0000106827 00000 n ��Eo���L�7����q��V6�7��N|�!�﻾Tx��rt;�=���"�E��@������Rp��g – Heat. Procedure: Draw a triangle on a piece of poster board. $pg�9�sp&VfIf`�ń�w�kO)�)"��ihy�C��@"���_��߉� ۫���x��M���\�twV��|�F�@��|�HTX�"ɴb��B�$���ؿ���8��l�J�%�z�f`[K��B#)7#�o[��(�_"ڃ���=�U7cx��#0�����F���?6n���/k7et�~��H���?�9��u�BTA'·��f`(�=�T��#i��W���z57ڄpF�&����#�&q��?���v�N3�����S2m �G������N�d�1��L0$D#�Ni�ߣ�����@� ) the fire triangle… 0000007877 00000 n Finally, ask students to observe what is happening to the last candle as it burns (the candle is melting).

��x�R/)� BO�F ��3�+�k����&_�P�b Exactly 79 years to the day after the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, another tragic fire occurred in New York City. 4 0 obj 0000013878 00000 n 2. 2 0 obj %PDF-1.7 ���HQ�����.� ���z�ԁ �3���|zy%x�&��D�M����3���tzy���`\��s��/�Y�᜸:V.e��B��[�*67p2,�@zS���Z�A�(#�-M"���¬"��:SC5��U���i/k�9�9+ �Ƙ���[z{ Fire Triangle Activity. To introduce the fire triangle and make the pupils aware of what a fire needs to burn and how a fire can be put out. 0000107510 00000 n �l��΀�83pMs Һ@��V�A�a-���8�A�� <> ��B���D��$8���1�d(nhcsP��Z�����X�(�������� ��wL�ܻ[n������D��M, Y. endobj This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions. �~�̞ uuP>���-�}�xq��q ��9x�"���(�7 0000010188 00000 n Preview and details Files included (1) pdf, 53 KB. Introduce the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique to be used in the case of personal fire. 0000105776 00000 n Initially, the heat is provided by an ignition source, which can be human or natural. Levels 2-4 teaching tools and activities: Activity 2.1 The Fire Triangle Poster and discussion questions; Activity 2.2 Fire Triangle Matching Worksheet and Questions Start by considering our human bodies and what we need to stay alive – i.e. 877-542-5504, / Lessons Plans / Health Lesson Plans / How Fires Burn – The Fire Triangle Lesson Plan. For combustion to take place, three things must be present: 1. Info. 0000008149 00000 n If you rake the leaves and grass away until there is only dirt, you remove the fuel and can cause the fire to go out. 0000008945 00000 n Each group will be given two primary source articles related to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire from the Chronicling America collection at the Library of Congress. Firefighters have protective clothing to protect their bodies from the heat and breathing apparatus to give them oxygen, so they can breathe. For more information visit the DHHS website. These control measures should include a bowl or bucket of water and other means of extinguishing fires, such as a fire blanket. Description: Students are introduced to the three elements of the Fire Triangle (fuel, oxygen, and heat). ... including a background section with eight lessons and five activities, a field experience section with 13 lessons and five activities, and a conclusion section featuring an analysis... Get Free Access See Review. The pupils should calculate the time taken for the candle to extinguish under each of the different-sized jars and draw conclusions from the results. If any one thing is taken away, then the triangle collapses and the fire can’t continue. Lesson 2 - Fire Science and the Fire Triangle, Traffic Management Points (road closures), Traffic Management Point (road closures) FAQs, Restrictions during the Fire Danger Period, Restrictions and Permits for Farming Activities, Operating Farming Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles, Maintaining Electric Fences and Powerlines, Information for owners and owner’s corporations, Basic Home Fire Safety Training Materials, Bushfire Management Statement (BMS) templates, Wellbeing Support Services for Family Members of CFA People, Presumptive Rights Compensation / Cancer Claims, Freedom of Information Part II Information Statement, Working with Council to Reduce the Risk of Fire. ��,��Y�.�o��&�|�fv�¹�U) M͝,6 T�&�L^~N~s���m���xM���"@�m� 1 0 obj Read more. http://www.stayingalive.ca/, © 2017 National Council for Open Education. 0000001256 00000 n NOTE: This lesson may not be suitable for level 0-1 students. When we blow out the candle what are we stopping? <>/Metadata 409 0 R/ViewerPreferences 410 0 R>> A bowl or bucket of water and other extinguishing medium, such as a fire blanket. 0000002722 00000 n

On each point label either Fuel, Oxygen, or Heat. 0000002528 00000 n Students will examine three things that fire needs to continue burning (fuel, oxygen, and heat). 0000019926 00000 n 0000087886 00000 n In this worksheet, students will look at the fire triangle and what is required for combustion and also the safety aspects in terms of what is required to fight fires. Students will learn the safest method of stopping a personal fire (Stop, Drop, and Roll). Show pupils the candle, and light it whilst discussing candle safety and safety controls. 0000009809 00000 n 0000105673 00000 n �ӓ4f&a�ɣ���=���]!���84Lf�_��ɧq���mQo:�^��ӫ$�y�D��à'j�Z�F�G�]9[n^j��]���%#J�g��ϩ?8a�k�u�t�;�"���T9��>V��^X�qR)�u#�O�Gţ,z����w���b���Ai���EN�)M"j���S�侮Tb���v鸰�g�$��:��w��:!���i��Z��j�]+��m%7�Z�����iz��g����ENr/���U�X��b�tU�E3A=��s�ھ=���O��ixNdl^�ЪU��� ((����� ��(((l�pA&%c$�JJJ��� (Subconcept 3) • Individuals have the responsibility to start and stop fires in safe and effective ways. Under most conditions, the three elements can be manipulated to slow or stop the spread of fire. The more there are out there, the more likely you are to buy an app, a book, a movie or another digital product from Amazon. The main goal of this activity is to handle the triangles and press them into playdough, noticing the triangle imprint. 3 0 obj 0000098618 00000 n 0000012150 00000 n �r�L�ؼ_�^�$��) ��ᇈƉ暙����d��8�����/��5z������s�\��#�T����UX+�t���C�\�Ю��XH���gn}f _3kl��4���\!9k~�Dc�pq��c���O�Kx 0000007667 00000 n if we don't have food, what happens to us? Differentiation by input - the support given. These primary source articles reveal the broad impact of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

wood, oil. US Wildfire Activity Web Map: description: This map contains live feed sources for US current wildfire locations and perimeters, VIIRS and MODIS hot spots, wildfire conditions / red flag warnings, and wildfire potential. Differentiation by output - the detail of the pupil's plans of the activity. we need food, oxygen (air) and our bodies to be healthy. [�۬"U9���st�Sl0O�+KD�ư,�jc�̔�j"�љ]RM�N��X��mH�_�w-d&�`��7������?okg!���'���i�eI{�%o1�.ٓKj�P}� 3Q�T*�vG���?k�y`�՝� ��CYx��h�3�2ZL�! Activity III (30-40 minutes depending on class time): Students will remain in their groups of three. Get the pupils to complete the fire triangle on the worksheet. Includes a word frame for SEN. Goals: This lesson is part of a fire safety unit required in many schools’ early elementary curriculum. Assessment: Oral assessment can be conducted by asking students to review the three elements of the Fire Triangle.