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i agree sterling and joe r 20 shes only 17 DATE SOME1 UR OWN AGE. She /is/was/isn't/wasn't dating with him who cares.She told her fans SHE IS SINGLE! Stop being rude! I think stemi and channy is so, so much cuter and perfect and ... i think not bcz demi is single right now and they r dating in sonny with a chance thats all, No they are not dating first off hes 21 and Demi is 18, Yeah but when Demi was 16 she dated Miley's 21 year old brother trace and dated Joe who is also 21. It's a change. Kylie Jenner Sleeps in This $10 Organic Oil to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing, We Found a Cardigan Just Like J. Lo’s $995 Coach One for Under $30 Using StyleSnap, Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's Relationship Timeline, Demi! No I think they are just friends but who knows when she and Joe were together which they are not anymore they hid it and she lied about being with Joe so I am to the point though I am still a fan of her where half the things she says I be;lieve are lies..... Actually Demi and Joe broke up a couple of weeks ago, yeah, they even posted on their twitter AND facebook! “Friends thought they were going to implode.”, The Grammy nominee “is used to being the star in their dynamic, and Max is really loving the newfound attention,” the insider adds. A source previously told Us that the couple had yet to set a date for their wedding, but they were planning to tie the knot sometime next year. they sure are cute! she admitted in an interview that her and sterling were dating but i dont know if they still are. She talks to Trace all the time... and its flirty stuff too. As they make me too jealous:P Plus,she always goes for older guys,she should try someone her own age or something for once!! i'm a jones fan. the one with Sterling playing his guitar on set of Sonny's apartment, it was a behind the scenes pic from New Girl. they broke up... sorry. The lovebirds were also enjoying their time as a newly engaged couple. but they control there lives not us. reports—especially after old comments he made about wanting to marry Lovato's ex-friend Selena Gomez went viral, along with other posts he made lusting after other celebs … Anne Hathaway or Britney Spears, who you think is a better Celebrity? I disagree i like Sterling Knight better than Joe and Sterling Knight and Demi Lovato look cute couple together and Joe have a small corral and no more Joeas Brothers now Espesaly after that stinken Jonas broke her heart. sure sure. But those close to Lovato have become concerned about Ehrich's intentions, E! 1) that looks like a clip out of a tabloid, and 2) she's single since Joe Jonas just dumped her via cell phone. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! He also gave her a ring before she went on tour in late augest. More mistreatment claims hit embattled NFL team, 'GMA' host uses sexy pic for climate change pitch, Dems hint at retaliation over Barrett nomination, Music mogul endorses Biden, launches new political party. No way really! If you are real Selena and Demi I am big big big fan since I came here, but if you aren't than change your name it is not cool!! GOOD I GOT WORRID THAT SHE WAS DATING HIM. they do make a cute couple though :D his nickname for demi is dem dem aww how cute. However, they let Pop star readers comment about it and they were controversial comments about Demi and Trace Cyrus being a cuter couple while other readers said Demi and Sterling are the better couple. Idk but i really think they should. Us confirmed on Thursday, September 24, that the pair, who got engaged in July after four months of dating, called it quits on their engagement. “Those close to them were skeptical about their relationship and the longevity of it,” the insider reveals. But they probably are not.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are dating. No demi is not dating sterling, if you have read any articles on demi lately, then you would know that demi is dating joe!!!!!!! What are your favorite performances of Jake Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones. sonny and chad have a boatload of sexual tension going on there! No! © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. sonny and chad have a boatload of sexual tension going on there! gross what is he doing to her in this pic, i like the ideal of Joe and Demi and Sterling and Demi. and this News is old look at the details They wrote Demi Lovato(16)!! bua on the lips jaajauaajajajajajjjaaaaaaaaaa ur such a liar!! No, I know this is on Demi's Fanpop page, but I know that Sterling Knight is single, I think. I know Demi broke up with Joe long ago but i am just saying Demi and Sterling is in love in the show the in real life. On a Star magazine article/interview, it said that they have confirmed that they are more than just friends. She's not related to you, I Think She IS Dating Miley cyrus Brother Trace Cyrus She Date's Alot Of Guys That Are 20 Joe Jonas Sterling Knight And Trace Cyrus I Mean She Dose'nt Date Them She Just Hangs Out With Them And then She Decides To Date Them When They Get To Know Egother But Anyway I Think She Is Dating Trace Cyrus. Stars Who Got Engaged Amid the Pandemic, See Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's Engagement Photos, the couple had yet to set a date for their wedding, the Disney Channel alum and Ehrich were an item. Sterling Knight is 4 years older than her! I think Demi is single. Born Demetria Devonne Lovato on 20th August, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, she is famous for Barney & Friends, Camp Rock, Sonny With A Chance. No they aren't, she was dating Joe until they broke up. Link please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well no he didn't but did u??? From ELLE. yuk!!!!!!!! No, there is no evidence to show that her and Sterling Knight are dating, they might have some on- screen chemistry but in real life they're just friends. i read in a mag that shes dating joe jonas so unless shes a two timer, U DONT KNOW WHO SHES DATING UNLESS SHE TELLS U. Demi and sterling should date because they act like they really date in Sonny with a Chance! !the babys name is camiele, tis is it..i knew it's only arumor..but they sweet when they together...n wat should we say ..let them have a date....i luv demi...i just wanna see she's with sterling..i support every guyz tat she have been why dont Sterling. Are Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight dating in real life as of 5-3-09? But I would say that Steling & Demi do look cute together, really, but just my opinion, and its her life we dont control her, well yes because she BROKE UP WITH YOU KNOW WHO JOE JONAS. You can sign in to vote the answer. if they were dating wouldn't it be every were and wouldn't there be interviews and stuff and people talking about it. acually there couple name is stemi lol + sterling and demi = STEMI !!! Demi Lovato is rumoured to have hooked up with JoJo Gomez (2018), Lauren Abedini (2017) and Rob Kardashian (2010).. About. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Not surprised? That is just my opinion. That would be cool though. She's talking about how she's standing strong with a dude who's a trainwreck, someone who is her opposite and how she's in love.