Liability can be expensive if keys are not accounted for and properly secured. Apartment key control, by definition, involves custody, control, restriction, inventory, and documentation of tenant backup keys and unit master keys and who has used them. Instead of prying open the mailbox door (don’t, it’s illegal! Keys can be quickly deactivated if lost, stolen, or damaged. I, however, live in apartment #3, which is directly below #7. If you make a copy of your new set that has these words, it could be a violation of your lease agreement. If you own or manage a residential building, you may be keen on installing an access control system. Apartment key fobs are convenient and small, fitting well on a key ring. Situations where he or she might need access inside your place include emergencies, inspections, and fulfilling maintenance requests with proper notice given. As a renter, receiving your apartment keys from a property manager or landlord on moving day is a pretty great feeling to experience. Keys that are engraved with “Do Not Replicate” should not be copied. Kastle Systems’ innovative philosophy of managed security as an amenity includes a keyless entry system from the garage to the lobby, the elevator to the roof deck, and the fitness room to the apartment unit – all using a single credential (access card, key fob, or smartphone-based digital key via KastleResident™) that works everywhere within the community. The price of a replacement key can vary by community, costing a renter on average between $100 and $400. Two-way communication from the lobby directly to individual apartments allows residents and visitors to converse easily. I didn’t blame my super though. We also provide alerts when these items are not returned. Easy … At the same time, building residents need only to swipe their access card to unlock the door. TN - Columbia License #1959 Comprehensive Key Management Systems from Keytracker. McGoey Security Consulting Coded And Randomized - Coded key tags are randomly assigned in the cabinet. Deliver a full-building experience with building automation systems … Add and remove resident access cards as tenants move in and out. Read our reviews on Google+5 star service from 6 reviews! User friendly instructions make it easy to operate. Tweet me @larossingaround! Cost Justified - We compared the amount of time to use a HandyTrac System to a As expected the podcast provides valuable information for keeping us safe and useful ideas for everyday life. In my free time, you can find me traveling or sipping my favorite cab-sauv wine. set on the same hook. backup, depending on usage. Affordable - HandyTrac has designed a key control system for practically every community Two Tags Per Hook - This option allows you to keep If they can’t get you a new one, you’ll have to go to your local post office for a new mailbox key. Here are the top ways to use access control systems for apartment complexes. By doing this, the property assumes the responsibility for apartment key control. TN HandyTrac System saved enough time and money to pay for itself in less than 8 months. KastleSafeVideo is a robust remote video platform that can maintain apartment building security while also reducing operating costs with the application Kastle’s cutting edge video technology. You always have a set to make Contact us for complete details. These changes are easy to make, and having full control of your apartment’s access and security features is empowering. It is one of the best sources of information concerning crime, security, and ways of making your home and business safe. Each key fob has a built-in identification code that’s unique to each renter. KeyTrak offers different systems that can be customized to meet your unique needs. 5 Tips For Moving into Your First Apartment. Tenants rely on a manager to exercise care in protecting their unit key. This gives an at-a-glance audit of which keys are checked out and who removed them. Employ Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC). They can use the key as outlined in the lease agreement. His tips can prevent us experiencing a home robbery due to our own carelessness. Best of luck on your apartment search! The apartment unit is their home and a resident has the right to feel reasonably safe once behind the locked door. Activate or deactivate relay-controlled equipment. The mere fact of having a key to someone’s home creates a potential for risk and liability. KEYper Systems offers its mechanical key management system in a variety of sizes and combinations to fit your needs. OUR KEY CONTROL SYSTEM WILL SAVE YOUR DEALERSHIP VALUABLE TIME & MONEY. Then, any doors leading to residential wings or elevators leading to private apartments on upper floors must require an access card for entry. Enable or disable doors during emergency situations. size and budget. 38401, Central Arkansas Office HandyTrac is the most affordable key control system We do your reports so you don't have to! I love dogs, cupcakes, and lifestyle trends! Mobile Alerts is fantastic feature that most home security systems for apartments offer. Download 113-page eBook written by Security Expert Chris E. McGoey, My biography spans 50 years learning, evaluating, and developing security plans worldwide. Chris is an industry expert with real world experience. I would like to see police departments link to this audio as part of their crime prevention education of their citizens. I have subscribed so I won't miss and episode. On most properties, the resident, per the lease agreement, cannot add or replace the lock on their door unless management is given an extra key. Multi-Family Locks & Access Systems. AR As a security expert, Chris McGoey was and continues to be a trailblazer. Find any key instantly! Dispensing live remote audio talk-down to dissuade on-premise intruders, loitering or resident violations. Master keying (not to be confused with Master Lock brand locks) is a system in which one key can open multiple locks.