(VOY: "Q2"), The original route Voyager traveled back to Earth from 2371-2394, cut short by Admiral Janeway's temporal incursion, Voyager with ablative generator in operation. After the destruction of the Val Jean during a battle with the Kazon, the Starfleet and Maquis crew were forced to merge for their projected seventy-five-year journey home. However, with the addition of the Maquis, along with Neelix and Kes, the crew complement rose to 152 in late 2371. The Maquis As the Maquis had become allies of the Federation during the Dominion War, all charges against the Maquis had been dropped by the time Voyager returned home. Operations Manager - Ensign Harry Kim Enlisted Crew Members: 1. ("Relics" audio commentary, TNG Season 6 Blu-ray), One idea which Michael Okuda and others discussed, early in the series run of Star Trek: Voyager, was that the starship Voyager might have rows of plants growing in hydroponic gardens throughout the ship. (citation needed • edit), The suggestion that this vessel would be commissioned and taken on its first mission in the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker" was notated in a compilation of development notes by Jeri Taylor, dated 8 August 1993 (even before the ship itself, the series, or the episode had been named). Set in the early 25th century about twenty to thirty years after Voyager's return from the Delta Quadrant, Voyager is under the command of now-rear admiral (lower half) Tuvok and assists the player in two missions, including responding to a large-scale attack by Species 8472 on the Earth Spacedock and Qo'noS. Captain Janeway granted the Maquis provisional field commissions with many filling the roles left vacant by the vessels losses in the initial transfer to the Delta Quadrant. Instead of stabilizing the slipstream, however, they collapsed it. Executive Officer (XO) - Commander (provisional) Chakotay 3.

She commented that the new course would trim five years off the journey. With the help of the Talaxians, The Doctor, and Lon Suder, who had been mistakenly left behind during the capture of Voyager, Paris and the Talaxians were able to retake Voyager and rescue the crew on Hanon IV at the end of 2372. Since Voyager was "too big to hide," it was determined that "a shuttlecraft with the proper shield modulation and its engines powered down could drift right through without so much as a peep." The crew had prepared for this eventuality and managed to disable the drone. Because the Val Jean was destroyed in a battle against the Kazon, its entire surviving crew transferred to Voyager to embark on the journey home.

(VOY: "Blink of an Eye"), In 2377, a temporal anomaly emitted a surge of energy that split Voyager into multiple time periods throughout the ship.

These new systems drastically increased Voyager's combat capabilities against the Borg; Borg weapons had a difficult time penetrating the hull armor and entire Borg cubes were destroyed with only one or two transphasic torpedoes each. (VOY: "The Gift") Janeway later noted to Seven that at the time there were 150 aboard ship.