Franklin's Valentines are lost and ruined from a breeze, but his friends understand what happened and he makes some Friendship cards the next day.

Franklin tries to get a picture of a butterfly, but finds it to be a difficult task. Franklin trades away his new telescope before realising its potential. Franklin and Beaver find a quartz crystal in the pond, but have trouble sharing it. Franklin carelessly trades away his grandfather's old.
Franklin takes on Mr.

Eventually they get sick of it and stop. Franklin and Bear grow a huge pumpkin for a contest, but when it breaks, Mrs. Muskrat helps them turn it into a pie, which is just as successful. Franklin can't find a job to help with in the community.

Seeing his friend's Mother's Day gifts that have a use makes Franklin think his isn't special enough, until his mother sees it for herself. Franklin gets nervous about a forthcoming chess championship being held at his school. Nothing seems to work, until his family discover that it was playing with Harriet before that actually taught her to hammer her own unsturdy chair. Franklin takes the school's toy bus without asking. However, his friends forgive him and his parents tell him that learning from one's mistakes is experience, too. Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat repair her old boat. Franklin gets stage fright during a production of. Franklin participates in a charity ride for a new library computer. He finds that he can't do it all, and doesn't have to. Franklin brings Goldie to his family picnic. Franklin fails to understand hours and minutes, making him lack punctuality. This is a list of episodes from the children's television series [(TV series)|Franklin]. Franklin takes a lone duckling home, who proves to be quite a handful. Franklin and Bear scare their friends with a tall tale about sea-serpent that supposedly dwells in the Woodland Pond. Franklin becomes overly protective of Harriet after she gets an injury. Bear, Franklin and his family prepare to go out for a camping trip. Franklin and Bear learn from Fox's father how to reuse junk into something useful. All his friends want Franklin to go into the Haunted House, even though Franklin is frightened. When Franklin finds a camera and loses his stuffed dog Sam, he worries that someone will go "Finders Keepers" on Sam.

Franklin's friends build a tree fort and Franklin tries to overcome his fear of heights. Franklin and Bear accuse two crabs of stealing their seashells. Turtle accidentally drops a frying pan and it lands on his foot which gives him serious injuries, forcing him to stay out of the vacation. Franklin unsuccessfully tries to earn money for a scooter, but eventually he makes a temporary swap for Rabbit's. Franklin focuses on the eponymous growing young turtle who, as his television stories and books always begin, "could count by twos and tie his shoes". Franklin helps Snail a bit too much during a nature walk with Bear, Beaver, Fox, and Goose. Franklin is bored when he has to wait 2 hours before a circus show starts. Franklin feels sad when he doesn't get a big part in the school's production of. Franklin feels challenged by the affections of another kid Granny is babysitting.

Franklin and his friends get a nickname, which soon escalates into a bad name game. Franklin thinks that a newer, prettier sailboat in Mr. Mole's store is better than his older, run-down sailboat he currently owns.

The kids build a big spaceship for a parade, but it is too heavy to move. Franklin is an aspiring meteorologist after spending time with Mr. Groundhog. Franklin overextends himself when he tries to attend Bear's ball game and Beaver's art show at the same time. Franklin plays golf with his dad, but is afraid to tell him he would rather go play soccer with his friends. Mr. Groundhog gets grumpy during February 2nd, and Franklin tries to find out why. Bear feels unlucky, so Franklin gives him a fake four-leaf clover to try and boost his luck.

Nobody likes Bear's strict rules as bus monitor, thinking that Franklin would be much better. They decide to go on a hike together, but everything they planned seems to go wrong. Franklin's blanket goes missing days before a sleepover at Aunt Turtle's. Along the way, their friends join in on the fun. They come to like each other after getting out of a locked closet. When they get there, the polar bears mix it up by taking some kids and going onto Franklin's team to make it fair. The kids start fretting the worst, until they just decide to do their best and have fun. Mr. Owl helps Franklin understand time better. Otter visits Franklin. Turtle and Bear go for a canoe trip, but soon they realize it takes more work than they initially thought. Franklin and Fox try to build a robot. On a rainy day, Franklin is bored. He buys another hamster to take its place, before admitting his lie.

Turtle fixes his old boat up, so Franklin gives the new boat as a trophy to his dad in gratitude. Franklin refuses to eat spinach because he thinks he will not like it. Franklin finds a fish friend for Goldie, and Mr. Mole's grandson visits Franklin as well. Franklin finds a caterpillar, but it eats his flowers. Franklin and Bear are eager to deliver newspapers while the local paperboy is away for the weekend. A lost puppy follows Franklin around, and Franklin wants to keep him. He trades it for his drum, but when he finds out the clarinet is too messy, he tries getting the drum back. Franklin's soccer team practices to be the best team in Woodland. Franklin and Bear try a 24-hour challenge of Gee Whiz magazine to get their pictures in the next release. But Mr. Fox helps them to arrive to the parade in time.

Franklin becomes too dependent on his friends when they were on a camp out. Franklin tries to find out where the ball went during a game of baseball played by Beaver, Fox and Raccoon. In the meantime, Mr. Franklin visits his Granny for the day and learns how much those visits mean to Granny and there's much more to her than he knows. Mr. Franklin gets along really well with Beaver's cousin, Betty, but when the other kids start referring to them as a couple, he tries to avoid seeing her until he finds out that she changed her plans to spend time with him.

After some lessons from the safety inspector Mr. Marmot, Franklin and Bear alienate their friends when they stop their friends from doing potentially unsafe things. Bear becomes a big brother to Beatrice, which at first distresses him until he gets the chance to look after her.

Franklin's preconceived notions about trees are turned upside down when he gets the responsibility of planting one. List of Programs Broadcast on Cartoon Network, List of Programs Broadcast on Viacom Kids, List of Programs Broadcast on Splatoons Network, List of shows and broadcast by Discovery Family, List of Programs Broadcast on Treehouse TV, List of Programs Broadcast on Teen Dumbal,, "Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet / Franklin's Neighbourhood (Pilot)", "Franklin The New Kid Name Lily & Tuck / Franklin First Name Sally the Crocodile", ''Hurry Up Franklin / Franklin's Bad Day'', ''Franklin Goes to School / Franklin is Lost'', ''Franklin Rides the Bikes / Franklin Is Messy and Spring Cleaning Day'', ''Franklin Has a Sleepover / Franklin's Goes to the Halloweentownland'', ''Finders Keepers For Franklin / Franklin's New Friend / Franklin Class Trip'', ''Franklin's School Play / Franklin and the Secret Club / Franklin's Football Game'', ''Franklin and the Red Scooter / Franklin in the Dark'', ''Franklin and the Tooth Fairy / Franklin Takes the Blame / Franklin and the Stinky Situation'', ''Franklin's Christmas Gift / Franklin's Granny'', ''Franklin and the Baby / Franklin Goes to Day Camp ''. Franklin makes friends with a bat named Bat, but problems emerge when they can't meet because Bat is nocturnal. While camping, The kids decide to stay up all night to watch the sunrise, but Bear and Snail give up, while Franklin and Rabbit struggle right up until sunrise when they fall asleep and Bear and Snail wake up. Mr. Owl assigns Franklin and his class the task of building go-carts. Franklin tries to hide Sam while on a camping trip with his friends. Franklin and Bear are big fans of professional hockey player Coyote (voiced by. Franklin's friends don't believe him when he explains that a different kid wreaks havoc on his fun.