In March, the Joint Commission, an independent, nonprofit body that accredits more than 20,500 healthcare organizations nationwide, raised concerns about possible surgical infections at Womack. The review, led by assistant secretary of defense for health affairs Jonathan Woodson, will focus on access to care and "an assessment of the safety and quality of health care," according to the Pentagon. Sign up for the Army Times Daily News Roundup to receive the top Army stories every afternoon. The confrontation between Leslie Drinkwine and Jenio was emblematic of an environment within the 4th Brigade, particularly its family readiness group, that was so toxic that it triggered an investigation by a three-star general. In March, Brewster told The Fayetteville Observer the hospital put off surgeries and other medical procedures over two days during a hospitalwide "stand down" to address the findings of a team from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, a national nonprofit that accredits more than 20,000 health care organizations and programs. Leslie Drinkwine strongly denies her influence could affect careers and says that she "felt humiliated, her reputation defamed and slandered" by an earlier decision to remove her as FRG adviser. Gen. Richard Stephens ", Brewster said the stand-down was unusual, but "purely preventative. "After repeated instances, I believe it became difficult for [Leslie Drinkwine] to decipher the sarcastic and bitter response from those that were truly meaningful.". By the Jenios' sworn accounts, Leslie Drinkwine yelled at the teen and left her in tears. As it did over the migration crisis in 2015, the Scandinavian country took a COVID-19 position distinct from its European neighbors. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel speaks to reporters at the Pentagon on May 1. Leslie Drinkwine, in an interview with Spillman, denied that she had threatened to have the major relieved but conceded that she used profanity during heated conversations with him. "People will remember how you make them feel," he said. The ruling was celebrated by state Republicans. The inquiry into Landstuhl Regional Medical Center commander Col. Timothy Hudson does not involve patient safety or care, officials say. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. By Tuesday afternoon, Brewster's photograph and biography were missing from the Womack website. Gen. Ronald Stephens, who leads Regional Health Command-Europe, was suspended Feb. 12, USAREUR said in a statement. Brig. Hudson assumed duty as the 33rd Commander … Womack is one of 41 in-patient hospitals operated in the United States by the Department of Defense, serving 160,000 eligible beneficiaries -- the largest of any Army facility. The review will focus on safety and quality of medical care in the military system, which serves 9.6 million active-duty service members, retirees and their dependents, Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said in a statement, referring to Hagel’s order. Sherri Jenio, in her statement, calls it "the most miserable time in my life. All of the complaints against Col. Timothy Hudson were baseless, said Gino Mattorano, spokesman for Regional Health Command Europe. He said Leslie Drinkwine was driven by an intent to care for soldiers and their families and Col. Drinkwine was "one of the most dedicated officers I've ever met. According to the statement of Col. Johnny Johnston, the 82nd Rear Detachment commander, the 4th BCT FRG advisers voiced their complaints in a meeting with him in late July 2009. ", Leslie Drinkwine later told Spillman that she regretted sending the e-mail; Spillman said in his report the brigade afterward was "never was able to gain harmony.". Military editor Drew Brooks can be reached at or 486-3567. You must get it right. Senior staff writer Sean Naylor and The Associated Press contributed to this report. By most accounts, the flashpoint for hostility in the brigade FRG was the events that followed an Oct. 30 silent auction in a post social hall. His tie to LRMC was, however, ever-present throughout his medical career. Brig. Several battalion commanders, in sworn statements, said Col. Drinkwine dismissed their concerns, saying words to the effect of "My wife speaks for me," and "Get your wives in line." In his sworn statement, Col. Drinkwine denies any wrongdoing by himself or his wife and attributes the FRG's dysfunction to "the inability of a few ladies to work professionally with one another." Brig. Gen. Ronald T. Stephens, commander of Regional Health Command Europe, reinstated Hudson on the basis of the recommendation of the investigators. As voters prepare to vote on a rent control ballot measure, supporters and opponents are both pointing to the coronavirus as a reason to pass or reject Prop. Rice underwent a tubal ligation May 16, then returned home. Dela Cruz says in his statement that Leslie Drinkwine called on him Nov. 18 to reprimand several other spouses because she was "being slandered" by them. In the past five years, the Army saw only five reliefs per year among 961 battalion commander-equivalent positions in the Army, according to an Army spokesman. “We were doing the disinfection well but we weren’t documenting that we were doing it well,’’ Brewster told the newspaper. Gen. Ronald Stephens, commander of Regional Health Command Europe, reinstated Hudson per the investigators’ recommendation.