For example, if an employee works 8 hours during a basic tour of duty that begins on Saturday and ends on Sunday, and also works 8 hours during a basic tour of duty that begins on the same Sunday and ends on Monday, the employee is entitled to 16 hours of Sunday premium pay.

What is a class action and who is involved? Pay was good. If CFS can't answer you then you call the DSC # option payroll.

Regular OT is 10% Nighttime Differential OT is an added 10% and Sunday premium is 25%. The Government agrees that part-time GS and WG employees of the VA, who were or are employed on or after October 14, 2005, are entitled to be paid Sunday premium pay, equal to 25% of his or her basic rate of pay, for non-overtime work performed on a Sunday during a … Ask a question about working or interviewing at U.S. Census Bureau.

Mileage is reimbursed and hourly rate could have been higher but was ultimately fair for the level of qualification needed for this position. It was nice to have a flexible schedule any day from 9 am to 9 pm and weekends and they kept me usually within 6 mile radius of home. Its was cool can choose schedule. I have started getting pay stubs and I noticed they are putting my Sunday overtime and Sunday after 6 pay as regular ND and regular OT. When I say travel, I don't mean vacation-like, rather menial walking through neighborhoods knocking on doors.

An employee under a compressed work schedule (not a flexible schedule) is entitled to Sunday premium pay for all non-overtime hours the employee works during each regularly scheduled basic tour of duty that begins or ends on Sunday, the maximum not to exceed the total number of non-overtime hours of two tours (See 5 U.S.C.

Only full-time employees are entitled to Sunday premium pay. Explore information on salaries, job satisfaction, skills and more. This is consistent with all federal jobs. So contact your CFS first. Management was easy to contact, helpful when necessary. Can get as many or as little hours as you want to work. Last Thursday was the last day I had cases, only 10 and no more robo calls.

Notice of this change was sent out to Field Representatives in the form of a Memorandum from the Regional Directors.

Press J to jump to the feed. Some Class Members may be entitled to more or less depending on their individual circumstances. We should have begun in April, but did not begin until August 2020. Its easy, mostly outside, and well paid.

The court has granted final approval to the Settlement on December 5, 2019. What questions did they ask during your interview at U.S. Census Bureau? Box 4087 No such thing as Sunday premium OT for federal wages. This website also contains all the information about this case. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A first 40-hour tour of duty is the basic workweek without the requirement for specific days and hours within the administrative workweek. I hope to apply again in 2030. Defendant’s Answer to the Complaint is also available for review here. The pay is good for the job. Had to have reconstructive surgery due to an accident in the field and I received little to no support from management even though I was working out of state and needed emergency surgery.

The work must have been performed during a regularly scheduled period of service of up to 8 hours, which was not overtime. Premium pay for Sunday work is in addition to premium pay for holiday work, overtime pay, and night pay differential.

What happens if I submit an Opt-In Claim Form? This lawsuit is about whether the Government violated federal pay statutes by failing to pay Sunday “premium pay” equal to 25% of his or her basic rate of pay when part-time employees performed work, a part of which was performed on Sunday, on or after October 14, 2005. Sunday premium pay may be paid only for periods when an employee performs work on Sunday. I got cart blanche OT approval on 9/16 to work as much as 11 hours a day going forward, and it has not been rescinded yet. The pay is also good. 6128(c)). Enjoyed working as an enumerator. You must use their cell phones and the wireless connection is really bad. How and when will the Court decide who is right? 11-681C Toggle navigation.