable kingpin in the "running" of New Orleans city and parish, "back in the day." Cassius: "Hey, you were a natural-born shortstop. Despite having an affectionate relationship with her father, she feels he is too nice to her boyfriends, and as such notes a desire for him to stop developing "bromances" with them. Cassius, laughing: "Well it worked, didn't it?" Isler is taken hostage by a local military warlord, and Pride and LaSalle team up with a local military operator to ransom Isler and escape to nearby friendly territory in the Republic of Georgia. She has a background in interrogation and claims to have a black belt in aikido. Chris and Tash are now proud parents to their daughter Ava, whom they welcomed in March this year. Barlow's frame job leads up to Pride's friend NOPD Captain Carl Estes being killed by a car bomb, and Pride himself being set up as the murderer of the Mayoral candidate Zahra Taylor. Christopher John "Chris" Weitz (born November 30, 1969) is an Academy Award-nominated American producer, writer, director and actor. After she gains the trust of Pride, the team discover she has been assisting Baitfish in his quest to control the entirety of NOLA's criminal enterprises. She is seemingly about to be taken hostage shortly after, but is able to disarm her female attacker long enough for NCIS Agent Sonja Percy to seemingly shoot the assailant dead. Sinclair commits suicide when he knows Pride is on to him, and Walker ends up succeeding him at Apollyon. She shows up in a number of episodes, mostly as an antagonist in the local legal structure, blocking the NCIS team from doing what they consider to be their jobs, and often appearing to be an apparatchik of either Mayor Hamilton or some other political entity. NCIS: New Orleans is an American television series, executive produced by Gary Glasberg and Mark Harmon. Borin reunites with Pride to investigate the poisoning of a Naval Commander, and in "Rock-a-Bye Baby", the kidnapping of a young child. Carter has a preference for wearing designer suits while on duty, but a running gag occurs that he is put into a situation where his suit is ruined. Cassius is murdered in the Season 5 episode "Tick Tock" (continued into the first minutes of the subsequent episode "Vindicta"); Cassius's courage and resourcefulness here saves Dr. Loretta Wade's life, as well as two other hostages.

He is coached by NCIS Agent Sonja Percy in his determination to accompany her in an undercover sting operation, and he performs well. He was arrested by Pride and removed from office at the end of season three because of the Clearwater case (a plot to flood part of New Orleans so Hamilton's company could build a new shipyard in the neighborhood). Cade is a charmer with the ladies, and is a talented artist, builder, and hard worker between his lapses into his bizarre behavior. Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town, Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight, Twilight in Volterra: Fantasy and Reality in Italy, She is a crossover character from NCIS. Chris and Guy have two other brothers: Ollie, the oldest, and younger brother Jeremy. Weitz began his film career as a co-writer on the 1998 animated film Antz. Early life Guy Sebastian was born in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, on 26 October 1981.

Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) is a senior NCIS Special Agent. Some time during or after prison, he had taken up painting, which his granddaughter Laurel thinks is simple but cute, saying his trees look like "green marshmallows". Hannah is separated from her husband, Ryan; the two have a daughter, Naomi, who is 10 years old in season 5. It earned $230.7 million in its first ten days, which is $38 million more than the previous installment grossed in its entire theatrical run. Even in prison Cassius remains the semi-lovable con artist, trying to leverage his son into writing a letter of support for his annual parole hearings; even trying to use his granddaughter Laurel to work on Dwayne's sentiments. Ollie was born in India, where their mother Nellie and father Ivan met while Ivan studied geology, and Guy was born in Malaysia. He gave himself the nickname "Double P" in the early part of Season 1, much to Sebastian's dismay, who rejects the idea that a person can award themselves their own character nickname.

Sgt. She appears in the very first NCIS introductory episode — "Crescent City" Part 1 — that launched the New Orleans franchise from the main NCIS series. Christopher John "Chris" Weitz (born November 30, 1969) is an Academy Award-nominated American producer, writer, director and actor. In episode 19 of season 4, Percy resigns from NCIS to accept a position at the FBI. Its U.S. grosses have been described as disappointing in relation to film's $180 million USD budget, although it was a "stellar performer" outside the U.S. with a "stunning" box office likely to hit $250 million. "The Privileged Killer". He beats up Stone and hauls him around in the trunk of a car, trying to get information out of him. When MacClain is murdered, the teams discover his frame-up and the reason for it.

As he is dying, Pride promises him no one will ever discover his son's identity or hurt him. However, in the Season 1 episode "Careful What You Wish For", Patton announces to Sebastian that he has upped his nickname to "Triple P", with the third "P" standing for "Perfection". She considers resigning in protest, but her daughter's desire for her to remain in New Orleans convinces her to stay. In the trilogy of episodes that form the Season 4 finale, Sydney is recruited by Pride to be the muscle on his "off-books" clandestine team to take down AAG Eric Barlow and his deadly security tech Amelia Parsons.