. I read the text myself, the "joke" was about paying for 3 men to gang rape her because she argued with him and she 'just needed laid'. Ready for a Pandemic? #MeToo. #VoteMcSally https://t.co/9rCKUWpkUm. Sick of T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint?

The Lord Answered all of my Prayers, Even the Ones He Didn’t. @CaptMarkKelly‘s campaign said it does not agree with its spokesperson’s characterization of police as “worthless f—ing pigs,” after the Washington Free Beacon first reported the staffer’s comments. They were awful. Just non-stop self aggrandizement. I’m Pissed Off at Everyone, and I’m Naming Names! Kelly’s campaign website always pledges that Kelly will “stand up” to the gun lobby. Twitter is Shadow Banning USSANews! I know the dem bench is pretty shallow but still. My Version of Glenn Beck’s Prayer for the Nation, An Open Letter Destroying the Damned Snowflakes. He so far is ignoring the whole thing on his FB page andTwitter. According to the Washington Free Beacon, L’Heureux directed his now-deleted Twitter comment to the Chicago Police Department in response to a video depicting Chicago PD officers responding to protestors. Let’s Make this Happen…and Here’s Why. Senate candidate Mark Kelly calls police “worthless f-ing pigs”. They probably used the legal definition of sexual harassment. My mother is a political figure, and the woman who the messages were about actually sent my mother the messages, which I read directly. Thoughts!?money". “These comments are disgusting and were made just one week before Mark Kelly hired this person, meaning he knew about it and was OK with it.”, “It’s just further proof that Mark embraces extreme anti-law enforcement ideas and rhetoric. Don’t Defund the Police, Defund the Politicians Who Make Idiotic Laws that Cause People to Hate the Police!

She suggested this might be why Kelly has not voiced his gun control position. The Second Civil War is Here! The organization is well known for its anti-police sentiments, frequently shared on Twitter. The Daily Stormer Website is Down, and That is not a Good Thing. https://kfab.iheart.com/featured/voorhees/content/2020-06-16-democratic-party-tells-janicek-enough/ has screenshots. After the story came out, Peters called the tweet “unacceptable” and claimed: “Our campaign values the public service, bravery and sacrifice of police officers across our nation.”, John Clure, executive director of the Arizona Police Association, referred to the tweet as “frankly disgusting.”, “It sadly isn’t the first time I’ve seen this from Democratic campaign personnel.”, “I hope that [Kelly] fires [the staffer] immediately to show that he doesn’t condone this kind of attitude that police are ‘f—ing worthless.”. Lol I have never heard roughneck used like that, Subreddit for Omaha, NE and the Omaha–Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area, Press J to jump to the feed. It is posted on Shelton for Senate https://www.facebook.com/SheltonForSenate. DACA: The Humane and Fair Way to Handle Illegal Aliens. Advocates for Defunding Police Drop Millions to Boost Dem Senate Candidates – Jaime Harrison, Mark Kelly, Sara Gideon benefit from far-left group’s multimillion-dollar ad buy https://t.co/B6sIyps1km, — A.C. Spollen (@ACSpollen) October 10, 2020. "I just want to apologize and move on.". Visit the USSA News store! Close. This content is courtesy of, and owned and copyrighted by, https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com and its author.

Chris Janicek is the Democratic candidate in the race to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Ben Sasse. “These people, they want their guns in case the government comes to take their guns.”.

Do you want to join our private family of first responders and supporters? And Now the Gun Regulation Debate Begins…Again, and it’s Wrong. O’Keefe spoke with Angelica Carpio, a field organizer for Mission for Arizona, which O’Keefe described as Arizona’s Democratic party and an extension of the Mark Kelly campaign. Back in 2019, Guns and Ammo ranked Arizona the most gun-friendly state, period. This is Why We Have Free Speech, a President, a Congress, and a Supreme Court. Sick of Spineless RINOs? MoveOn left no doubt of its goal to take away funding from police in the wake of the death of George Floyd when it tweeted: “In defense of Black life, we are demanding that the local government defund the police, that payments to family members come from police pensions, transparency and communication with the families, and for the police [to] stand down against protesters.”. Honestly I try to keep up on NE politics but most I hadn't heard of. The guy's a roughneck and a bit of a low life. Free Speech has a New Home! And I know, actually right now it’s purple technically, but I think he just wants to get those independents.

Learn this. You’ve Heard of the Tea Party and You Know What We Stand For. I agree with all this, and having been involved in politics for a couple years now, I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. Senate candidate Mark Kelly calls police “worthless f-ing pigs” appeared first on Law Enforcement Today. Cheat the IRS and Get Away with it – Maybe. It seems Arizonans will have to wait until after Kelly gets elected to hear his true thoughts on gun control as well as his gun control plan. Allegedly, she also mentioned that “staffers” want Kelly to come out and discuss his gun control plans, but that he is just trying to be elected and then he will “implement” measures. Why the World is Falling Apart.

Anything he tries to say to the contrary is a bunch of hot air.”. Bederka described Kelly as being a “little” further to the left, claiming that Kelly absolutely supports banning “assault weapons.”. T.J. L’Heureux used those words one week before the Kelly campaign hired him as deputy press secretary. Fail to report Joe DID Call Young Black Men, “Predators”, Lawsuit names arrested rioters for damage and looting in Cincinnati during May and June “peaceful protests”, At Bearing Arms: Number of Concealed Handgun Permits nears 20 million, Watch: Woman caught on camera throwing puppy at man in California, Doctors and Scientists Request Evaluation of Health Risks from RF Radiation and 5G by Experts with No Conflicts of Interest, NBA Will Cut Black Lives Matter Messaging Next Year After Record-Low Ratings, Divided World is Failing COVID-19 Test, Says Frustrated UN Chief, Big Tech’s hypocrisy on “hacked materials”, Nigeria could shut down the internet to try and suppress protests, Prime Minister of Thailand orders media and internet censorship as protests mount, Congress wants to cut “misinformation” as researchers demand platforms hand over data on users who share it, Iran Threatens Response To Errant Missiles On Its Territory From Nagorno-Karabkh Conflict, France Adds Record 32k COVID-19 Cases As New Restrictions Take Effect; Ireland Weighs Return To Lockdown: Live Updates, Stock Options Traders Are Back At The Speculation, Thailand Protests Grow Fiercer Against Military Ruler & World’s Richest Billionaire Monarch, HAWORTH: Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump No.