Like the theme music to a good movie, they underscore a unique decade in hip-hop.Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and explore the best rap songs of the 2000s. Isn't that what comes to mind when we hear the words "music" and "Marvin"? The song's lighthearted vibe is apropos given Oregon's high depression rates.

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It certainly doesn’t hurt either that an actress as talented as Rebecca Ferguson gives the lip sync performance of her life to really sell the track. Weezy goes on a free-verse rampage, rambling about everything under the sun. Kanye's braggart rhymes, Jay-Z's strong presence, Lil Wayne's unique delivery, and T.I. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

Lupe’s skateboard anthem made the world take notice of the Chi-Town MC’s push for the return of the art of storytelling sorely needed in this decade. As a bonus, Crowe tossed Sigur Ros in the mix three years before Steve Zissou and his crew confronted the jaguar shark to the tune of “Staralfur.” —Rachael Maddux, Like the “play at home” version of the movie, High Fidelity’s soundtrack lets you, the viewer, act out all the best scenes from the film. joined the boys onstage for a Grammy performance on her due date. The reconciliation was just as historic as the battle. "To relax my mind so I can be free" are the first words on Erick Sermon's "Music." Jiggaman and UGK teamed up to give us this sure-shot in the summer of 2000. Arguably their best LP, Stankonia, scored 5 mics in The Source and spawned three of the year's most popular songs: the ferocious "B.O.B.," the swaggerlicious "So Fresh, So Clean," and this here baby-mama-drama anthem "Ms.

If "Chemical Calisthenics" didn't help you ace your Chemistry class, you're doing it wrong. Aside from Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, no other event garnered hip-hop support like the 2008 presidential election. For my money, this is the greatest soundtrack of the 1990s, and could easily be in the discussion of greatest of all-time. And, much as in real life, the right song at the right moment can mean the difference between something ordinary and something truly transcendent. In the movie, Hepburn sang the song sitting with a guitar on the fire escape of a New York apartment, and the result was charming, forever remembered as one of the best film songs. His flow on "Hip-Hop 101" is crispier than vanilla wafers. “Remember Me” is both proof of the stranglehold Pixar still has on its audience’s emotions and the benefits a film reaps by making authenticity a top priority when representing a culture that’s been denied a mainstream platform for far too long. Classic El-Producto rocking the world, one anxious thought at a time. Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies TV Shows News ... 2000s Movie Songs Slick115; 22 videos; 33,620 views; Last updated on Mar 16, 2013; Play all Share. M.O.P.

The songs play in the foreground, in the background, over montage sequences and triumphant climaxes. Jadakiss hooked up with Havoc and Anthony Hamilton for a moment of reflection on a wide array of social issues.

Hey hip-hop, your future is in safe hands. made considerable strides in the 2000s because of songs like "How About Some Hardcore" and "Ante Up." OutKast used the eerily prescient "B.O.B." What to Read Next.

Too bad, 50 doesn't craft hooks like this anymore. This is the hymn of a man at peace with the sound of his own voice.

In its heyday back in 2013 and 2014, there was probably not a playground in the country — or perhaps in many parts of the world, as dubbed versions of “Frozen” were quite popular, too — where someone wasn’t singing the Oscar-winning “Let it Go.”. Two revered groups merge forces for the first time and yield a pulverizing hip-hop moment. Rap-A-Lot Records/Rap-A-Lot 2K Records, Inc. Devin is known for propagating the green gospel.
Best of all, it went down easy no matter what kind of dance you were doing in the club.

"Get Ur Freak On" is a testament to her array of artistic strengths. Nas and a bunch of others made something of a contest out of documenting the historic election. The surprising mix of indie darlings The Shins with classic artists like Nick Drake and Simon & Garfunkel alongside the up-tempo electronica of Frou Frou and Thievery Corporation made this album a pure pleasure from beginning to end. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

Then you hit the repeat button. A great song written for a movie is more than a transparent attempt by an artist to add the “O” to their prospective EGOT.

As deadly as the bullets that pierced his skin and nearly claimed his life.

A sweet reminder of a time when CRS (Kanye, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco) teased us endlessly with the promise of a long-player.