Join Chip as he encourages us with the secret to establishing and developing lasting, godly relationships. Do You see that I have needs too?" Gods Dream for Your Life. Chip gives you three keys to achieving personal contentment, and restoring the joy in your life. Do you want to get God’s best but don’t know how? If you’re struggling, and it feels like God is a million miles away, you don’t want to miss this message. Find out, in this message from Chip Ingram. Do really outspoken Christians annoy you? Don’t miss Part 1 and Part 2, of Three Conditions for Power in Prayer. Most people wish their marriage were “better.” If that’s where you find yourself, join Chip as he talks about God’s plan for your marriage and how you can experience a deeper more meaningful life with your spouse, beginning today. Are you going, literally, through the valley of the shadow of death? Chip takes a look at how to face opposition when it comes from a trusted friend or adviser. Did you ever do all the work and someone else got all the credit? Lost hope? When Jesus asks people to follow Him, He means He will take on the responsibility to provide, lead, protect, and love – and as followers, we agree to believe, trust, and obey – even when it’ll take everything we’ve got, to do that. Chip takes a fresh look at the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Whether you are a Christian or just an interested seeker, this message is an important opportunity for you.

The question is - how do you get rid of them? Today on Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram, Chip explores what the Bible says about heaven and why it will change how you live today. Everyone struggles with anger - period! Some kind of mystical place where all people do is sing and have really long church services? Whether we believe it or not, there is a battle raging for your soul. Let’s be honest - we’ve all done things we wish we hadn’t done. Or maybe just a random choice made by Him alone? Chip says life is like that. So, if it's not... what do we do? They figured out what it takes to develop their passion.

We all long to experience real intimacy in our marriage. And what significance does it make to our personal spiritual lives? Have you ever wondered who or what defines what is “good?” Chip reveals what the Bible has to say about the answer to that question. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Jupiter Images Corporation.

Chip puts the Bible on trial and lays out a case for the authenticity of scripture.

Sound impossible? We all know that adversity is a fact of life. Part of Awakening Midweek. Sermon Archive. Do you wish you could just move on, but you don’t know how? Chip gives us a glimpse into this powerful way of living and how you can start experiencing that goodness right now. In this series, Chip helps us understand the journey and the roadmap for getting there. Join Chip as he helps us understand how it works - from God's perspective. No pain. I mean major failure - the kind that even years later you cringe when you think about it. Interested? Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life, Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram Weekend Podcast, Chuck Swindoll - Insight for Living Ministries.

When you want to do something really well, you just don’t give it your best shot, you go into training, you take a class, hire a coach, or seek expert advice. You can update your billing information. You'll explore the idea that there are certain practices available to every believer at every maturity level to move us from good to God's Eyes. Is it possible that the enemy of your soul is using these common emotions to keep you from experiencing God’s love and power? Whether you’ve been married five months or fifty years - today’s message is for you. Is it possible to live confidently in such alarming times? Guilt. Or live in a state of constant denial? There is a lot of truth in that saying. Now, honestly, does that really sound like a great way to spend eternity? Take a moment to think about it. And what am I supposed to do? Or for some, you’ve tried what you thought was an authentic community only to be burned or abused. When life gets hard, really hard, we have two options. The Genius of Generosity . But for most of us we just don’t know how to get there. But for many of us, the process of building authentic community is a mystery. Chip describes how you can transform your Bible reading from a duty to a joy and begin seeing answers to prayer like never before.

In this message, Chip shares, from scripture, what God is looking for from you and me. He tells us that through the joy Christ offers, we have the supernatural ability to live far above our circumstances. Chip gives us a glimpse of the life that awaits us there. When good stops, evil reigns. Chip encourages you that it is possible, and you can have those kind of relationships.