I didn't realize the their cabinet for the sink would only easily fit an Ikea sink. Anyway turns it the piece was sitting there ready for 5 hours!!! We are finishing up a kitchen reno. I would bust a hip on that!! I agree with Garth. Do you think this sink could be installed undermount? Hi My vinyl farmers sink is great, fit it over the opening & went right down over front of cabinet, fit great put it in top mount like a regular sink ,Love it & my kitchen,,I ordered it on line from Lowes Had it delivered to house nice & big & roomie got the 36 inch sink ,,nice to have a carpenter in the family ,Was scared to death as cabinet is 30 inches ,put 2 fillers in between cabinets & looks like cabinet & sink were made for each other,,compliments from everyone love it. As you can see (if you zoom in) the crack runs from one side of the “bridge” to the other. I’m in Alberta. I always thought it was bizarre that the single-bowl came with punchouts for extra holes and the double-bowl didn't, but I suppose there was some structural reason why they didn't want to encourage extra holes in the double. Thank you Julie. I'm actually pleased to have the option of the new one without the washboard. share. We're in Canada, near Toronto; it's still in the box. Then the Kohler Vault apron front sink, which is stainless steel and has a drop in version, might be made to fit. Our IKEA White Farmhouse Sink. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on our white Ikea farmhouse sink- the DOMSJÖ double bowl. Hey Garth what is the new sink’s name? Anyone have ideas or a fix? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the Ikea Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it’s holding up after a few years. (we don't have cab pulls on yet, hence the blue tape). Oh no! This only makes me thankful I didn't cave to our builders designer trying to talk me into the farm sink. Home Design Ideas > Entrance > Ikea Farmhouse Sink Discontinued. Our sink broke this morning. Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. I am having a similar issue and customer service is disgusting. 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Does the whole front suppose to stick out? Just tried settng it onto the base cabinet yesterday - I love it but it seems like the apron is sticking out too much in front and leaving too much space between the sink and the wall. - it is plain looking without the washboard at the back. So you only have half a hole! Living Well Spending Less Planner Affiliate. Adina Porter is the administrator at adinaporter.com. I don’t want to have any issues and I realize the IKEA cabinets may not be “strongest” out there! Does anybody know where I can buy a metal sink basket for the Havson double sink? When we ordered everything originally, they told us the new sink would be an exact size replacement so we were not worried about grabbing one of the last of the lot. Everyone I know who has had one has had some kind of issue with them either during installation or after with chipping, cracking etc. Unfortunately they already have installed the countertop, thinking they could just slide in the sink since it was the same dimension. They sort of have you locked in that way. I’m serious about buying it! I also garden and freeze veggies, and that's why I stayed with a double bowl in my recent remodel. (I had to router cut the top of the base cabinet for the cooktop to fit, so I am ready for it...) This is my first apron sink so maybe it should be like this? Also, I was told the reason for discontinuing the domsjo was that customers kept trying to drill for air gaps and cracking the sinks and it was costing Ikea too much money... Hmm seems unlikely seeing as they won't even replace a faulty one so I can imagine they happily replaced many with holes cut into them. And I also just asked for the exact measurements of the Ikea sink, so I could find one online that I liked, and I found several choices that would fit the Ikea cut-out. We went went with Ikea cabinets and their double Domsjo farm sink. Then, if you need an overmount apron front, the Kohler Vault might work - it is a stainless steel apron front and comes in a "short apron" style as well as a "tall apron" style. Those will be right beneath the similar question regarding ship lap walls. Help!! Yikes - agree you need a new thread. I actually wrote a full review here. It is smaller than my old domsjo. Advertisement. The desks now are just so cheap looking that I think they might last a year. Sorry to hear about the cracks. And your door fronts are probably too high. We wish you enjoy and satisfied later than our best picture of Ikea Farmhouse Sink Discontinued from our gathering that posted here and plus you can use it for agreeable needs for personal use only. We did an Ikea Kitchen a few years ago and put in a single bowl domsjo sink that has since been discontinued due to cracking - which of course we now have. If you haven't lived with one yet, here are a few things to know, Learn about basin configurations, sink shapes, materials and even accessories and specialty sinks, Mein Benutzererlebnis mit Cookies anpassen, Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Sinks, 8 Apron-Front Sink Styles for Kitchens of All Kinds, Kitchen Sinks: Fireclay Brims With Heavy-Duty Character, How to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Looking Great.